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Sen. Kennedy R.I.P – We Won’t Have The Care He Had!

August 26, 2009 by Culture, Featured, Health Care No Comments

My first reaction to the death of Sen. Teddy Kennedy is one of sadness.  Agree with his politics or not; agree with the way he lived his life or not; his life was precious, and of infinite value. 

My second thought is that your life is of infinite value as well.  I’m sure that if it was possible, Sen. Kennedy would have promoted the same access to the best health care in the world available to him would also be available to you.  Alas, it is not possible; and he did not promote it. 

Sen. Kennedy enjoyed the benefits all Senators and Representatives, and their staffs, and all federal employees enjoy; access to health care coverage that few Americans have. 

They are able to choose from a wide array of benefit plans and find the one that best fits their personal and family circumstances, and in most cases, the government (read: you) pays at least 75% of the cost of the plan.  If you doubt this, just do a search for federal employee health benefits on www.bing.com or www.google.com and see all the federal agencies advertising for employees focusing on the great pay, wonderful health care options, and the generous retirement options.

As I said I regret the agony that Sen. Kennedy has endured, and the sense of helplessness his family and friends are experiencing.  But now we hear Democrat leaders proposing to name the health care legislation after him; suggesting that this was Sen. Kennedy’s lifelong ambition – his purpose on earth.  But I have observations to make. 

Connecting Sen. Kennedy’s name to this legislation would be a horrible disservice Ted Kennedyto his memory and here’s the reason.  The present structure of the Democrat Party proposals for “health care” include structures created even in the Stimulus Bill passed in February 2009 that will make medical care in the United States a one size fits all program; that an unelected Council will determine what is the best treatment for every condition, and another that will require physicians to follow it by monitoring their treatments electronically – otherwise they won’t get paid. 

With the hope that I do not diminish the value of the life of Sen. Kennedy, I submit that (thankfully) the government was completely locked out of his treatments; no federal Council overseeing the treatments he could receive; no one size fits all approach to the cancer he had contracted.  No Council was determining that at his advanced age – 77 – the cost of his care is too much for a person with the expected number of years remaining in his life; no denials, no dilutions, no delays.  I assert that I am thankful that Sen. Kennedy lived and died without having to exist under the approach to health care that he supported, and that the Democrats now want to name after him.  Further, I submit that we all deserve the same consideration; but if Democrats have their way, your and your mom and your child will be treated much differently than Sen. Kennedy.

The proposals to control health care costs have an incredibly selfish and elitist motive

All the “health care” proposals are designed to save money, and as such they have almost nothing to do with “health care.”  Instead they have everything to do with spending tax money on other things instead of health care for Americans.  We know it’s all about money because: 

  • The president talks constantly about how much trouble we’re in if we don’t control the cost of health care
  • The legislation itself states economy as the justification for the changes it proposes
  • The panels convened to control how much can be spent on your treatments depending on age and weight, the panels that permit doctors no discretion when treating you; the panels determining the value of your life depending on how old you are as measured against statistics gathered by actuaries – all these limitations on your access to medical treatments are designed to limit expenditures for the mass of people
  • This means the federal government can then continue to provide unrestricted access for the special people.  We know this is true because only a few Republican members of Congress have agreed to live under the plan the Democrats want all of us to live under

Rules for thee but not for me

Unfortunately like almost all of the Teddy Kennedy sponsored legislation throughout his time in the Senate, none of it has any personal application to how he lived his life.  None of it affected who he had to accept as neighbors.  None of it affected how much he or his family could make.  None of it affected the Kennedy family accounts in offshore Caribbean banks.  For more than 30 years he engaged in forcing undesired changes on the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans without having to make any changes in how he lived his life.  That’s exactly what this health care legislation does: over the decades it will save the federal government  $trillions in health care for the general public by creating structures that restrict what treatments you have access to in order to continue funding blue ribbon medical treatments for the elite.  It is all about spending less money for your health.  Why else would they support low-quality medical care for you while keeping top-quality medical care for themselves?  Sen. Kennedy got the treatments recommend by his physicians, he got to stay in his home with medical oversight, he got to die with the dignity he and his family desired.  All this will be denied to you under the Democrat “health care” plan.

Here’s what will happen to you

Don’t permit yourself to be pushed into supporting this elitist-preservation legislation masquerading as “health care” reform.  If you are without insurance coverage at all, the pressure will be great for you to support it and at least get some coverage.  But the consequence is that you give up your independence, your life no longer belongs to you – it belongs to the government.  The consequences are staggering:

  • You will accept low quality, bureaucratic-driven medical treatment
  • Accept that the older you get, the less each year of your life is worth
  • That unelected, unknown individuals many of whom are not doctors will be making your health treatment decisions in order to save the government money
  • You will accept that funding your medical treatments becomes exactly the same as spending money for military airplanes, for pay increases for federal employees, for research on hog manure and bovine flatulence; for every act of government spending – just another budget item
  • It means that your child’s life-saving surgery, your mom’s brain tumor, your dad’s heart attack; your own battle with cancer will become just another budget item in the Ways and Means Committee of the U.S. House.  It’s all politics; it’s all about the spending and the taxing

What happens when people who don’t know you or your child are making economic decisions about how much money will be spent this year for medical treatments?  What will be considered as too expensive?  What happens when they trade money for medical treatments for yet another military base in a Congressman’s district?  What happens when they trade money for medical treatments for $millions for oyster research, pornography the National Endowment for the Arts is currently supporting, or more Cash for Clunkers, or United Auto Workers union workers pensions at GM, or bridges to nowhere?  Will you be happy you turned over your independence to the government then? Be absolutely sure that if you support the present proposals in Congress this is exactly what you will face.  Your cancer, your skin, your heart and your eyes become the property of the government; they will decide what’s to be done with them because Americans will have given them that right by permitting this legislation to pass.

If you value yourself  - if you believe that God places infinite value of you and you think politicians and bureaucrats may not value you the same: oppose this legislation.  If you value your health and want your doctor to treat you rather than getting his or her treatment orders from a bureau in Washington: oppose this legislation.  If you value the lives of your family members and believe they should have the best medical care available: oppose this legislation. 

Take the time necessary to write to your U.S. Representative and express your opposition to the present approach the Democrat Party is taking toward health care.  Your life is at stake.  If you are unsure of who your Representative is; or want an expedited way to reach your Representative and Senator, click here.  Just follow the prompts and you can easily be in touch with any or all of them.