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Who’s a Racist?

May 2, 2011 by Obama No Comments

Anyone who questions President Obama’s birth status and therefore his qualification to serve as president cannot just be concerned about his qualification to serve as president – he is a racist. We know this because supporters of the president tell us so.

Anyone who questions President Obama’s grades in school is REALLY a racist.  We know this because the same people announce it is so. I gently point out that these same people constantly accused President Reagan of being an “amiable dunce;” and President George W. Bush a “liar” on the floor of the U.S. House. Twice. Bush was “evil,” “mediocre,” a “playboy,” an “oil man,” who got where he was because of his “daddy.”

No one is in the position to know if a another person is a racist.  We can only know if the other person does or says things that indicate they have a preference for people of a certain race, or if they, suggest that people of a certain race are superior or inferior, propose that people of a certain race are deserving of greater protections or more opportunities than people of other races – but no one can identify a person as a “racist” – that’s only a name; an epithet of scorn. 

We demonstrate utter and abysmal incompetence when we suggest that someone is a racist because they demand that every person be treated equally. We demonstrate our own tendancy toward either racial preference -or evil -by suggesting that anyone who suggests President Obama should clear up questions about his birthplace is a “racist.” Questions were raised because his father had more than one wife at a time, and was a Kenyan; and because Mr. Obama’s mother married an Indonesian national; and because Mr. Obama lived as a young child in Indonesia.

The fact is that there have been at least 7 presidential candidates in U.S. history – including Barry Goldwater, Lowell Weicker, and John McCain – before Barack Obama who had to deal with questions regarding their birth qualification to serve as president.  None of them were black.  Not one of them forced the country to go through the agony that Barack Obama forced on us. 

President Obama was not singled out because he is black. And it would appear that those who suggest that anyone seeking further proof of Mr. Obama’s birth is a “racist” is, in fact, a person who believes a black American is deserving of greater protections than people of other races.

This issue comes up constantly when anyone disagrees with the policies espoused and championed by President Obama. I point out that 4% of African Americans voted for the white candidate in the last presidential election; 43% of white Americans voted for the black candidate in the past presidential election.

Who are the “racists?” You can’t tell except by seeing what people do or say. Just sayin’.