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Nationalizing Health Care: The Path to Total Control

November 7, 2009 by Featured, Freedom, Health Care No Comments

Part One:  Trading Away Your Freedoms 

As I write, the U.S. House is preparing to vote on legislation prescribing how the government can nationalize healthcare.  The legislation is some 2,035 pages in length and was written mostly by private, for-profit, and non-profit interest groups. 

This is part one of a series of posts dealing with America at a crossroad.  Is this the time to add $trillions to our already suffocating debt?  Do we want a country where most of the large industries and services are nationalized and operated by bureaucrats?  Do we want to retain our freedoms, or would we rather trade them for security?  This post deals with the process of legislators trading away your liberties, and how that is presently underway.

How laws originate

Many people are not aware that most legislation in the U.S. Congress does not begin with a Senator or Representative who sees something they think needs to be done – it begins as a set of proposals, or bullet points written by either an individual citizen who has influence over a Congressman, or by an interest group.  

These ideas and proposals – in some cases written in legal language – are given to the Congressman who agrees to try to find support among his colleagues.  Those meetings are coordinated with lobbyists who work for the interest group who pressure legislators to become co-sponsors.  The hope is to build momentum and craft a law or set of laws that are designed to carry out some vision held by the unknown person or group deemed to be in their interest, not the interest of all citizens.  Examples are the health care bill under consideration; or the so-called Cap and Trade legislation working in favor of people like Al Gore who stand to become billionaires because they are poised to profit from the legislation, not because there is any climate change. 

How laws are passed

If the person or group has lots of money, and have contributed heavily to a set of Congressmen, they then lobby those people to force the legislation through committee with the implied threat that funds for re-election may not be available if the Congressman does not carry the legislation forward. 

Staff for the Congressman, and a whole legal department is tasked with integrating the proposed legislation into the already existing body of law by writing the legal language that you always see – something like, ‘the provisions of this subpart (a) of paragraph (B) notwithstanding all other portions of this section (1) apply under terms outlined in USC 19100 (D) (e) 1-14, in all other cases legislation applies to…’  Blah, blah, blah. 

When something controversial reaches the proportions that the so-called health care legislation has, in order to collect sufficient votes for passage, all kinds of promises are made.  These promises are usually fulfilled as earmarks.  Legislators refer to these promises as trade-offs, but they are still bribes.  They are always an appeal to the legislator’s pride or greed: get noticed and advanced, or get re-elected and rich. 

For example, a new Representative in the House is against the health care legislation proposed.  How can the leadership get that person to vote the way they want him to instead of how his constituents want him to vote (probably the way he promised to vote)? 

They tell him that he will never be put on the committee he wants to be on, and will never hold any leadership position in the House if he doesn’t comply.  They tell him that the Party will not support him with money for his re-election campaign if he doesn’t comply.  They tell him he will never stand up with the leadership when the TV cameras are on so he gets national exposure; and on and on. 

If this fails, they will ask him what he wants in order to vote the way the leadership wants him to vote.  He will be bribed with money for his district: perhaps a $billion or two for the new medical hospital at a state university that can then bear his name; perhaps several $billion for an upgrade to a highway near property he owns, or a friend owns increasing the value of the property; the number and kinds of opportunities are infinite. 

Over the years, cable TV franchises have been handed out by this means, property values are increased by this means, lucrative positions on the Boards of large companies are obtained by this means, and family members have their companies receive contracts for government work, and so on. How do you think a legislator who has no wealth when he is elected, is paid $174,000 a year and has to maintain two residences, retires after serving several terms a multi-millionaire?  The Democrat leadership in the House is selling your constitutionally guaranteed freedoms in return for the personal gain of individual U.S. Congressmen to get a “yes” vote on health care.  What does the Democrat sausagesleadership gain?  Control over you life. 

At this moment, and through the night last night, Democrats in the U.S. House were promising to give away $billions of your tax dollars in order to purchase votes in favor of legislation that the Representative opposes.  This is why they say there are two things you don’t want to watch being made: sausage and legislation.  Sausage, at least, has some nutritional value although under the new legislation, you probably won’t be permitted to eat it.