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Teddy’s Attempt At Salvation By Works

The life of Teddy Kennedy is a lesson in how not to live.  He never had to work, he never had a job, he cheated in college and got kicked out; but his father got him reinstated.  He joined the military and was slated to go to Korea, but his father got him transferred to Paris.  

While in law school he was arrested for reckless driving 4 times, but never lost his driver’s license.  He never held political office except for an eternity in the U.S. Senate.  He drove a car without a valid driver’s license, he committed manslaughter, he committed a felony by not reporting the death of Mary Jo Kopechne or the accident for more than 10 hours, he got a fake driver’s license illegally, he sobered up from drunk driving before letting anyone try to save the life of Mary Jo.  He got a 2 month suspended sentence. 

He was the master of cut-throat politics and character assassination.  He invented the politics of personal attack.  He covered up crimes committed by relatives, he harassed waitresses, had public drunken sex, and encouraged his male relatives to engage in serial fornication.  There is no record he gave a cent to anyone who was in need, hungry, out of work, down on his luck.  There is a long public record of his use of his position to extract money from working people impoverishing them so Kennedy could distribute someone else’s money to the poor;  that way he could be referred to as a champion of the poor.  He protected the accumulated Kennedy riches that he did nothing to earn, and there is not one shred of evidence that Teddy or any other Kennedy male took some of their own $billions to give a scrap of bread to the starving.   Charity for him was giving other people’s money away.  He was the champion of tightly grasping his own unearned wealth, protecting it from any taxation, while confiscating some of your meager savings in order to give it to someone else.  This is the work of a “lion?”  This is the work of a “hero?”  This was his life’s work; his lifelong ambition?  What a small man.

He spent his life using other people’s money to atone for his own lack of moral will, his own dissipation.  Inwardly convicted by the multitude of sins he committed, he constantly felt the need to do some good to try to counterbalance the evil.  But like all socialists – especially those who never had to accomplish anything by their own power initiative or creativity or hard work, he thought he had all the answers for humanity.  Those answers always consisted of using the law to take more money from those who worked and saved in order to give it to those who do neither.  As usual the fawning media had the distasteful task of trying to make Teddy look like a superhuman.  He is even lionized for being a drunk – just a flawed man accomplishing extraordinary things.  

Leftists are never judged by what they actually accomplish; they are judged by their intentions.  Stalin was excused by the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Walter Duranty of the New York Times for reporting from Russia in the 1930’s.  After covering up the slaughter of millions of small farmers in the Ukraine and elsewhere, Duranty said “If you’re going to make an omelet you have to crack a few eggs.” It’s what he was trying to do that matters, not how many he had to murder to do it.  Same with Kennedy who created HMO’s then criticized them.  Created the law about special elections for a Senatorial replacement in Massachusetts, and then pushing to reverse it in his own case.  Impoverishing hard working people doesn’t matter if you are trying to give their money to somebody else.  It’s what you intended to do, not what you really did; we call it liberal pretense.  It is a game of pretend.  Pretend like Teddy was a great guy.  Pretend like he really did something good.

Teddy Kennedy was no hero, he was not a lion; he was the anachronistic, toothless, shriveled wizard of Oz, otherwise known as Massachusetts.   Tormented by his knowledge that hell is his due, he appealed at the end to the Pope to apologize for his unrepentant heart.  He spoke like a lion, he sounded like a lion, but was terrified of any confrontation.  He could sound dangerous in the forest so long as there were no rivals in the neighborhood.  All sound and fury; no performance.  Males (I refuse to use the word men) like Teddy have a level of self-esteem that is in the sewer because they never accomplished a thing on their own.   Every time he struck out on his own, his meddling, evil father intervened.  Every time his drunken, harassing ways were seen, others covered up for him.  He won office because of his father’s money.  He gained his power through the work of other people in the media who used the old drunk for their own purposes. 

He lived with the guilt of never having earned a dime under his own power.  Guilty because of inherited wealth.  Guilt because not everyone enjoyed what he enjoyed.  But he never tapped into the Kennedy Trusts in order to distribute some of his own unearned riches; he protected the family’s accumulated wealth from being distributed to the poor he claimed to care about so much. 

Teddy Kennedy was an empty suit, the perfect example of manhood spoiled by never accomplishing anything on his own; never really trying; never having the courage to admit and deal with his shortcomings so he could overcome them.  Any mechanic, bus driver, stay-at-home mom, or kid who works his way through college is far more of a hero that this sot.  Every husband and father who denies himself excess out of honor for his wife, his children, his God is a hero and deserves to be celebrated; Teddy Kennedy does not.  Dignifying his death and thereby encouraging more men to follow his path is futile; as for me and my house, we refuse to participate.