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What Do People Really Want?

March 16, 2010 by Health Care, Socialism No Comments

We hear that Americans favor the individual parts of Obamacare, but just don’t want it passed as a single piece of legislation, and that becomes justification for going ahead with it – people want it, they just don’t like the process.

Hmmmmm.  Never is the question asked about which parts people support, because I don’t think people want a half $trillion taken out of Medicare’ I don’t think people want 139 new boards, commissions, and projects; I don’t think people want their health insurance costs to go up by 13%; I don’t think people want rationing of healthcare by bureaucrats who will decide which medical treatments “work” meaning that they will be deciding that certain procedures don’t work for people over a certain age – which in a rational world would be called “rationing of medical care,” and so on.

I think people do want real competition in health insurance by being able to purchase a policy from any company regardless of the state they are in, they do want tort reform, they do want to reverse pre-existing conditions limitations (although this will require coverage of the 600 pound lady in New Jersey who is going for half a ton, and Obama’s increased risk of lung cancer, sex change surgeries, ugliness, hairloss, cavities and all manner of other” pre-existing conditions” raising healthcare premiums by huge percentages).

When “The One” promised to fundamentally change America he meant what he said.  It’s up to us to stop him from doing it.