Stop The Theft of Public Office in America

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Do you think our elections are fair?  Do you really believe that every vote is counted?  Do ineligible people vote in our elections?  Do you believe that fudging is done by elections officials in behalf of one candidate or another here and there?  Do you really believe that every person presently in every elective office is actually the person who won?  Of course you don’t.


Our Fraudulent Elections Are About To Get Worse

It’s clear now that voter fraud has reached a new and perilous level of malfeasance at the highest levels of government.  When evil comes, it always announces itself as an “angel of light,” and so it is here as well.

Mr. Obama refuses to depart people in the country illegally because the government just doesn’t “have the resources.”  (Note in this regard, he promises only to deport only those accused of felonious crimes not those who have no criminal record because those who have not committed major crimes will have driver’s licenses and can more easily vote .)

It also explains why Mr. Obama decided to violate his oath of office and grant provisional amnesty to some 800,000 people in the country illegally.  These are people who legally cannot be here and who cannot legally vote.  But since Mr. Obama says “he cares about them, and ‘it’s the right thing to do.’”  He cares so much he violates his oath of office to keep them here through the next election.

This group consists of people but who have been here for years, who pay taxes, and who have driver’s licenses.  Now that those who hate our system of governance have turned our Republic into a Democracy, and since all you need to vote is a driver’s license, these people will vote for Mr. Obama since they owe him so much.

These acts also help to motivate some other supporters of Mr. Obama.


Here’s The Truth About What Happens in Our Elections

We are told over and over again by officials that election fraud is rare as unicorns, and our elections are entirely trustworthy.  But if that is the case, why is the Democrat Party preparing to spend $millions on thousands of attorneys on a scale never seen before for the election this November?  Republicans are rushing to catch up.

I allege that it’s stupid to think every person serving in office won their election honestly.

1. Some elections officials seek to deny members of the military the right to vote


Justice Department delays action to ensure military votes

New York

Florida, Virginia

2. Some jurisdictions are so incompetent – or evil – that they can’t seem to get the ballots picked at one location and delivered to a different location with ‘losing’ some of them


Florida, and here


3. It seems that only the incompetent are fit to be an elections official




4. In some jurisdictions it is a practice to save some ballots in a trunk or warehouse so they can be “discovered” at a later date if needed



5. Use of weapons to prevent people from voting is fine so long as the voter is white, and the intimidator is black

6. Elections officials are so blindingly incompetent they keep purchasing and using faulty voting machines which always seem to skew the outcomes toward Democrat candidates

Florida, and here


New York, and here



7. Voter fraud




8. Elections officials and politicians seem to be okay with infiltrators, foreigners, and assorted cheaters voting in American elections



Colorado, and here

Nationwide, and here

9. Elections officials inaugurate policies that invite fraudulent votes



Washington, New Mexico, Utah

10. Elections officials want even the dead to vote







Florida, and here


11. Officials demand that we facilitate fraudulent voting


Provisional ballots

12. Mickey Mouse and other assorted cartoon characters along with Adolf Hitler eligible to vote in U.S. elections

And here, and here

13. Broad fraud



California, and here



How Can We Ensure Our Elections are Honest

We have all these problems in almost every state keeping people on the edge of their seats in come cases for weeks just to know who was elected while all the time, ballots are brought out of hiding, and perhaps others are destroyed – it’s a travesty!

Consider these facts:

During the last presidential election in 2008 the turnout was the largest in U.S. history; about 130,000,000 votes were cast throughout the country for local, statewide, and national candidates.  These votes were cast by mail or in one of the 170,000 precincts in the United States.

Sounds like a lot to keep track of, but check this out:

About 1 billion Visa cards can be used at more than 25,000,000 merchants worldwide – way more people and locations than our elections.

Visa handles 130,000,000 transactions around the world every day contrasted with the same number every 4 years for our elections.  Their business amounts to some $6.2 trillion annually or about $17 billion every day

You can check your purchases online at a completely secure site.  You go over your printed bill each month.  You probably can’t remember any kind of mistake in all the years you have used a Visa card.  If you happen to find an error, you notify Visa, and your loss is eliminated entirely.  Visa is proactive and goes to great lengths to protect you.  If something seems out of the ordinary regarding the use of your card, Visa calls you to make sure the activity is authorized by you and not someone else.  If Visa was run like our elections, every Officer and Board member would be in jail for life!

Once every four years election officials have to do only 0.001 percent of the number of transactions that Visa does in a 4 year period.  Elections officials do those transactions in a fraction – only 0.006 percent – of the number of places that Visa does transactions making Visa’s task thousands of times harder than our elections.

Yet with elections, hundreds of thousands of votes are not counted, many votes are cast by people who steal an identity, many votes cast by the same individual; individuals vote in the wrong state; elections officials go to great lengths to make it easy to cheat; they refuse to count votes, they lose votes, and any person can walk into almost any precinct on the day of the election, give them a false name, get a ballot, then cast a vote.

Let’s compare:

If Visa was run the way elections are run, hundreds of thousands of transactions would never be billed because they would be lost altogether, hundreds of thousands more would be charged, but the charge would never reach Visa, so the merchant would not be paid.  If Visa was run the way our elections officials run elections, a person could pick up items in the store, go to the cashier, and tell the cashier they were you, would not have to produce the Visa Card at all, and the cashier would make the transaction and let you take the items home!  In addition, Visa would spend a great deal of money trying to attract people who have no credit history; people they know have no money, no job, and no bank account into applying for a credit card, because it’s so good for business!

Think about it:

If elections were run the way Visa is run, there would be almost no false votes at all and any wrong vote would be immediately corrected.  Every vote would be counted, and every candidate holding office would be the person who actually won the election.  No person could vote under a false name, and no person not having the right to vote would be able to vote.  You could securely check online to ensure your vote was registered exactly the way you voted. If anyone was illegally using your identity and doing something out of the ordinary, you would receive a call to ensure the activity was legitimate.  Confidence in our election outcomes would go through the roof, and no doubt we would have better leadership because no unsavory cheaters would be elected.

Is it not a national tragedy that we trust Visa much more than we trust our government elections system?

As you think about this, don’t you believe we could create a much better system that states could adopt in order to streamline our elections and ensure the public that they are fair and honest?

With so much at stake in this November’s election, I predict that elections fraud will be rampant – we just won’t know about it.  Elections law, and the election system is kept arcane in order to facilitate elections fraud.  We need to change that.