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Western Civilization: From Christianity to Paganism Part 2

May 2, 2011 by Socialism No Comments

In part one, we discussed the fact that influential people in the U.S. are encouraging a sacralization of Mother Earth; turning the planet into an object of worship. We showed the tools of manipulation that are being used to force us to think in specific ways that will result in the centralization of power in the hands of the few.

Now I want to discuss the participants in the manipulation; the people who promote this scheme.

The Articles of Faith of this neopagan religion are:

  • The earth is warming
  • Warming is bad
  • People are causing the warming
  • People must be stopped

The Overall Means of Manipulation

Throughout our history, the government has used crises to implement more governmental control.  Following the Civil War, the government passed and the people approved amendments to the Constitution.  Certainly the text of the Constitution had to be amended because those who previously had been excluded from participation in political life and the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution needed to be included.  The problem is that the amendments were written in such a way that the Supreme Court has interpreted them to mean the the federal government can do exactly the opposite of what the amendments say!  Discrimination is presumably forbidden by these amendments, but the government required discrimination in hiring for many years by the presumption that the racial makeup of a workplace was evidence of discrimination if it did not reflect the racial makeup of the area in which the business was located.  In addition, these amendments have been used to attempt to overturn the 9th and 10th amendments regarding powers that belong to states or to the people – not the federal government.

Think about the explosion of governmental controls that came into being and extended the Great Depression. Wage and price controls, control of many commodities leading to the confiscation and destruction of poultry because they were sold in the wrong city, guaranteed prices for various crops grown on farms, and endless other impositions of government intrusion for which they had no constitutional warrant.

In the years since, the government has guaranteed prices for many farming products, and sometimes destroys the food it paid for to keep prices high.  The products include milk, peanuts, grains, rice, tobacco, certain animal products like mohair wool subsidies and more.  In some cases the governmental control of what you can grow on your own property is so severe, they will actually pay farmers to leave their ground idle and not grow anything on it!

In the last 15 years we have seen two attempts to take over the medical and hospital community in the U.S.  First during the Clinton years, Mrs. Clinton (now Secretary of State) attempted to create a context in which the government would not only take over the entire medical community, but would specify how many doctors medical schools could produce, and which specialties doctors could enter.

Thankfully it didn’t pass, but now we have another attempt, and this one purports to solve the crisis of the cost of medical care.  We now know that the law would give an appointed panel of 15 members control over the cost of the program which would mean that if the costs get too high, they could outlaw certain prescriptions and procedures leading the deaths of those who have become too expensive to treat in the government’s view.  Where in the Constitution would we find any enumerated power giving the government the right to control what prescriptions you should have access to?

Another, and more pertinent control is what the government considers a “wetland.”  Governmental control now involves a low elevation that held water a century ago, but has not been wet in the past 100 years.  This comes through the Endangered Species Act, or Navigable Waterways legislation giving the government absolute control over what you are permitted to do on your own property.  Utopia indeed.

A Few Examples of the Practical Consequences of Environmental Tyranny

The prescription for preventing humans from murdering Mother Earth is to end all human activity that contributes to making earth warmer. This means a multitude of practical, everyday things that we are being forced into. For example:

Getting rid of stuff that destroys ozone meant you had to purchase a new GE refrigerator, and now, you need to get rid of that one and purchase yet another new GE refrigerator. Icebox anyone?

Stop using disposable diapers, clamshells at McDonalds, plastic cups that actually keep your coffee warm and don’t burn your fingers, and plastic grocery bags because they are making landfills overflow when newspapers (mostly leftist propaganda rags) are by far the largest component of landfills. They force us into using paper bags which require more pollution to create and are harder to dispose of than plastic bags. Idiots.

