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Obama Gets Religion!

Oh my!  Now our President who doesn’t go to church is calling on religious lefties everywhere to throw a life ring to his drowning health care idea.  He’s had trouble defending the plan because it isn’t his; he actually has no health care plan – he left that to Pelosi and Reid.  Sow the wind; reap the whirlwind!

Anyway, Democrats have gone through phases with this thing: arrogance, concealment, arrogance, recklessness, invective, arrogance, absence, and then, of course, deceit - persuasion not being part of their agenda.  President Obama has followed this same path minus the name-calling of citizens (although he uses invective against insurance companies all the time.) 

The map for attempting to sell this legislative dog is winding from one place to another:  

  • We can’t afford the rising health care costs
  • Trust us because we really need to do this
  • We have the best and brightest people working on this
  • It isn’t finished yet so give us time and quit picking it apart
  • Don’t bother to read it – we not going to
  • We know you may not like this, but it’s good for you
  • Trust us, we will fix it
  • It doesn’t say what it says and we know this because we haven’t read it

So now the President is flailing around for another way to convince people that what they don’t want is actually what they do want.  Obama is losing so he’s getting the old time leftist religion. 

During a conference call with Jewish leaders yesterday, Obama quoted from a Rosh Hashanah prayer, “We are God’s partners in matters of life and death,” he said.  I thought I had seen the worst of his arrogance, but now he makes himself the very hand of God – God’s partner!  I guess that means whatever Obama wants is what God wants; he is acting in God’s behalf.  Can you imagine what would have happened if the Christian George W. Bush would have said this?  The hubris is suffocating.  

Obama went on to say there are: 

“…fabrications that have been put out there in order to discourage people from meeting what I consider to be a core ethical and moral obligation; that is, that we look out for one another; that is, I am my brother’s keeper, I am my sister’s keeper.”  

This from the guy whose half-brother lives in a shack in Kenya on less than $1 dollar a month.  This from the guy who between 2001-2004 earned $981,000 and gave a total of $8400 in charitable giving – .008% of his personal income.  Wow, he must really believe this “core ethical and moral obligation” brother’s keeper stuff.  In 2005 and 2006 on income of $2.6 million, the Obamas gave $92,867, or 3.4%.  His brother’s keeper indeed!  

He is a typical elitist snob: the only role he would play in brother keeping is to use his power to extract more of your money to give to the brother; and this at the same time he proposes to lower the deductions for charitable giving discouraging it even more.  Worse, he thinks you are stupid enough to believe the tripe he dishes out for consumption.  “Charitable” in his universe means government coercively collecting and spending your money. Practice what you preach, moron. 

For well over 20 years I did talk radio in Portland, Oregon and frequently interviewed those who think they have the answers for everyone else.  Among the worst of these elitist sophists are the sanctimonious – those who think they know what Jesus’ position would be on any given piece of legislation.  (I have come to think that these people no longer have any credibility of their own, so they claim to speak for God – who can argue with Him?) 

So I want to outline why you should not trust Christians who claim to know which health care legislation God Himself supports. 

Jesus created converts, not government programs

First, Jesus’ entire ministry was to create converts, and to teach those converts His truth.  This is important because when Jesus makes statements about caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, and by extension providing health care; he was talking to individual people who had converted to Christianity.  To take those commands and teachings for individuals and apply them to governmental institutions is extremely dangerous.  You can’t say part of Jesus’ teaching applies to government programs and then say the rest of it doesn’t. 

Consider: Jesus told His followers to feed the poor, therefore we need to have welfare programs in the U.S.; Jesus also told His followers to convert people around the world and baptize them, therefore we need to have a Department of Christianity to carry out baptisms?   If Jesus’ command for charity is a governmet responsibility why isn’t conversion and baptism?

Don’t pay any attention to these guys; liberal, activist priests; or self-proclaimed ‘Evangelical’ Christians like Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo.  From my perspective they are leading the faithful astray and they will certainly lead the country astray if we follow them.  I have spent serious time interviewing both of them in studio.  Campolo is simply a magnificent speaker which makes him all the more dangerous, and he actually practices what he preaches about charity; Wallis, so far as I have seen, can’t do anything well.  But both of them are bleeding-heart liberals who fawn over every politically liberal program in sight. 

