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What Is “Public Service?”

March 4, 2013 by Freedom No Comments

To hear Obama’s Press Spokeshole Tim Carney tell it, Gene Sperling is an example of one.  He “works 20 hours a day, often, on behalf of the American people and this President to try to advance an economic agenda that helps middle-class Americans, average Americans.”


Does the Federal Government Provide Services?


The U.S. government is the world’s biggest industry, and like any industry it looks out for its own interests.

Aside from coercion in extracting whatever wealth they want from the citizens and creating rules that control every citizen’s life, it uses the citizens’ money to deceptively market itself as a positive in their lives.

Over the years governmental plutocrats have found the term “public service” to be is great value in this marketing effort.  By this deceit, the practice of confiscation of the wealth of the citizens to spend on government employee extravagance is turned into the work of hardworking humble governmental “servants” providing wonderful “services” to the citizens.

It’s in the government industry’s interest to call what they do “service.”  But we all know it isn’t

By definition, service is:An act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service; the occupation or function of serving

One who does service, a servant is: One that performs duties about the person or home of a master or personal employer

Tim Carney was hired by Obama to be a professional false witness specializing in squeezing humbug into the digestive tract of a media so submissive they pee on the floor when Obama pats their head, for purposes of deceiving the American people.  But now we know he is a fabulist as well.

First: no person works 20 hours a day.  This is intellectually and physically impossible.  Besides it wasn’t even a worthy exaggeration – if you’re good at your job, you don’t have to work 20 hours a day.

Second: there is no level of government in the U.S. that provides “service” for people who have real jobs.

“Service” is what you get at Burger King, or Macy’s, or Nordstrom; not what you get at the DMV, the Planning Department when you want to fix you back deck.  Service is what you get at the tire shop, or the nail salon, not what you get when the EPA says you can’t build a house on your own farm, or when the government uses your money to buy drones to spy on you.

You get service from the personnel working for the airline; you get felt up by the government TSA workers.

Well, perhaps that was a bit hasty, there are people who work in public parks who clean restrooms as a “service” to you, and others who work in museums who will helpfully give you directions if you’re lost.

It is not a service for the government industry to confiscate your wealth – such as it is – and then require you to come to them, during their hours, at their place, using their forms, following their procedures, submitting the documents they require, paying the fees they determine, proving your ability as determined by them alone, enduring their sneers, to request  their permission to cut some guy’s hair.

It’s not a “public service” to confiscate someone else’s money and give some of it to you.  “I care so much about hurting families I’m going to take more of that guy’s income and give it to you.”  How is that a “public service?”  If these plutocrats cared as much as they constantly tell us, why don’t they give some of their own money to the poor?


Presidential Public Service


How is the president being a “public servant” when he spends $78,205 or our money in local police support and $989,207 in other costs for a weekend of golf?

That’s $1,067,412 for three days of golf.

But wait, you didn’t foot the whole bill!  The $24,000 cost of an eight-hour private golf lesson with famed instructor Butch Harmon; the $1,800 in greens fees for three guests for two rounds of golf, and the $1,600 cost of four caddies for two rounds of golf were probably comped to Mr. Obama.

Wow, that brought down the bill you paid to only $1,040,012!  Let’s see, 3 days times 18 holes a day; that’s 54 holes of golf at only $19,259 a hole!  Very presidential.  Who is serving whom?

“Service” is also not what you get when you hire Gene Sperling.  Please name one thing Gene has done to serve you – anyone for that matter.  I’m waiting.

He’s working 20 hour a day – surely he accomplished some “service” that someone would know about.


How Much is a Servant Paid These Days?


Let’s look at Tim Carney’s ideal public servant.

Gene Sperling began earning more than $100,000 a year as a hack for NY governor Cuomo in the early 1990’s.

He earned more than $100,000 a year as Director of the National Economic Council from 1996 to 2000 for Bill Clinton.

Then he earned more than $100,000 a year as Hillary Clinton’s economic advisor during her presidential campaign.

He worked for the Council on Foreign Relations where he was paid $116,653 while “supplementing” his meager salary by being paid $480,051 as a director of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and $250,000 for providing quarterly economic briefings to two hedge fund firms, Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP and Sterling Stamos Capital Management. All at the same time. Got to work 20 hours a day for this.

Servant Sperling’s income was more than $2.2 million that year.

He also was paid an additional $137,500 salary from Bloomberg News for writing a monthly column and occasionally appearing on television.

Just before going to work for Mr. Obama, Sperling was paid $887,727 by Goldman Sachs for advice on its charitable giving.  During that same year he earned and additional $158,000 for speeches to financial companies including the firm run by accused Ponzi scheme mastermind R. Allen Stanford.

(I wonder how much of his $887,727 salary he gave in charitable giving.  Probably not much since he was barely squeaking by on only $73,477 a month, $18,369 a week; $3,600 a day.  Humm.)

But Gene Sperling cares about you!  He’s been working 20 hours a day for America!  He’s a “public servant trying to help middle class Americans!  Working Americans!”

We know this because spokeshole Tim Carney told us.

And now poor overworked Gene Sperling is struggling in behalf of “middle class Americans; working Americans” on his measly $172,200 a year government “public servant” salary.  And James F. (Tim) Carney should know because he also a $172,200 a year “servant.”


The Real Public Servants


Public lords are the true one percenters.  They collect whatever they decide to collect from us, build their mansions, and then keep us from revolting by declaring themselves “public servants,” and providing the modern equivalent of bread and circuses.

We are the “servants” of the government sector.  We serve them – they don’t serve us.