Add methyl tertiary-butyl ether, (MTBE) to our gasoline to clean up the air as a part of the government required Clean Air Act; oops, MTBE is a carcinogen and leeches into the ground water so the EPA required it to be removed from gasoline and we pay $billions to clean it up. Corporate farmers then sought approval for ethanol to be added in place of MTBE since ethanol is manufactured from corn, but ethanol increases pollution and decreases air quality; in addition, the cost of corn has increased from $2.00 a bushel in 2006 to $7.70 today. This drives up the cost of corn for food, sweeteners, pork, and beef; but it makes corporate farmers a lot of money – and costs us a lot of money.  What are they thinking?

It is illegal in many cities to cut down a tree you yourself planted on your own property – you must first apply for a permit; and violations can result in fines imposed by government.  You don’t own your own property; you don’t own your own trees even though you purchased them and planted them, prune them, water them, fertilize them, and care for them.  Other people may want to look at them, so you have to get their permission to cut them down.  See here, here, here, and here; and I could give hundreds more.

I could go on and on, but will spare you the agony.  The above examples show some of the environmental issues being used to force you into changing the way you live with no positive effect on the environment. Only God Himself knows what your world will be like it we permit them to win.

No doubt it’s a fool’s errand to try to understand what radical ideologues actually think; but whether their thinking is faulty, or they are lying to force us to live differently - we must in either case think clearly about the facts. So let’s look at the groups collaborating together to create this brave new world.

Participants in the Manipulation

No doubt we all think from time to time how much better the world would be if we could just run it.  Some thinkers have actually written books on the subject, and we can read what they considered. Among them, The Republic, by Plato; Politics, by Aristotle; City of God by Augustine; Utopia, by Thomas More; Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley; 1984, by George Orwell; and Ecotopia, by Earnest Callenbach. Even books like Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury; Anthem, by Ayn Rand; and Walden Two, by B. F. Skinner can be considered visions of the future.  Some of these are proposals for how the world should operate; others are visions of what is likely to happen in a man made Utopia.

It is amazing to consider the almost universal expectation that the future will be characterized by the aggregation of power away from the people to the state; by mechanization; by the loss of individuality; by increased control over every human action accompanied by the exercise of power by the state to force compliance with state-mandated actions.

In this section I will show that there is an alliance between environmentalists and communists/socialists to bring about Utopia. I do not suggest that even a sizeable percentage of environmentalists are also communists; in fact I believe them to be two almost discrete groups.  I do believe environmentalists are either overt socialists, or are comfortable with the imposition of socialism to achieve their Utopia. The point I want to make is that the Utopia each of these groups seek to impose may not be exactly the same, but they cooperate together on the means to achieve the goal they seek.

Consider the words of Vaclav Klaus – President of the Czech Republic – about the goals shared by communists and some environmentalists.

The name of the new danger will undoubtedly be different, but its substance will be very similar. There will be the same attractive, to a great extent pathetic and at first sight quisi-noble idea that transcends the individual in the name of something greater than the self, supplemented by enormous self-confidence on the side of those who stand behind it. Like their predecessors, they will be certain they have the right to sacrifice man and his freedom to make their ideas reality. In the past it was in the name of the masses (of of the proletariat), this time it is in the name of the planet. Yet, structurally, both are very similar. I see the current danger in environmentalism, and especially in its strongest version, climate alarmism.

(You can read a longer transcript of a speech by President Klaus here. By the way, www.wattsupwiththat.com is a great resource on climate science. Here is another.)

George Reisman, PhD; is Pepperdine University Professor Emeritus of Economics and author of Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics (Ottawa, Illinois: Jameson Books, 1996). In this book dealing with economics and capitalism, Dr. Reisman has some things to say about those who want to end the capitalistic model of economics, and has this to say about the common goals of both socialists/communists and environmentalists:

The only difference I can see between the green movement of the environmentalists and the old red movement of the Communists and socialists is the superficial one of the specific reasons for which they want to violate individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Reds claimed that the individual could not be left free because the result would be such things as “exploitation,” “monopoly,” and depressions. The Greens claim that the individual cannot be left free because the result will be such things as destruction of the ozone layer, acid rain, and global warming. Both claim that centralized government control over economic activity is essential. The Reds wanted it for the alleged sake of achieving human prosperity. The Greens want it for the alleged sake of avoiding environmental damage . . [And in the end,] [b]oth the Reds and the Greens want someone to suffer and die; the one, the capitalists and the rich, for the alleged sake of the wage earners and the poor; the other, a major portion of all mankind, for the alleged sake of the lower animals and inanimate nature (p. 102).

