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July 8, 2009 by Culture, Featured, Freedom No Comments

Presidential candidate Obama told us in 2008 that the Bush economy was the worst Lew Casualsince the Great Depression.  When he became President he told us that we had to have an economic stimulus package right away to fix it.  Now that his stimulus package isn’t working and we are losing a half million jobs each month he is saying they just didn’t realize how bad the Bush economy they inherited really was.  The conclusion they have apparently reached is that this economy is worse than the Great Depression.  Boy, things are worse than I thought! 

The economic situation in California is really bad, and the state is $24 billion in debt and issuing IOU’s!  Because of this terrible state of affairs, some people in the state are proposing to legalize marijuana so it would add to income from the state’s sales tax and help relieve the debt.  My guess is if they did this, it would have no positive effect on the debt, but at least everyone could mellow out and quit worrying about it.  (For your quarterly state income taxes, send them an IOU.) 

There is some good news for Vice President Joe Biden.  Now that Saturday Night Live comedian Al Franken has been elected as the new Democrat Senator from Minnesota, Mr. Biden may slip to number 2 in the Daily Gaffe Machine Category.  Minnesota must be so proud. 

Mr. Obama is in Italy at the G-8 Summit – a meeting of the 8 richest nations in the world.  I wonder if they have checked our balance sheet lately to see if we still qualify. 

The economy is in the toilet, another half million people out of work every month, debt the size of Everest, Iran developing nukes, N. Korea threatening to blow up the world; and Sen. Hatch, R-Utah wants to investigate whether or not the BCS college playoff system violates Sherman-Anti-Trust provisions.  Man am I glad he’s watching over things in Washington!  Where was he when AIG, GM, Chrysler, Chase Bank, J.P. Morgan, Washington Mutual, and Bank of America grew too large to fail? 

Mr. Obama predicted unemployment would rise to 8% if his $787 billion stimulus wasn’t passed right away.  It passed, and now we have 9.5% unemployment.  What are we to conclude?  You think you’re so smart; you probably thought that the stimulus was a turkey, but that’s why they are Senators and you’re not!  The Democrats in Congress are saying that we probably will need another stimulus package this year.  Borrow another $787 billion from the Chinese communists, and raise unemployment to 11% – the geniuses!  Others of us might be thinking unprintable things. 

Steny Hoyer, D, Maryland told us how legislative sausage is made when asked if House members would pledge to actually read the health care reform bill in Congress before they vote on it.  He replied, “If every member pledged not to vote for it if they hadn’t read it in its entirety, I think we would have very few votes.”  But he hastened to tell us that the anonymous, unelected members of staff read all that stuff.  I feel reassured.