John Kerry, Theologian

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Well-known theologian, John Kerry recently told students at Gordon College – a Christian college – that Christians should support Mr. Obama’s health care plan because, “Jesus did not help just the sick who could afford to pay for it.”  Well, duh.

Mr. Kerry’s Logical Mistake

I think this blindingly obtuse statement by the oaf from Massachusetts is referred to as a non sequitur.  What a brilliant display of deduction:  A follower of Jesus should support the Democrat party health care plan because Jesus didn’t discriminate between the destitute and the affluent when performing miracles of healing.  Let’s see how this works out:

  • MAJOR PREMISE:  Jesus healed people from all levels of income without discriminating
  • MINOR PREMISE:  We are followers of Jesus
  • CONCLUSION:  Therefore we should support the Democrat party health care plan

Aristotle would be so proud.  Here is an argument presented by a sitting U.S. Senator to college students.  It is testament to the fact that nothing is worse than incompetence accompanied by hubris.  All this could be dismissed as just another example of how desperate radicals are to find support for their politics, but I fear it’s worse than that.

The Really Scary Part

First, what’s really scary is that Mr. Kerry finds the argument persuasive – demonstrating why he is a liberal.  We know for sure that he thought it persuasive enough to say to college students, so wouldn’t a normal person fear that some student would point out the stupidity of Mr. Kerry’s string of incoherent statements presented as argument?  Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?  Why risk it?  Because he believes he actually said something profound.

In addition, Mr. Kerry knew that a news reporter was in the audience and would probably report on the speech.  apparently thinks that this level of ignorance is appropriate fare for college students.  This is a man who considers himself sufficiently intelligent that he deserves to sit in the U.S. Senate and make laws for the rest of us to live by.  Growing research shows, “that incompetence deprives people of the ability to recognize their own incompetence.”  Mr. Kerry’s performance  at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts (as elsewhere) proves the point.

Mr. Kerry’s Theological Mistake

Like all people who pretend to be real Christians, Mr. Kerry’s understanding of the Bible is limited to occasionally looking up cool online Bible quotes, and purposely misunderstanding the Gospel.

God’s demand that Christians be charitable and hospitable deals with our responsibility to be charitable and hospitable to other Christians.  Neither Jesus nor any other New Testament figure said that Christians should support any of Caesar’s efforts to provide healthcare for everyone in the domain.

Mr. Kerry makes the same mistake all people of liberal political theory wedded to liberal Christianity make – they confuse the Kingdom of God with the Kingdoms of this world.  They – not faithful conservative Christians – are the ones who attempt to impose their version of Christianity on the people.  They are the ones who want to impose morality – a selective morality of their own choosing – on the people.  They care nothing about morality.  They promote gay marriage, protect nude dancing establishments, force Priests to violate their religious practices regarding birth control and abortion; but get super holy, and sanctimonious about morality when it comes to health care.

They seek to use the only Begotten Son of God, the Savior, as a political tool to strike reverence in the hearts of His true followers so they will betray their instincts.  This is so much easier than actually taking Jesus seriously, obeying Him,  and seeking to follow Him.

Let them be accursed.