Mr. Obama the Passion Pimp

July 21, 2012 by American Security No Comments

At a scheduled campaign event in Ft. Meyers, Florida, President Obama addressed the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.  Rather than hold the rally as scheduled, he spoke in somber tones and said it was not time to engage in political speech – which was entirely appropriate.

But then he went on to expresses fears about his daughters going to see a movie. (Reference begins at about 4:30)

While I’m sure he worries about his daughters like all good dads do, it is reflection of how stupid he thinks we are for him to try to identify with us by making such a statement.


Does anyone really think that Michelle drops Sasha and Malia off at neighborhood theaters rather than the private theater in the White House where they can invite anyone they want and watch any movie they want?


Even if they do go to the theaters attended by the rest of us, the place would be completely checked out by Secret Service personnel days before the visit, each entrance would be guarded by Secret Service agents, passing through metal detectors would be required for every person entering the theater complex including theater employees; and if anyone was able to penetrate into the precinct and began to shoot, they would immediately be shot dead by Secret Service personnel.

Does the president really expect us to believe he worries just like the rest of us when we go to a place like this?  Everyone knows Mr. Obama is cold and detached.  Apparently he is having so much fun spending our money for vacations for himself and his family, and their friends during our first depression of the 21st century he has completely lost sight of what normal people face in everyday life.