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Who Or What is Obese?

May 15, 2010 by Freedom No Comments

We hear that Mrs. Obama has plans for the government to intervene and end child obesity in a generation.  You can read all about the “Let’s Move” plan here   

The summary here presents “70 specific recommendations that can be implemented right away.”  Among them:

Hospitals and health care providers should use maternity care practices that empower new mothers to breastfeed, such as the Baby-Friendly hospital standards.  Are there really hospitals in American which don’t encourage breastfeeding?  Do mothers really need to be “empowered by the federal government” to breastfeed?

Local health departments and community-based organizations, working with health care providers, insurance companies, and others should develop peer support programs that empower pregnant women and mothers to get the help and support they need from other mothers who have breastfed.  Do you want to pay the taxes necessary for the government to oversee the creation of ‘community-based organizations’ as they create peer support programs and recruiting of women who have previously breastfed?  How will they screen the volunteer prior breastfeeding mothers?  Where will they meet?  Who will pay for the room, and who will be paid to conduct the meetings?

The AAP guidelines on screen time should be made more available to parents, and young children should be encouraged to spend less time using digital media and more time being physically active.  Everyone knows kids need to be active; they are active without your help.  But this objective is in keeping with The One’s concern that people are getting too much information from digital sources.  Got to stop that.

All media and entertainment companies should limit the licensing of their popular characters to food and beverage products that are healthy and consistent with science-based nutrition standards.  Okay; when will we hear about the Blue Ribbon Committee to establish a basis for determining which entertainers are considered “popular?”  Just what we need, government control of how movie stars earn money, and what they will be permitted to endorse.

If voluntary efforts to limit the marketing of less healthy foods and beverages to children do not yield substantial results, the FCC could consider revisiting and modernizing rules on commercial time during children’s programming.  Now we need to government panel to decide which foods are less healthy so we can limit their exposure to kids – that ought to take half a $billion and 7 or 8 years to finalize.  Then, of course, we need some rule-making on what is considered “substantial results.”  This is a biggie, so that could cost much more and require several new commissions and panels.  There could be a sub-committee on what is meant by the term “results.”  Does that mean actual time spent watching the screen?  Does it mean a certain percentage of kids who are no longer obese?  The opportunities for new federal, unionized employees are endless.

Increase resources for school meals.  This is recommendation 3.2, you should know.  This means purchasing food directly from Michelle’s organic garden on the White House premises, and we know that this will take a lot of new “resources.”

It goes on, and on, and on:

Schools should consider upgrading their cafeteria equipment to support the provision of healthier foods, for example, by swapping out deep fryers for salad bars.  This will no doubt insure Republican victories for generations to come.

Where possible use school gardens to educate students about healthy eating.  Great, more union rototiller operators, cow manure, weed pulling for detention duty for wayward students.

This goes on ad nauseum.  The Busybodies-In-Charge in Washington find new and creative ways to interfere in our lives every day.  Of course, this is all the result of supporting Representatives and Senators – and a President Barack Obama – who proposed and supported taking over all health care in America.  The one who pays for the service gets to decide who gets access to it.  Sure fat kids are a drain on the health care resources we have in this country; but so are drunken Senators, overweight federal bureaucrats; so are people who smoke.  If we hadn’t lost our Republic some 80 or 90 years ago, they would have to pay for their own, self-inflicted, disgusting diseases and health problems.  As it is now, you will have to pay for it.  So now everyone has an interest in telling everyone else what they should be eating,how much time they should spend watching TV and other media, and how much they should weigh.  This should really help bring everyone together.  I can hardly wait.

It seems to me that the Obamas should worry less about how fat the kids are, and start worrying about how fat our killer debt is, and how fat federal salaries and retirement are.  It is suffocating us all, and soon we will not be able to breathe at all.  Thankfully we will be resuscitated (if we are under 55) by a unionized, federal employee EMT.