Read6 Lessons We Can Learn From Communism” on the www.treehugger.com website to see how environmentalists are learning from the communists.

Various socialists groups also work together with environmentalists to reach common goals; see here, and here.

My view is that both of these groups have a shared disposition to use the same means to manipulate the populace.  Keep in mind that manipulation is required, because when collectivists of either type tell the truth about their ultimate goals free people will not follow them.

The Shared Means of Manipulation to Achieve Utopia:

  • The willingness to economically subjugate people to bring about a ‘greater good’
  • The willingness to restrict human freedom to achieve utopia
  • The willingness to confiscate private wealth to create an end the wealth creator opposes
  • The willingness to use the coercive power of government to control human reproduction
  • The view that private property does not exist
  • The willingness to take the lives of  very large numbers of people in order to create their utopia
  • The Willingness to use deception, manipulation, and lying as appropriate because the utopia they seek is a greater good and the end justifies any means to achieve it

I will leave it to the reader to consider examples of these shared goals by environmentalists, communists, and socialists. Again, I so not suggest that the ends sought be each of these groups are identical; I do suggest that they share many of the means by which they seek to achieve Utopia; and that a Utopia is possible, and would make the world a better place.

The only way to create the world in the image you desire is to deny individuals the freedoms they seek so you can create the environment the way you wish it to be.  Socialists support environmentalists, and vice versa. Communists are frequently represented at socialists gatherings and environmental events. Wealthy supporters of socialism, or environmentalism give money to their own charities which funnel the money through others that finally gets into the hands of environmental terrorists who blow up houses and auto dealerships. Internationalists work together with environmentalists through the United Nations because they both seek a Utopian world. The networks are thoroughly intertwined.

All of these various groups have spokespersons who have access to media through which they lie, misrepresent, and give credence to other liars and cheats. Many of these groups are supported with money you paid in taxes because our government gives the money to causes like Planned Parenthood, environmental groups, advocacy groups, legal groups who sue businesses trying to force them into compliance with the goals of the group. (You can read about how tax dollars are funneled through the Legal Services Corporation to fund all manner of radical political, criminal, and environmental activities.) Groups like Jesse Jackson’s PUSH, Al Sharpton’s National Action Network stage demonstrations in support of environmental causes and socialist causes; and socialists support them back. They also demonstrate at businesses attempting to force the business to hire certain people - of course they go away when the business agrees to do better and makes a large donation to the group.

A democratic republic cannot survive if the people who vote in its elections are ignorant.

We are all ignorant of many things: the mathematics PhD has to hire a mechanic to fix his car; the surgeon hires someone to paint his house. But we cannot afford to be ignorant of the large issues challenging human freedom right now. We cannot be ignorant of the stand of various individuals who ask for our vote. We cannot rely on only one news outlet with a prior political disposition. We cannot refuse to consider the consequences of long-term decisions about short-term problems. We cannot save our country if we heed those who cry “Wolf!” in their attempt to coerce us into bad actions because we are afraid. We cannot spend all our time being entertained while the country is being dismantled. We cannot focus only on personal consequences regarding elections, legislation, or legal decisions; we have to consider that perhaps it’s best if we personally suffer in order to preserve our freedoms purchased at such great price.

If the environmentalists win, worship of the earth becomes the national religion.  Earth First! is not just a radical, anti-human group – it is a commitment on the part of well-funded radicals whose central aim is to deny you the freedoms you hold under the U.S. Constitution. It means you come second.