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Rationing Energy – Liberal Power Grab

HR-2425 The “American Security and Clean Air Act” increases the price of everything that moves, is cold, or hot, or is used by anybody; or is eaten.  The cost of every banana and carrot, every tire, every haircut, every movie; every computer, piece of mail, tool, or trip will go through the roof if HR-2425 is passed. 

  • It was introduced 5/15/09
  • Came out of the Energy and Commerce Committee with amendments 6/5/09
  • Discharged by Education, Labor, and Foreign Affairs Committees 6/5/09
  • Discharged by Financial Services, and Science & Technology Committees 6/19/09
  • Discharged by Transportation, Natural Resources Committees 6/19/09
  • Discharged by Ways and Means Committee 6/19/09
  • Placed on the Union Calendar (having to do with money) No.90 6/19/09 – 946 pages
  • Submitted to House Rules Committee 6/22/09 – 1201 pages

Note the dates.  No one has read this most far-reaching piece of legislation perhaps in American history.  There have been no open meetings for debate on the consequences of this literal power grab.  We know that the bill was written by wacko environmentalists. We do know that hundreds of lobbyists were included in its formation.  What we don’t know is what changes have been made in the almost 300 pages added to the legislation between 6/19/09 and 6/22/09. Henry Waxman

The bill will be voted on in the Senate Friday, 6/26/09.  Do you care about your future? 

HR-2425 is also known as the Waxman-Markey climate legislation.  These two elitist Democrat Congressmen - Waxman from California, and Markey from Massachusetts favor a socialist, leveling approach to the human condition and prefer to ignore the human aspiration to the American way - individual freedom.  They are offended by the untidy results of equal opportunity, and feel they can better insure fair-minded mediocrity to all rather through such legislation.Climate Bill

First:  the legislation would require the United States to lower its Carbon Dioxide output to 1908 levels by 2035.  The reductions would be incremental and the costs will begin to increase the first year of implementation.  This was before much of the country had electricity,  most Americans had no easy access to a hospital, few could easily travel from one state to another, and most farming was done with teams of mules.

Second:  the costs to you for energy – electricity, gas, oil, and gasoline will go up costing the average family $1500 more each year.  If you love high electric bills, and gas prices, you’ll love Henry Waxman (D) California, and Edward Markey (D) 

Third:  the cost of everything else that you use will increase because the cost to produce it will go up, the cost to ship it will go up, the cost to store it will go up.  The cost of labor will go up because it will cost more for employees to drive to work, it will cost more to heat or cool the office or warehouse…and on it goes. 

Fourth:  the expectation is that we will lose 1.1 million jobs per year because of HR-2425.  Thank the Democrat Party for your loss of a job in the context of skyrocketing prices.  Over the 25 years this legislation covers, that will mean more than 25 million jobs lost.  The authors promise that new “green jobs” will be created to offset these losses.  But Spain which has been doing exactly this has found that the new “green jobs” cost $754,000 each.  

Fifth:  the loss to the U.S. economy is expected to be $9.6 trillion over the next 25 years. 

The bill intends to replace the loss of energy produced by Carbon Dioxide based fuels, with wind power.  As you know, the wind blows where it wants to blow.  In order to place hundreds of thousands of view killing and bird killing ugly windmills, we will be destroying millions of pristine acres in the U.S.  

Besides this, $billions more will be spent constructing new high power lines to get the electricity to the distribution stations.  More millions of acres with new high power electrical lines messing up the environment.  Cool.

“Why would anyone consider this?” you ask.  Well, it’s because some think the earth is warming up, and we don’t want that.  Some points to consider: 

  •  If Carbon Dioxide has any connection at all to global warming and cooling it may be the result of it, not the cause.  Which, exactly, is not known.
  •  The earth’s atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen.  Of the remaining 0.1% of the atmosphere, Argon comprises 0.9%.  Remaining is 0.1 percent of earth’s atmosphere of which Carbon Dioxide comprises 0.03%.  This legislation is designed to lower that number to about 0.02%.
  • The Democrats want to create the upheaval mentioned above for this.  There is no science that proves Carbon Dioxide has increased temperatures on the earth at any point in history.  It is clear that if the authors of this legislation have even a double digit IQ, the bill is not about global warming.  A decrease of 1/100 of 1% (a massive drop of 1/10,000 of the atmosphere) cannot possibly be the goal.  My guess is that it’s about government control of the entire economy and control of the personal freedoms of Americans as well.
  • The countries which produce the most Carbon Dioxide have no plan to lower the amount they produce.
  • Significant amounts of Carbon Dioxide result from volcanic activity and other natural events. 

Carbon Dioxide is an absolutely critical gas on earth.  Plants – through a process called photosynthesis – use chlorophyll to make Carbon Dioxide and sunlight into plant sugars.  If we and all other animal life did not exhale the Carbon Dioxide we create through respiration, all plant life on earth would die.  If plants did not exhale Oxygen as a by product of photosynthesis, all animal life on earth would die.  (Just a note:  The Environmental Protection Agency is considering taking control of Carbon Dioxide and treating it as an environmental pollutant.  How long can it be until the government wants you to quit exercising because you are exhaling too much pollution?) 

Any increases in atmospheric Carbon Dioxide will result in larger plants, healthier plants, and more of them.  Which, of course, would increase the amount of Oxygen they exhale rebalancing the atmosphere. 

This information can be found at the Heritage Foundation: http://www.heritage.org/Research/EnergyandEnvironment/tst062309a.cfm 

So let me recap: 

  • Increased energy expenses of $1500 each year for the average family
  • Loss of 25 million jobs
  • Decrease in GDP of $9.4 trillion cumulatively
  • Increased costs of food, shelter, tools, furniture – everything
  • A reduction of Carbon Dioxide from 0.03 to 0.02 by 2050 

Wow, just think of the long term benefits of all this!  I’m feeling cold already.