Jesus healed lots of people; perhaps we should empower bureaucrats to engage in healing ministry – that alone would solve the health care issue and for only a generous offering; just a one-time small financial contribution my brothers!

Jesus told about the Good Samaritan.  This guy provided health care for a person he didn’t know because it was the right thing for him to do.  Jesus did not tell this story so citizens would see that the moral thing to do is support a government-run health care program; but rather that we would realize our personal obligation to another person.  This is real brother keeping.  Get a clue. 

I think I can safely say that Jesus would specifically not support such a program, and here are my reasons.  Jesus’ entire teaching was about individual moral reform through faith in Him alone, repentance, spiritual rebirth, and living a holy life; not how to run a government.  It is individual people who need to freely give their own substance in order to help other individual people.  Jesus never taught anything like what the president is proposing: increase the power of government, use its coercive power to extract money from people against their will, and then use that money for whatever purposes nameless bureaucrats desire.  What a crock. 

One of Jesus’ recurrent themes was to denounce the Scribes, Pharisees, and Publicans.  

Scribes were a group who were literate and could read and write contracts for people who were illiterate; and there was a lot of cheating by these Scribes because they had knowledge some others didn’t have.  Today’s Scribes are the intellectuals in academia and government who use their positions to recreate the world in their own image.   

Pharisees were a Jewish reform movement that had long since become corrupt and begun to use their religious power for secular ends.  Today’s Pharisees are liberal religious leaders who use their religious positions to push a secular agenda.  (You know who they are.) 

Publicans, the third group, were representatives of government who cheated people as they collected taxes.  Today’s Publicans are; well, representatives of government; the government that lies, cheats, steals, and wastes tens of $billions every year.  The reason Jesus denounced these government workers of His time is because they cheated the people.  Some things never change.  

This is why I think it is fair to say Jesus would never promote a government system for brother keeping, but instead would demand individual charity from believers in behalf of their brothers.  (Don’t you ever hear people say, “Why should I?  I can’t afford it.  There are lots of government programs for people like that?”  How does that fit into Obama’s understanding of what he considers “a core ethical and moral obligation?”)  To suggest anything other than charity as a personal responsibility is to bastardize the New Testament.  If Jesus’ teaching is that it really is the government’s responsibility to take care of welfare and health care through massive taxation and redistribution, then we as individuals are off the hook.  This changes everything about Christianity; the whole thing is a collective.  Collective charity, collective welfare, collective salvation, collective destiny.  These guys need to quit making God in their own image! 

The kingdom of God is not the kingdom of this world

Second, these religious hucksters always confuse the kingdom of God with the kingdoms of this world.  Most of them no longer believe the historical Christian faith, so they get involved in politics as an ersatz religion replacing their lapsed or failing faith.  For many of them Marx replaced Jesus.  Now most of the Marxists think the best way to implement their socialism is through various incarnations of environmentalism, social justice, racial justice, economic justice, anti-corporatism, and so on.  

They really don’t accept the human condition or the results of democracy itself.  Salvation doesn’t come through faith in Jesus; it comes through faith in government.  The justice they want is not what happens in the real world – doesn’t get the results they think are just - so they promote the use of government to force their vision of “social justice,” “racial justice,” and “economic justice” and are always trying to change people instead of permitting God to do it.  Social engineering, economic engineering, “spreading the wealth around,” saving the earth…  So the message of Jesus to separate ourselves from this world becomes – for these sons of perdition – a command to get totally involved in this world!  What pap. 

So when the false prophets start telling you to support Obama’s program because that’s what Jesus would do; tell them Jesus already announced that false prophets would come, and told you not to listen to them.  

The scat you get from the religious hucksters Obama is recruiting is only a call to a new idolatry of socialist government programs.  They offer you a god more important than the Lord and ask you to bow before him; but you already know what God’s going to do with idolaters.