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The Imperial Presidency

April 3, 2011 by Featured, Obama No Comments

This is a follow-up to my last post about Qaddafi as an Evil Spirit.

It’s clear that there is no U.S. interest in our involvement in Libya.  No U.S. citizens were in danger.  Libyians were involved in the bombing of a German discotheque in 1986, but the perpetrators were punished in court. Libya has not attacked any U.S. interest since the Lockerbie incident in 1988 23 years ago.

The U.S. dropped Libya from the ‘state sponsor of terror watch list,’ and even restored diplomatic relations with the country in 2006 because the country had dismantled their nuclear program under the eye of inspectors.  In my previous post I showed why President Obama has launched the current attack.  His has become an imperial presidency.  Mr. Obama has become a warlord.

What I want to point out in this post is that we actually have more Constitutional warrant; War Powers Act authority; and United Nations resolution cover for actually launching an attack against Mexico then we do Libya.  The only thing we wouldn’t have is cover provided by the Arab League so eagerly sought by Mr. Obama.

Mexico has either been unable, or unwilling to prevent its criminals from illegally crossing our border for the purpose of breaking U.S. laws.  The results of these efforts have contributed to the addictions of millions of Americans  creating anual expenses in the tens of $billions for additional police, prosecutions, incarcerations, treatments, and medical costs. 

Libya has done none of these things against the United States.  Sure its a crummy country with with oil and a horrible “leader;” but it has done no damage to the United States that begins to compare with what the Mexican government has allowed to happen.

Mr. Obama doesn’t like what was happening in Libya, so he sent our military to do something about it.  It has nothing to do with protecting our country – it’s just what he wants to do.  He is using our military to do something we have no say in; to do something he just decided he wants to do. 

What happens when some future president follows Mr. Obama’s precedent and launches the U.S. military to create a ‘no-fly zone’ over Mexico, for example, because he personally doesn’t like the way they are doing things?  That he doesn’t want any Mexican blood shed on his watch?  Too many people dying in Mexico!

Could any of those supporting the President in Libya make a coherent argument that this imaginary future president would be acting illegally? Unconstitutionally?  No.  The precedent has been set. 

Can Obama supporters say that more people have been murdered in Libya than in Mexico therefore we must not do it?  No.  Could they say that Libya did more to harm the U.S. than Mexico?  No.

Do I think we should launch any kind of military action against Mexico?  Of course not. 

I’m only pointing out that Mr. Obama is a complete cowboy when it comes to the use of American military might to carry out something personal concern to him; something that is completely unconcerned with U.S. security, and in fact could destabilize the entire Middle East.  And he has set the precedent for any future president to engage in any kind of war ‘kinetic military action’ against anyone in the world just because he personally wants to.