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Islam, A History of Violence

January 6, 2012 by Religion No Comments

Mohammed died in 632 AD – 600 years after Jesus rose from the dead.   The history of Muslims faithful to the teaching of Mohammed from that point forward is a continuous history of aggression toward Jews and Christians; bloodshed, and death.  The history of Christians faithful to the teaching of Jesus is a history of tolerance, benevolence, civilization, and life.

I am disgusted with the political correctness that demands that Christians see their own history as the moral equivalent of Islamic history.  The historical revisionism is designed to elevate the status of the culture of Islam and lower the status of the culture of Christianity.  We are told that we must not denigrate Islam by pointing out what Muslims do; they must be referred to as “Islamists,” or “radical Islamists,” which they see as a small minority of Islam and an aberration of the “religion of peace.”  But Christians who joined the Crusades are never referred to as a small minority, “Christian radicals” or the like; they are only “Christians,” or “The Church.”

Don’t bother me with accounts of the Inquisition or the exploits of Charles I – Charlemagne.  I know the history, and I know that every year Muslims murder more people than all the deaths during the entire 350 history of the Inquisition in all countries where it was practiced.  I know about aberrations of Christianity in mass baptisms of unwilling converts.  I also know that Christianity has never carried on a war against Islam, and hasn’t invaded Islamic countries for purposes of conquest, and – to our shame – have never engaged in widespread evangelism to convert Muslims

History of Islamic Conquest for Religious Purposes

In 637 AD, Muslims solidified their conquest of Judea, and began immediately to persecute Christians and Jews who lived there.  They persecuted pilgrims who came to see the holy sites for centuries.  There were mass beheadings, brandings, and confiscation of property, murders, and destruction of thousands of Christian churches.

By the middle of the 9th century (about 200 years from its founding) Islam had attacked and conquered Egypt and all of northern Africa, Spain, Portugal, much of France; Greece, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, southern Italy, and the Sindh in what is now Pakistan solely for purposes of domination.  Defense, protection of trade and trade routes, protection of religious adherents, or other reasons countries go to war played no part in this expansion; it was religious persecution and conquest plain and simple.

Finally Christians in Europe awakened and in 732 AD Charles Martel stopped the Muslim Umayyad progress in their effort to expand throughout the remainder of Western Europe at the Battle of Tours.

The Reconquista of Spain alone – the expulsion of the Islamic invaders from North Africa – took until 1492 about 700 years.

After continued slaughters of Christians and Jews whenever Muslims appeared; and after 460 years of persecution of pilgrims desiring to see the holy sites in Jerusalem the church responded.  In 1095, Pope Urban II announced the importance of bringing relief to Christians in the east, and the first Crusade was organized.  For two hundred years, Christians made 9 attempts to retake Judea from the Muslims who had invaded it almost 500 years before.  They succeed in holding it only for several decades during the entire period of the Crusades.  It was during this time that many of the churches in Palestine that pilgrims go to visit were built.

There were horrible, unchristian slaughters of Muslims and Jews done during some of the Crusades; but these are Christian acts.  While they are not excusable, they are understandable.  Muslims had murdered, enslaved or forcibly converted millions of Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians in Persia, and others over the previous 400 years, and some of the Crusaders sought to even the score.  But non-Muslims have never truly evened the score with regard to slaughter and murder and forced conversions.  Islam is still a murderous cult.

Below I recount the reasons why Islam will never change, and why it cannot change and remain Islam.  In addition, I give an expanded history of the expansion of Islamic holy war to spread the religion of Islam by means of the sword; proof that Christians and Jews have historical rights to the holy land and Muslims do not; and more.  I hope you can take the time to read it.


Why Islam Cannot Ever Become Modern and Remain Islam

Beginning in 610 according to Islamic history, Mohammed began receiving communications from Allah dictated to him by the angel Gabriel.  These visitations continued periodically throughout the rest of his life.

Dictation not Revelation

The word “Qur’an” means “the recitation” because even though scribes wrote what Mohammed dictated to them, the Qur’an remained an oral tradition for a fairly long period of time, and there were detailed instructions about how it should be recited.  Even today, a large percentage of Muslims are illiterate and can only “recite” what they are taught, and Muslim prayers consist only of recitations of Qur’anic scriptures.

In addition it should be remembered that Arabic of the 7th century was a consonantal language; that is, no vowels were used when it was written (much like Hebrew during the Old Testament period).

It’s important to understand that Allah dictated the Qur’an to Mohammed through Gabriel.  This is an entirely different manner than that in which prophets in the Old Testament, and Apostles in the New Testament received communication from God and wrote it down for us.

Allah dictated the Qur’an through Gabriel; God revealed his word to the Prophets and Apostles.  The difference is absolutely critical.  Since the Qur’an was dictated there can be no interpretation of what it says and means.  It can be translated, but not interpreted.

Mohammed, of course, was illiterate as most people were in those days.  He had a series of scribes who wrote down his dictations that have come to us as the Qur’an.

