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Isn’t Socialism Great?

May 18, 2010 by Featured, Socialism No Comments

Now I’m starting to get scared.  Mr. Obama has been talking about some people making too much money - and we all know about his commitment to spreading it around!

The reason for my new-found fear is that it just dawned on me that for the past several years I have been earning more money than Chrysler Corporation; even more than General Motors.  In fact, I’ve been earning more than Chrysler and General Motors combined, for crying out loud!

Well, it could be different this year what with the government taking some of my money and spreading it around to GM.  Hey, if you don’t count their $billions in debt, or their (almost) unlimited stash of taxpayer money they can tap whenever they want, they are looking almost profitable!  Now if they could just sell some cars.

I was hesitant at first to make this post public for fear of Mr. Obama finding out just how much I really make compared to GM, but he’s busy right now licking his wounds from the trouncing he got by that Iranian guy Mahmūd Ahmadinezhād over nuclear weapons.  Besides, Mr Obama will attand a lecture tomorrow by Mexican President Calderone about what a horrible place America is for Mexicans to visit and collect welfare, and that if we don’t stop treating Mexican citizens like this, he might call us names and discourage them from coming!  I know that will keep the president’s attention off me because he will be apologizing to illegal Mexicans for several days.  Besides, everyone who works for GM has been making more than GM too; if I’m in trouble, so are they!  Except I don’t belong to the UAW.  Isn’t socialism great?