They take our money and provide unbelievable salaries and guaranteed pensions for themselves.  White House Advisors, Presidents, Senators, Representatives and an army of bureaucratic ciphers who think we are stupid enough to believe they provide “services” for us.

Unfortunately a majority of people who voted in the last election proved them right.  They are not “public servants,” they are Feudal Lords.

Some of them are able to retire at 57 and earn 80% or 90% of their highest salary!  They are one percenters because in order to yield $60,000 to $80,000 a year in retirement, they would have to have saved $2 million to $4 million during their work years.

Almost no employee of a private company is able to save this much for retirement because they have to deposit it themselves and depend on compound interest to save the $4 million.  Federal employees don’t have to save that amount – they get a “defined benefit”  not available to you.  Their defined benefit increases to keep up with inflation for the rest of their life.

Many federal employees receive the equivalent of the earnings on several $ million.  But it is your money.  They don’t have to save it out of their inflated salaries.  You just get to pay it to them as long as they live.  So you work longer and harder to provide it for your overlords.

Think about it: do they tell you what to do, or do you tell them what to do?  Who is the servant?

The United States is the equivalent of an 11th century Feudal state except we have toothpaste, deodorant, and indoor plumbing.


Who Serves Whom?


Consider this report from the General Accounting Office released February 2013.

During the years 2009 through 2011 the U.S. Attorney General and the Director of the FBI used Gulfstream jets owned by the government, i.e. jets you paid for, for illegal purposes.

These jets were purchased for specific kinds of necessary “missions” related directly to carrying out their official function; all other flights were to be on commercial airliners.

During these years, there were a total of 659 uses of these jets.  But 74% of those flights were not authorized, and were for personal use, or uses unrelated to their official function.

You paid the cost: $11.4 million.  But why should “public servants” be expected to fly in the same plane with fatso plebes and crying babies? No, no, the fatso plebes and young mothers should pay for private travel for these “servants.”  They work so hard!

Just last year, the average total compensation for federal government workers was $133,000.

Average income (not benefits) for people who work for Microsoft last year: $133,023.

The average total compensation of all private workers (salary plus benefits) including doctors, attorneys, executives – and Microsoft employees, is less than $60,000 a year.

What did your compensation average last year?  Are you the servant or the master?

Perhaps a sequester is just what we need.


How to Get Service from the Government


Ever try to call the White House and ask the president for a little “service?”  How about your Representative or Senator?  Governor, Mayor, local school board?  What kind of service did you want?  Plumbing problem?  Roof leak?

No, everybody knows you don’t call a politician when you need real “service.”  People call the government when they seek special treatment – stuff not available to everyone else, or a way to knock out the competition.

What passes for Public service today is handing out special deals for favored groups.  Like Democrat-friendly unions and businesses who don’t want to comply with the new health care bollix like everyone else has to.

Or loan guarantees not available to competing businesses.  Loan guarantees for privately owned so-called green energy projects just in time for huge bonuses for friends – right before they take the company bankrupt.

You pay the guaranteed loan back, of course because the government doesn’t guarantee loans – they sign for your guarantee on the loan.

These are not “services,” and they are not provided by “public servants.”  You own an auto dealership, or a lumber or a hardware store?  Can you get a government-guaranteed loan?

These are backroom deals made by corrupt officials in support of loser businesses and union buddies enriching themselves with your money.


“Closeout Special: Government Services Now on Sale!”


Consider the most recent “Government Services Now for Sale” campaign from the morally superior liberal Democrats.

A $500,000 “donation” to Mr. Obama’s Organizing for Action will put you on a phony national advisory board providing you access to Mr. Obama.  Service for sale.

Gotta love it.  Millionaires who want to make more $millions donating $hundreds of thousands to another millionaire to help him “fundamentally change the United States of America.”

Oh Yeah!  OFA is a tax exempt organization.  That way if you’re worth so many millions you can spend half a $million to get the president’s ear for political and economic “services” to you personally, you can deduct the “donation” just like you were giving it to provide food for starving orphans!  What’s not to like?

This is like donating to the Missionaries of Charity – only better.  You can increase your charitable giving, feel really good about yourself; and no smelly orphans.  Plus you can get special treatment by government bureaucrats to increase your net worth even more!

Charitable giving for the benefit of a millionaire 1 percenter.  Those clever Democrats sure come up with some great ideas.  I can see the headline: One Percenters Get Charitable!

Why would you give a charitable donation that went to save the life of an orphan in New Delhi when for the same money you can actually earn yourself more $millions?  Have something real to show for your donation!

The ultimate benefit of this idea is that it permits “millionaires and billionaires” to lower their taxable income and pay less in taxes; plus it helps implement Obama’s plan to raise taxes on the middle class.  He cares so much!   It just makes my eyes water.


Who Gets Screwed, and Who Gets Service(d)?


Mostly it’s crooks who get “services” from “public servants.”

You only get real service from a private business.  To get serviced by the government, you need to be a crooked solar panel start-up, a German windmill manufacturer, a Finnish luxury carmaker; or you might consider manufacturing $9,000 batteries for government subsidized cars nobody wants to purchase.

Another option is to be a $millionaire “donating” tax-deductible gifts to Obama the Charitable.  Be on a phony advisory panel!  Spend a night in the Lincoln Bedroom!  See Michelle’s biceps up close!  Whisper in the president’s ear!  Get real “service.”

If you do this stuff you can get serviced by the Lords of the Manor

If you work hard, earn your own money, pay your bills, and stay out of the government’s way you get  screwed by them.

Since it’s all that’s left, let’s go eat cake.