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Which President Would You Trust?

May 4, 2011 by American Security No Comments

Which president invaded Afghanistan; which president wanted to end our presence there as soon as possible?

Could the cross border incursion of Navy SEAL’s into Pakistan have occurred if we hadn’t invaded and stayed in Afghanistan?

Which president invaded Iraq and captured Hassan Ghul who under ‘enhanced interrogation’ revealed the nom de guerre of a courier ultimately traced to the house in which Osama bin Laden was found hiding in Abbottabad, Pakistan; which president called the invasion of Iraq “a dumb war”?

Which president expanded the military budget to protect the country; which president intends to shrink it?

Which president presided over the expansion of these Special Ops teams making the killing of Osama bin Laden possible?

Which president stood firm regarding ‘enhanced interrogations’ including waterboarding; which president denounced these techniques as “criminal” acts that only produced false information?

Which president was seriously threatened with criminal charges for using ‘enhanced interrogations’; which political party was doing the threatening?

Which political party demanded criminal charges be lodged against those who conducted the ‘enhanced interrogations’ and now takes credit for the information they produced?

Which president presided during the time when the intelligence was being gathered by creating a climate of absolute fear among the captured terrorists (3 of whom were actually waterboarded) that led to the initial information later resulting in the killing of Osama bin Laden?

Which president ran for office denouncing the techniques that created the fear among the terrorists, and carried out his promise to end them?

Which president created and insisted on keeping the Guantanamo Bay prison for captured terrorists; which president demanded that it be closed?

Which president used drones to fly across the Pakistan border to kill terrorists; which president denounced it to get elected, then changed his mind after being elected?

Which president sought and carried out killings of the terrorists who planned and attacked the United States; which president seeks to require U.S. soldiers to read Miranda rights to terrorists captured on the battlefield, bring them to New York, give them the rights provided to U.S. citizens, conduct trials in U.S. courts, and provide taxpayer provided attorneys for them?

Which president’s policies permitted Osama bin Laden to be found; which president’s policies could never have led to his discovery?

Which president denounced another president for killing terrorists because that only gave terrorist groups recruiting tools, then later takes personal credit for killing Osama bin Laden providing another recruiting tool?

Which president began and conducted a war against the “terrorists” who declared war on the U.S.; which president denies that there is such a war on terror, and forbids his staff to refer to those who attacked us as “terrorists?”

Which president to you think will take complete, and public credit for the discovery and killing of Osama bin Laden?

Which president hopes the death of Osama bin Laden will cause you to support his plan to nationalize healthcare, spend more than we can afford, dramatically increase the size of government, raise the price of gasoline to $7 to $8 per gallon, bankrupt coal companies, deny personal property rights, raise taxes on the middle class, and continue unsustainable debt?

Which president do you think actually looks out for U.S. international interests?