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Townhall Intimidation – Who is Being Intimidated?

I have never seen anything like it! 

So those of us who point out that the Emperor’s plan is naked are denounced by elected government officials.  When did it get to be okay for official representatives of the federal government to dehumanize and malign the citizens who pay them?  Like the “useless eaters” expression under the Nazi’s, I guess it’s always right before they intend to get rid of you.  

When we use our constitutional right to “peaceably assemble to seek redress of grievance,” we are told that we are illegitimate; our clothes were too nice for us to be real people, we are carrying swastikas, we are a mob, and we are rushing the stage intimidating all those fine elected officials.  We have reached the state where it is government against the people; using their positions of power, their access to the media to denigrate their own citizens.  Liberalism as a political movement historically began in earnest to fight against the Divine Rights of Kings to do basically whatever they want to do.  The King owns all the land, controls taxation, and doesn’t answer to anyone.  Liberalism’s cry against this was “All power to the people!”  The cry of today’s Democrat Party is, “All power from the people!”  I think it’s time to reinstate the rallying cry of democracy – “Power to the people!” 

This is a revealing historical moment; for once we are hearing what your Senators and Representatives really think about you.  They are not calling you names because it is helping their cause; they really think you are part of a fascist mob, that you are unwashed rubes, and the only well dressed people who show up at these townhall meetings are emissaries sent from wealthy corporations to embarrass the Senators’ Royal Hindquarters.  We know this is their real opinion of you because the Democrat Representatives and Senators had to be called into the White House by the king of astroturfing – David Axelrod – and told to change the message.  Don’t tell them what you think of them for crying out loud; instead reframe the message as “health insurance reform,” and talk about “portability,” and “equal access.”  

This won’t work, of course, because almost all the people who have actually read the proposed bill in the House are certainly not our Representatives; but rather ordinary citizens – and we know what they are trying to do.  The Legislators on the other hand don’t know what’s in the bill, and have no intention of reading it – that would require two days and two lawyers to understand it.  That should give us some indication about their intellectual horsepower.  The President doesn’t know what’s in it either which is why he is stumped when asked questions about it.  Trust us, they say.  Yeah, right. 

Most of us probably never thought we would reach the stage in the America where the federal government would confiscate your tax money even before you are paid, then use that money to push you around; to vilify you for having made money, demonize you, and manipulate you.  You never thought they would take your hard-earned money and give it to ACORN and send them to harass you.  You never thought a President would call for union goons to come to townhall meetings to intimidate senior citizens preventing them from exercising a constitutional right.  You never thought our government would give your tax dollars to the Legal Services Corporation so they can fight legal cases to grant citizenship to people who refuse to obey immigration laws; and so that these illegals are guaranteed a driver’s license, bank accounts, welfare, subsidized housing, and voting rights – so you can safely be sidelined and ignored as Nazis.  You never thought your $millions in your tax dollars would be spent preventing cities from limiting abortion centers and pornographic stores from locating near schools; and you never thought the Congress would again permit hundreds of $millions given to the LSC to be used again for filing class action lawsuits against companies the left doesn’t like.  If they can characterize you as a mob, they don’t have to listen to you.  If you are accused of carrying a swastika, you can be dismissed as unworthy of a hearing.  Sure beats having to read the legislation and answer questions.  Damn the questioner and you can safely dodge the question and get on with what you want to do.  All power to the King! 

What you are watching is the Democrat Party equivalent of running for cover; of covering their ears, and making “la, la, la, la,” sounds, or repeating “I can’t hear you!” over and over.  They do this to drown out the call for clarification about what they really intend to do; and the call for a minute of their time to let them know what we want.  Can’t be bothered with that; All Power to the King!

I say sit down, listen to the people, answer their questions if you can, take some input regarding what people want.  Quit insisting that you know everything worth knowing; quit insisting that you get to do whatever you want.  Get with it; get out of the way; or get run over.  Power to the people!