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Republican Steely Resolve on Budget

April 9, 2011 by Government Integrity No Comments

Well, the Republican budget hawks really plucked the feathers off those spendthrift Democrats last night!

Just listen to this: they negotiated a $38 billion cut from the budget for this year!  Really stood up for for fiscal sanity.

Oh, wait.  There wasn’t a budget for this year.  Well anyway, they cut $38 billion out of…well, something or other. 

Do not delay!  You should enjoy this RIGHT NOW!  Because in 10 days – let’s see, that’s…April 26th the government will have borrowed more money than this victorious budget deal cuts.

Yes my fellow Americans, all the agony of this hard-fought battle really gives us something to gloat about.  This victory saves us ALMOST 10 DAYS WORTH OF GOVERNMENT BORROWING!

Steely resolve, that’s what I call it.  Yahoo.