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Prophecy Unto Us Pleasant Lies

Isaiah 30:10:

‘They say to the seers,
       “See no more visions!”
       and to the prophets,
       “Give us no more visions of what is right!
       Tell us pleasant things,
       prophesy illusions.”‘

Israel feared the Assyrians, but the leaders thought the people would rather hear falsehoods - lies about how things were going, so they demanded that the prophets tell the people lies – pleasant things, illusions; and Isaiah was exposing those leaders for their deception and destructive leadership.   ‘Quit looking for information from God – we don’t need any information; the science is settled; we have decided what the people want.  If you’re going to prophecy quit telling us the truth; instead tell us that God is urging you to say pleasant things.’  Today we have many examples of this kind of evil leadership; here – in the spirit of Isaiah - I expose two of them.

Tom Freidman

Tom Freidman, columnist for the New York Times, suggests that we should support ending carbon based industry and energy even if there’s a 1% chance that they may cause global warming; that ending America’ s economic dominance in the world is worth it.  I wonder if Mr. Freidman would consider the same element of risk or reward for his 401-K investments. 

If there was a 99% chance he would make money on an investment, would he make that investment?  If the other side was true – a 1% chance of actually losing money – would he go ahead and invest?  I guess not.

Would Mr. Freidman have married his wife if there was only a 1% chance that the marriage would have worked out?  What about his two daughters?  Would he and his wife have gotten pregnant if there was a 1% chance of the girls being born with problems of some kind?  What if there was a 99% chance everything would go well with the pregnancies and births?  Would he refuse to take that risk?  If so, he wouldn’t have any children.

Would Mr. Freidman drive to work at the New York Times if he thought there was a 1% chance he would die in an accident on the way?  Of course he would; if not he wouldn’t have a job.  But according to his logic on global warming, he would refuse to drive to go to work at all – the risk is just too great.  Ending up in poverty would be better than taking the 1% risk.  Can’t be too careful, you know.

Barack Obama

What would Barack do?  What if it was revealed that those who were working the health care numbers for him had actually fudged the numbers and lied to him; that they had deleted their original work that supported what the president was now publicly proposing making him look like a fool; that they had conspired to hide information from him that would have helped him make a well-informed decision instead of an embarrassment; that they had worked to prevent other people with information from getting that information to him so he could make good decisions before going public?  Would he still support it?  Apparently so.

What if he was checking up on Michelle when he first saw her, and they began talking, telling him about herself, her family, and what she wanted in life?  What if they were discussing children, politics, friendships, what they liked and didn’t like and it turned out that Michelle had been lying?  What if she was creating a fictional character in Barack’s mind – that the real Michelle was much different than they one she was presenting? 

What if she told him she was liberal in her politics, and was a big fan of Dr. King; that she wanted to make a positive difference in the world?  What if she said she was going to law school so she could stand up for the downtrodden and disenfranchised; but it all turned out to be a lie?  What if she was actually very conservative in her politics, that she hated the Democrat party for their 160 year support of slavery, Jim Crow, poll taxes and lynching of blacks; for their poor support for the Civil Rights Act of 1964; and for destroying initiative among the black population by addicting them to welfare programs?  What if she actually was motivated by making money instead of working to help the poor?  What if she actually was already married? 

Would Barack feel deceived, or would he go ahead with the marriage because he preferred to believe that she really was a liberal, compassionate Democrat?  Would he go ahead with the marriage because he thought those who told him these things about her were Michelle deniers, and that he had already made up his mind about who is the ‘real’ Michelle; that the issue was settled?

Well, I guess we know the answers to these questions.