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Should We Trust the Election Process Under Obama?

Mr. Obama has opened the door for election fraud.  Expect an upset by Democrats in New Jersey and elsewhere.

When the administration’s political hack at the DOJ – Eric Holder – dismissed the slam dunk conviction of New Black Panther Party thugs for attempting to determine the outcome of the recent presidential election, Mr. Obama signaled his openness to election fraud nationwide.  This will set Democrats free to do whatever they need to do steal elections.

New Jersey already has a reputation for election violations, and we know that operatives are already at work.  You can read this Wall Street Journal piece by John Fund to see the details of what is likely to happen here

Washington state

Democrat Christine Gregoire was elected governor of Washington State in 2004 by 129 votes.  Dino Rossi, the Republican candidate was declared the winner, but a recount was triggered.  During each of the recounts, Gregoire moved ahead.  She was finally declared the winner by 129 votes.  There were 1,678 confirmed illegal votes statewide. 

In 2004 during the presidential race in 2004, it was confirmed that over 200 illegally voting felons cast votes in Washington state, and in addition, more than 100 people voted twice. 


During the 2000 presidential election in Florida, the election was determined by 547 votes giving the state’s electoral votes to George Bush.  But election fraud was rampant.  About 65,000 dead people were found to be on the election rolls, and we saw what the process of hand-counting the votes was like in Florida!  A newspaper found that more than 400 voters registered in New York City voted in New York, but they were also registered in Florida, and voted there as well. 

Illinois and Texas

It is well documented that Illinois electoral votes were given to John F. Kennedy, and because of voting fraud in Illinois and Texas John F. Kennedy was elected.  There is a great deal of evidence for these allegations.  Sam Giancana the mob boss in Chicago delivered delivered all union votes for Kennedy because of backdoor deals made regarding the Kennedy’s going easy organized crime.  “Landslide Lyndon” Johnson was now a powerful Senator from Texas which made delivery of Texas’ electoral votes a sure thing.

Later we found out that Kennedy was sleeping with (among many others) Judith Exner, one of the girlfriends of Sam Giancana.  After the Kennedy’s got to the White House, Bobby decided to go after organized crime with a vengeance.  This is why there were many allegations (never proven) that the mob was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy. 

Lyndon Johnson was known as “landslide Lyndon” because of widespread belief that he had stolen his election to the Senate – he won the State of Texas by 87 votes. 

Absentee voting

Absentee voting has always been easy to manipulate, and now huge percentages of people in most some states vote by absentee ballot.  In fact, Oregon doesn’t have polling places at all – all votes are done by mail.  This results in people forging signatures, hides the tabulation of votes from scrutiny, and requires any legitimate voter to post his or her signature on the outside of the envelope making it easier for forgers to see how people sign their names.  This removes the process from public scrutiny making voter fraud easier. 

We know ACORN registers hundreds of thousands of “people” to vote when the “people” are dead, are members of football teams in other states, characters in Disney cartoons, and the like. 

So here’s what we have: an administration perfectly comfortable covering up for thugs who publically stand at polling places and refuse to permit voters to enter to vote, and a president who rose and was promoted by probably the most corrupt political machine in the world; Chicago, Illinois. 

My question:

If the radicals now running the country are in control of the voting process; if the voting process can to corrupted; and if the government expresses no interest in prosecuting voter fraud – what will future elections look like?  Will it be possible for those with a traditional view of America to actually win elections going forward?  This is why it is impossible to take Mr. Obama seriously when he complains about voter fraud on Afghanistan, demanding honesty and truth in the voting there.  Give me a break!  He worked for, and as a lawyer, legally defended ACORN which is perhaps the largest franchise for voter fraud in the world.  When we can no longer trust the outcome of elections, it is time for a political revolution to hire leaders who have proven themselves worthy of our trust; leaders we have vetted not the empty suit the media promoted in the last presidential election; leaders for whom the well-being of the country is more important than their personal well-being.