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Obama to Regulate All Life on Earth

Freedoms at risk

Our freedom to start new businesses; to enjoy central heating and air conditioning; to continue to enjoy personal financial liberty, and to continued employment are in danger – all because of oppressive new government regulations.  You may be surprised to know that a molecule essential to all plant and animal life on earth is now considered by the Obama EPA as dangerous.

The Environmental Protection Agency has now officially made an “endangerment finding” on CO2.  This permits the Obama Administration to take command and control of this molecule by means of Clean Air Act regulations.  EPH Chief Lisa Jackson says that the regulations would only apply to 10,000 facilities in the U.S. that discharge 25,000 tons of CO2 or more per year.  These are utility and refining companies along with some manufacturing facilities.  It’s important to note that the limit of 25,000 tons is completely arbitrary because the Clean Air Act regulations state that an “endangerment finding” requires regulation of any facility that discharges more than 250 tons – not the 25,000 Ms. Jackson announced.  As a result, all human activity; public and personal will come under the control of the federal government.  This is not overstatement.  Consider that energy is required for virtually all human activity: the temperature of our home and workplace, how we are permitted to get to work, where we work; whether we can own an outboard motor, ski, travel; the food in our grocery store and the clothes on our back will all come under federal scrutiny.

How will it be implemented?

This means that many farms, hospitals, schools, hotels, churches and small businesses will be required to implement “best available control technology” to avoid federal fines.  The number of facilities covered would be over 40,000 – there are 300 today – and facilities requiring EPA construction permits would rise from 14,000 to 6.1 million; these numbers come from the EPA itself.  Further they say that this is “an unprecedented increase” and says it will create years of delay that will “impede economic growth by precluding any type of source – whether it emits GHGs [greenhouse gasses] or not – from construction or modifying for years after its business plan contemplates.” (Emphasis mine) No mention on how this would impact Mr. Obama’s plan to increase employment.

The ostensible reason to control the emission of CO2 is to “save the earth.”  That is; the earth is warming critically because of Carbon dioxide which humanity is creating at unsustainable levels and governments of the world must immediately slow then reverse the amount of CO2 produced by humanity.  This is not only a hallucination, it is a lie.  Revelations during the past week prove the theory is a lie, and I will be posting on the subject shortly.

I have posted before on the subject, but it is important to note that CO2 comprises just 0.04% of the atmosphere, and it is absolutely essential for photosynthesis that makes plant life possible on earth.  Most plants take one molecule of water, combine it with one molecule of Carbon dioxide with energy from sunlight, and make 6 molecules of sugar and 6 molecules of Oxygen.  The sugar is made into sugar fibers like cellulose and hemicelluloses that make up the structure of plant.  (We perceive these sugar fibers as the limbs and trunk of trees.  We grind them up and make paper out of them!)  The oxygen migrates back out of the membrane of the plant and flows into the air making animal life possible.  Thus, plants require Carbon dioxide exhaled from humans and animals to exist; and all animal life including humans require Oxygen exhaled from plants to exist.  Plants thrive on the waste of animal life; people thrive on the waste of plant life.  All life on earth requires this essential exchange.  Now the government has claimed the right to control one of the universal chemical exchanges essential to life on earth.  Just wait until the bureaucrats get their fingers on this one.

The motives are clear

Hubris alone can explain why a government would declare a small, simple molecule essential for all plant and animal life on earth an “endangerment.”  The declaration has nothing to do with protecting the atmosphere – a molecule essential to our life cannot be considered a danger!  It’s prevalence in the atmosphere is largely unchanged throughout history and as a result, it cannot be a contributor to so-called “global warming.”  There is no correlation between the increase of carbon in the atmosphere through the use of fossil fuels and any warming of earth’s temperatures; and if fact we have been in a cooling period for the past 10 years.

The hubris is all about a malevolent desire on the part of these elitist utopians to deprive Americans of the freedom to engage in commerce – which relies on energy production; to live private lives in our home keeping it cool and warm; to live where we want to live; to operate automobiles.  It will control where businesses are permitted to operate; the price of food produced shipped, cooled, and cooked with the use of energy.  It is the beginning of the end of private enterprise because permission to operate all aspects of business – and as a consequence, private life – will be controlled by federal bureaucrats bringing about Marx’s goal of nationalizing the means of production.