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Qaddafi as an Evil Spirit

April 2, 2011 by Obama No Comments

Some reflections on the war kinetic military action in Libya.

Matthew (12:43-45) quotes Jesus as telling the story of what can happen when you cast out an evil spirit-  like Qaddafi.  The spirit departs to a dry place seeking rest (perhaps in Uganda); but finds none.

Then the spirit says, “‘I will return to the house from which I came.’  When it arrives, it finds the house empty, swept, and put in order.’”

So the spirit goes and finds 7 other spirits more evil than itself, and together they go back and enter the emptied house and dwell there, “and the last state of that person is worse than the first.”  Then Jesus said, “So also will it be with this evil generation.”

He uses the metaphor as an indictment against those who decide to morally reform themselves, to negatively get rid of something bad in their life; and after having done so, are “empty, swept, and put in order.”  But they take no positive action.

Note the word “empty.”  To succeed at doing good, Jesus is teaching, one must not only negatively get rid of the bad, but positively replace the core of himself with something good.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

I thought about this story recently when considering the Qaddafi conundrum.  We are given strong and inspirational messages from President Obama: 

  • “I will not stand by while citizens are being killed!”
  • “I will not be responsible for a massacre!  That will not happen on my watch!”
  • “I will not engage in war against Qaddafi in the Middle East!”
  • “I will use the U.S. military in a kinetic military action against this man-caused disaster!”
  • “I say, Qaddafi must go!” 
  • “I will not attempt to kill Qaddafi or actually make him go!”

The President pushed together a U.N. resolution dealing with the use of power to create a “no-fly zone” over Libya in order to prevent the Libyan Army from bombing the rebels.  That meant we had to bomb their surface-to-air missiles and shoot down their planes. 

But then we began to bomb tanks and artillery – which have nothing to do with creating a no-fly zone – because the Libyan Army was actually using them against the rebels too!  The nerve!

The President didn’t need the input of his own country – especially the Congress, because you only need that if you engage in war.  And this is not war, it’s a “kinetic military action!”  Which means that we are only bombing and shooting people not actually engaging in war.   He only needed approval from two sources – the U.N. and the Arab League because THIS IS NOT A WAR!  But I digress.

The point is that removing Qaddafi in Libya - or the Taliban in Afghanistan, or Saddam Hussein in Iraq for that matter – is not the real issue.  When the house is “empty, swept, and put in order,” it is only an invitation for becoming 7 times worse – unless…

The evil must be positively replaced with the good.  But we will have no “boots on the ground,” we will not engage in “nation building.”  Our intention is to stop people from hurting, to “empty, sweep, and put the house in order.”  I for one am reassured because the President is really hoping that the rebels will not ally with the Muslim Brotherhood (who are actually really good democrats by the way) and al-Qaeda.

So we get involved in Libya because President Obama will not idly stand by and see blood running in the streets – they are actually hurting people over there!  But he has no intention of actually ending the cause of the hurt, you see, because we don’t do that sort of thing; it’s not nice.  However he demands that the cause of the hurt must be stopped! He must go!  COME OUT YOU EVIL SPIRIT!  He makes it clear that has absolutely no intention of actually making that happen though because he will not engage in assassination, he will not remove the leader, he will not engage in nation-building, he will not get involved in a long-term war kinetic military action.  Rest assured though, because he will get out of this war kinetic military action in days, weeks, months, by the end of this year for sure!  HE CARES A WHOLE LOT!  And besides, he is hanging on to his Nobel Prize for Peace! What?

Nature abhors a vacuum.  We need to remember that in Libya, and Iraq, and  Afghanistan.  We need to remember that right here in America too.