The Contraception Debate: What Are The Real Issues?

February 9, 2012 by American Freedom No Comments

Mr. Obama has gone several bridges too far – now he wants the government to force Catholics to commit sin.

What the Contraception Debate is Not About

The kerfuffle about his decision to force churches to do his bidding is missing the central issues.

The debate isn’t about contraception, people can use it or not.  It isn’t even about forcing people who think using it is a sin to give contraception away free; i.e. without any co-pay.

It’s isn’t even really about propping up a constituency he thinks he needs for the election this fall – those who ardently promote a woman’s right to choose to kill her child, or the money he will get from the pharmaceuticals for helping sell their products.

Last of all, it isn’t about access to a medically necessary drug. Exactly which disease is contraction designed to cure? Somehow the world muddled by for thousands of years without what the president now says is so fundamental a human right that he finds in necessary to overturn the U.S. Constitution in order to provide it free to anyone who wants it.

What the Contraception Debate is About

It is about a hatred of any restriction on the human desire to rut without consequence.  Sexual pleasure is seen by Mr. Obama as a more fundamental right than freedom of religion.  Better in his mind to restrict religion than restrict sexual appetite.

People want to have unrestricted sex, and by God this president stands with them!  This is so important that the guarantee of the free exercise of religion enshrined in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution must not stand in our way!  “I’ll even have someone else pay so you can have all the sex you want,” he tells us.

This debate is also about the arrogance of a petit dictator so expansive enough to leave no room for God Himself in the universe.

Mr. Obama’s view of people is not that they are worthy, intelligent, profoundly moral, consistent, and wise; that left to their own, they will make good decision and live good lives.  No, his view of the people he wants to vote him a second term is that they are prisoners of their own sexual desires; thinking themselves potent, they are actually impotent to control their behavior. He sees the American people as so weak and foolish that he must protect them from the consequences of their own behavior.

His Argument Justifying Unconstitutional Regulations

The president claims that because these hospitals receive government money the government has the absolute right to tell them how they can spend it.

  • Consider the Consequences of This Argument

If all government money given to a person or a business gives the government the absolute right to regulate how it is spent, what about the Earned Income Tax Credit received by millions of people?  This is a rebate on taxes such people didn’t pay.  Since this is government money given directly to people, by Mr. Obama’s logic, the government has the absolute right to tell recipients how they will spend it.

What about welfare, subsidies for housing, food stamps and a host of other programs?  This is money given by the government directly to people. What about the deduction on your mortgage interest?  Since the government doesn’t have to permit you to deduct it, it really is money “given” to you by the government.  By Mr. Obama’s logic, the government next will be telling you how you can spend it.

What about deductions on a business’ tax obligations?  Since business deductions can be granted or denied, it means that any money saved this way is government money.  Be Mr. Obama’s logic, the government will soon be telling the business how it can spend it.

By Mr. Obama’s logic, soon the government will be telling every recipient of Social Security checks what they can spend that money on.

Constitution Issues at Stake in Mr. Obama’s Decision

  • Unconstitutional Spending of Taxpayer Dollars

As the president constantly reminds us, our Constitution is a document specifying negative liberties.  That is, it specifies exactly what the federal government is permitted to do, and then it declares that all powers not specifically mentioned in the Constitution belong to the states, or to the people themselves.  That is, the federal government can do nothing other than what it is specifically permitted to do in the text of the Constitution.

There is no statement in the Constitution that grants to the federal government the power to spend federal tax dollars on providing medical care for any person or group.  Period. It is unconstitutional for any president to do it.  It is also unconstitutional for the Congress to pass legislation that provides for it.

  • Unconstitutional Meddling in Private Affairs

There is no provision in the Constitution permitting the federal government to spend tax dollars to provide medical care for anyone. If the elected officials of the federal government would abide by the rules “We the people…” set for them, there would be no issue about using tax dollars to promote activity you may disagree with, or restricting religious exercise.

You may think that government involvement is a good, but it is unconstitutional.  If there should be oversight of medicine and pharmacology, amend the Constitution to make it legal.

  • Unconstitutional Meddling in Private Businesses

I would like to see the Constitutional citation granting the Executive branch the power to tell an insurance company what medical services they must provide for everyone who is insured by them.  That should be simple enough; just cite the reference in Article II – it’s only about a page and a half of text.

This will never happen, of course, because the government has no such power.  Many presidents and thousands of members of Congress simply choose to ignore the Constitution.  And we let them do it.  In fact, most of what our federal government does; most of the money it spends is not Constitutional.  It has no right to do most of what it does.  That’s just the truth of it whether or not people admit it.

  • Unconstitutional Violations of the Freedom of the Exercise of Religion

Then there is the issue itself: Mr. Obama is under the delusion that the government has the right to determine what is religious ministry, and what is not.  This is the breathtaking far reaching center of this issue.

Mr. Obama thinks the federal government can define for a church what that church considers religious ministry.  He says that churches are exempt from a regulation requiring everyone else to provide free contraception in all medical insurance plans.  But church operated schools, hospitals, halfway houses, feeding programs, day care centers, and so on, are not ministry, and therefore are not exempt.

This is what is really causing the problem about all insurance plans providing free contraception:  Mr. Obama believes he has the power to control what the Catholic Church teaches is a religious practice.

This is why Catholics and all other Christians are upset.  This is why even non religious Americans who understand the importance of the Constitution stand with the Catholic Church on this issue.

Think of the consequences if the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution are permitted to be overturned by the Democrat Party.

  • Perhaps it isn’t a religious exercise to send medical missionaries or English teachers to another country, and therefore the government has the power to control what a church believes is a religious mission.
  • Perhaps it isn’t a religious exercise when a church prints and distributes literature showing the Biblical teaching that opposes homosexual practices, or fornication, so therefore the government has the power to control what a church teaches is a sin.
  • Perhaps it isn’t freedom of speech if conservatives are preferred as talk hosts, so by Mr. Obama’s logic he has the power to control what a person thinks is free speech.
  • Perhaps it isn’t really freedom of the press when a publication prints an article taking issue with Islam in America so by Mr. Obama’s logic, he could decide what a newspaper thinks is freedom of the press.

When you are a dictator, here is no limit to the good you can do.

First they came for the Catholics…