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June 23, 2009 by American Freedom, Featured No Comments

Please excuse the rant, but I must speak.

We remember the St. Valentine’s Day massacre when Al Capone’s gang murdered 7 members of the rival North Side Irish Bugs Moran gang in a prohibition dispute in 1929.  We remember it to this day because it was such an outrageous event.

But today murder rates are higher than many places we associate with frequent death.  In 2007 the last year for which we have statistics, both Detroit, Michigan and Atlanta, Georgia surpassed Tombstone Arizona during the 1877 – 1884 wild period in the rate of murder.  We are no longer shocked.  In fact, in America’s largest cities during Prohibition murder rates skyrocketed to 10 per 100,000.  Today in Baltimore it is 45, in Atlanta 26, in Chicago 16, Philadelphia 27, and Oakland 30 murders for every 100,000 residents.  These are 200% to 400% higher than when the world was shocked by gang murders during Prohibition.

More people die every month in Detroit than the highest month ever in either Afghanistan or the war in Iraq.  But all we hear about are the poor union workers who should be exempt from paying taxes on their health insurance benefits while the rest of us will be required to.

In three and a half years, more Americans are murdered in their homes and the streets than U.S. casualties during the entire Vietnam War (14 years).

We have stupid, angry, arrogant young men (and women) driving through our cities shooting from cars at people they don’t like.

Gangs of young men who have never been tamed roam the streets at night intimidating members of another race or generation or gender; swaggering, drinking; causing mayhem.

Their parents are divorced and are currently working on finding themselves; and their new career.

In all of our largest cities, fewer than half of young adults graduate from high school.  Many who do must take ‘bonehead’ classes at Community college or Universities in order to learn how to spell, punctuate, add, subtract, and divide.

The state-funded schools always find the time to promote “safe sex,’” “gay sex,” sports, global “warming,” and the value of liberal policies like “public education,” (one of my favorite oxymorons) sharing the wealth, self-esteem, and so on; but learn nothing about the cost of gaining our liberties, or the means to preserve them.

Virtually none of them can find Iraq on a map, but they all have opinions about whether or not we should have gone to war.

They can’t read a bus schedule but are all excited about mass transit.

They know more about tattoos, baggy pants, movie stars, “rap music” (another of my favorite oxymorons) global warming, and body piercing than they do about the Declaration of Independence.  What?

They are taught in the schools to support abortion, but can’t spell “anatomy,” or “physiology.”

As C.S. Lewis said, “We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”

And then they vote!

It’s next to impossible to fire the inept teachers because of unionism, so the competent ones look for other work because many of the schools have become a septic tank of ignorance and they no longer want to waste their time.  It’s impossible to discipline the kids in the school because the ACLU thinks they have a Constitutional right to be obnoxious dolts, and the other kids have a Constitutional responsibility to put up with them.U.S. Constitution

Now we have the Robin Hood President and his cabinet acting like thugs stealing assets from retired people holding auto company bonds so he can give the assets to a political constituency – the unions.  And the establishment blinks its eyes and ponders what a magnificent man our President is; “like a god” one of them said.

We have the Washington, D.C. gang who can’t shoot straight throwing money in every direction telling executives how much they can earn; auto companies which cars they can build – and which we are free to purchase.  Soon to come this same den of thieves will tell you how warm or cold your home must be, what you can eat, whether or not you can purchase health insurance, and more.

This collection of fools created the financial meltdown by requiring all manner of banks and financial institutions to make loans to people who were not qualified to pay them back; then borrow from Chinese communists to buy back these faulty loans promising to tax the people who acted responsibly in order to pay the communists back.  Now, of course, the same government – the same individuals – who created this mess is promising to fix it all up.  They are looking into bulldozing large parts of some 50 cities and return the land to nature.  Now there’s a bold initiative for you.  What?

These people preach that one culture is as good as another except maybe a little better, and then wonder why government agents would murder Neda in Tehran.  They don’t want to be judgmental except toward those who believe the Constitution is a document not a wet bar of soap; those who actually support life; those who believe they are created by God, and who hold unalienable rights granted by God not the government.

During the time preceding and during our nation’s founding, those primitives who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – in order to get into college at age 12 or 13 – were required to translate Greek and Latin into English and be conversant with Plato, Aristotle, and other Classical writers and thinkers.  Then, of course their college education began.  Tattoos and baggy pants indeed.

You have wondered over the years if every great civilization must die.  Is it destiny that through the years it grows rich, lowers the value of the people who built it – carpenters, miners, and smiths required for a civilization; and begins to accumulate artists, musicians, and poets who are not; and finally no longer has the will to believe in the principles that made it great and succumbs to a more aggressive and certain culture because the decay has penetrated throughout the culture?  There is no longer any certainty; only questions.  After a while people with the answers show up and overtake what was once great. The apple always rots from the inside out.

Many in the West seem to no longer have the will to live, and are willing to be persuaded by our enemies; to harbor and host them; invite them to come; refuse to send them home,  worship their idols.  The willingness to become bootlicks to tyrants is apparent everywhere.  Even tyrants who claim to have been born in this country.  There seems no longer to be any certainty about our way of life and the religion on which it is founded.

Wherefore, let us pray.