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How Stupid Are Our Leaders Anyway?

The UK Telegraph has outlined what we know about Major Nidal Malik Hasan. 

  • He attended the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque in Great Falls, Virginia at the same time as two of the September 11 terrorists 
  • The Imam of the Mosque was Anwar al-Awlaki who had been barred from speaking to a meeting in London via video because he had previously been accused of supporting terror attacks in Britain 
  • A fellow Muslim at Ft. Hood said Hasan’s eyes “lit up” when they discussed the teachings of the Imam al-Awlaki 
  • Al-Awlaki had moved to the post of Imam at the Mosque in Great Falls in January of 2001, and within three months, two of the September 11 terrorists began attending.  Hasan was in attendance during this same time 
  • Al-Awlaki left Virginia for Yemen and is said to be an “al-Qaeda supporter, and former spiritual leader to three of the September 11 hijackers…who targets US Muslims with radical online lectures encouraging terrorist attacks from his new home in Yemen,” according to Charles Allen, former Under-Secretary for Intelligence in the Department of Homeland Security 
  • Hasan became a critic of the U.S. war against terrorism, and did all he could to prevent being sent to Afghanistan; and worked to get himself discharged from the Army 
  • Although he had never been in a combat zone, Hasan counseled soldiers returning to the U.S. following tours in theaters of war 
  • During his murderous rampage at Ft. Hood, Hasan shouted “Allahu Akhbar” according to eye witnesses 
  • Hasan legally purchased one of the pistols he used to murder fellow Americans at a gun shop in nearby Killeen, Texas 
  • Dr. Val Finnell who attended a class with Hasan said, “I was shocked but not surprised by the news,” of the attack because while they attended the class together she had heard Hasan say that our war on terrorism is a war on Islam 
  • Another student had previously warned military brass that Hasan “was a ticking time bomb” after he gave a presentation during which he defended suicide bombers 
  • An un-named recent convert to Islam who was a frequent prayer partner of Hasan’s at Ft. Hood stated he had argued with Hasan because Hasan was saying that the “war on terror” was really a war against Islam, and because he had made anti-Semitic statements and defended suicide bombings 
  • This fellow Muslim said that he believed Hasan was motivated by religious radicalism, and recommended that Hasan’s request to become a Muslim lay leader at Ft. Hood be rejected 
  • Military authorities already knew that Hasan was posting on the internet saying that suicide bombings were the moral equivalent of a soldier throwing himself on a grenade to save others.  They had already warned Hasan about attempting to convert his patients to Islam 
  • Col. Terry Lee, a fellow Psychiatrist at Ft. Hood said Hasan told him he believed Muslims should rise up against American “aggressors;” did not hide his desire to get out of the military because he might have to go to Afghanistan

 Let’s pretend we don’t know anything

President Obama cautions us about rushing to judgments about why the shootings occurred. 

The Army Chief of Staff Gen George Casey says we should not speculate about the religion of Hasan; he says that focusing on the Islamic roots of Hasan could “heighten the backlash” against all Muslims.  He went on to say that diversity gives the military strength.  Uh huh. 

The media mostly focused on whether Hasan had been discriminated against because he was a Muslim.  ABC’s Diane Sawyer was wishing the murderer’s name was Smith so people wouldn’t speculate about his religion.  The media’s constant refrain was that Hasan had been discriminated against, and conflicted inwardly because he was a Muslim and had to go to war against others who were Muslims.  CNN was concerned that Hasan who had been in the military since graduating from high school might be suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder, PTSD and that was why he “lost it.”  Poor perp, stupid bigoted victims! 

They must think we’re stupid 

How stupid can you get?  A Muslim U.S. Army Major who denounces the United States, identifies and sympathizes with the enemy in a time of war; who expresses his support of enemies who engage in suicide attacks against the U.S., who purchases a gun, gives away his furniture and food, gets into his Muslim garb, and shoots 43 U.S. soldiers killing 13, and shouts “Allahu Akhbar!” while he’s murdering people might be a Baptist? 

Someone has asked about how much soul-searching would have happened during WW2 if an American soldier had expressed sympathy with the Nazi cause, and made statements that the Jewish extermination program may have merit, then began murdering American military personnel while shouting “Heil Hitler!”  Somebody probably made fun of him.  Let’s not rush to judgment.  

All this is not to say that all Muslims sympathize with Hasan, but the multicultural hallucinogen has so altered the consciousness of the left that they cannot bring themselves to discriminate against even those Muslims who are willing to shoot them!  They wish he was a Baptist so they could condemn him for being a religious radical, but because he is a Muslim his only fault is that he responded badly to being harassed.  Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan

Maybe he needed to be harassed.  Some people need to be mocked.  He is a 39 your-old weirdo who never had a date; contacted Adnan Haider – a retired professor of statistics – at prayer as soon as he arrived at Ft. Hood, and immediately asked if Haider knew “a nice Muslim girl” he could marry.  He was concerned that she be pretty, he said.  He was lonely; he didn’t have any friends; he was angry with the U.S. who had paid for his 4-year undergraduate work, his medical education, and his residency in Psychiatry, and now that he was the beneficiary of this half $million education and he might actually have to go to a theater of war where he would counsel soldiers and would never be in combat; he sympathized with the enemy, and the top military leader is concerned that we not rush to judgment?  We are concerned that people thought he was strange?  We are supposed to sympathize with him because some people thought he was icky? 

In all of America’s wars during our entire history, Christians went to war against enemies – some of whom were Christians:  In World War II American soldiers who were Baptists went to war against Germans some of whom were Baptists; Catholics went to war and fought against Catholics in Italy who were the enemy; Japanese American soldiers went to war against the Japanese military in the Pacific theater of war.  There should be no slack cut for Muslims who serve in our military, and I suspect that most of them expect no slack. 

Where was the FBI?  Where was the military?  Both of them knew about his sympathies, and the FBI had been tracking Hasan in the Internet for at least 6 months. 

Why do people want to kill us?  Perhaps because our leaders are just too stupid for words.  Since we choose them, what does that say about us?