All Muslims throughout the world learn the verses of the Qur’an in Arabic – even those Muslims who are illiterate, and those who do not know Arabic at all.  Some can’t read it at all; others say the words but have no idea what they mean.  It is important to Muslims that their prayers – taken from the Qur’an – be recited in Arabic; apparently Allah would otherwise be unable to understand them.

The reason the Qur’an is memorized this way is that while the Qur’an can be translated, no translation is considered reliable; none of them can be trusted.  They cannot be trusted because Allah dictated it to Gabriel who dictated it to Mohammed so he understood it in Arabic; and any change – even using the word of another language to convey the meaning of the original Arabic is a deviation from the dictation.

It is for this reason that Christians have difficulty communicating with Muslims regarding what the Qur’an actually says.  When arguments are made about murdering non-Muslims, for example, an English translation of the Qur’an would be used; and so a Muslim would state that that is not an accurate translation because Islam can only be understood in Arabic.

I should point out here that because Islam is an Arabic religion: god spoke to Mohammed through Gabriel and Mohammed understood it and spoke it in Arabic; prayers have to be offered in Arabic, and so forth, Islam is more culture than religion.

Wearing of beards for men, women covering their faces with veils, wearing of Middle Eastern garb – none of this is specifically required by the Qur’an.  You will find that any serious Muslim person adopts an Arabic lifestyle in many ways not required at all by the Qur’an.  In addition, he or she will learn Arabic, and make the Haj to Mecca. Conversion to Islam is as much a decision to adopt Arabic dress, food, habits, language, and lifestyle – in a word Arabic culture – as it is a religious decision.  The pressure on converts to dress like you belong in the 7th century is not a requirement dictated by Allah; rather it is the attempt to require all people who convert to Islam to become Arabs.

This submission has strong elements of what we would consider a cult.  Every convert must abandon their ethnic background, their race, their traditions, their friends; and begin to dress as if they were members of another race, another culture, and another time.  This has the effect of separating them from everything familiar – family, friends, history, and their national surroundings.

In addition, since Islam demands that there is no public space – that is everything is controlled by the Qur’an – there is no independent or separate role for government, culture, social life, family, food, traditions, entertainment or anything else separate from the religion.  All law, diet, public life, personal life, relationships, business, – everything is controlled by the religion.  Ownership, business conduct, dress, financial investments, contracts, marriages, discipline of children – it is all controlled and directed by the religion.

Mosques are designed to demonstrate this concept.  There are usually open spaces for people to congregate for social activities, there is no “church” feel to it because it is open signifying that the religion does not stop at the door.  Anyone can enter a Mosque even if they are not a Muslim because while the Mosque is a place for prayers and religious services, it is no more holy than anything outside the Mosque – for Islam everything is holy; there is no secular.  Islam requires the religious adherence, the personal life, political life, thought life, legal life, romantic life, family life, professional life, financial life; the mountains, the rivers – the whole cosmos to be operated and understood according the Qur’an and the Arab way of life.

Scripture Interpreting Scripture

In Islam, there is no concept of “scripture interpreting scripture” as in Christianity.

There is no consistent hermeneutics (other than “mystical hermeneutics” – hidden, Gnostic, occult) to guide understanding of the Qur’an; no set of nuanced rules through which Muslims we can understand what is meant by what Allah dictated.  As a consequence, there is no mechanism whatsoever that would make it possible for Muslims to revise how the plain text is understood, and permit them to understand it in a new way.  Islam cannot become modern.

For Christians, the coming of the Christ provides a new way to understand the Old Testament Scriptures.  We are told by Apostles that the Law in the OT was a “schoolteacher” (Galatians 3:24) to lead us to Christ; that those things were written so we could understand God’s plan for redemption as it unfolded.  This provides Christians with a way of understanding the things that were written, about stoning adulterers and homosexuals that alters the meaning of those instructions.  God demanded certain things in certain historical periods and His expectations were altered as he further unveiled more about who He is and what He is about.

The scriptures that demand corporeal punishment for violations of God’s law show how God really feels about sin; but now that Christ has appeared to become the object of God’s wrath toward sin; we can – by participating in His death and resurrection by faith – be free from God’s judgment for our sin in this life and the life to come.  God being just, and having taken out the punishment for our sins on Christ on the cross, will not take out another punishment against us.

As a consequence of the provision made through Christ to avoid punishment for our sins, exacting corporeal punishments is no longer a viable way of relating to the guilty.  Our example is Jesus Himself who said to the woman caught in a mortal sin, “Neither do I condemn you; go your way and sin no more.” (John 8:11)  Simply, through faith and acceptance of Christ’s vicarious death, we are no longer guilty; and therefore the punishment for our will not be exacted on us because the punishment was already taken out on Jesus on the cross.

The concept of using the sacred Scriptures to interpret sacred Scriptures provides Christianity with a way of understanding what the doctrines are and what they mean in every generation.

Christianity actually demands – as a condition of faithful obedience and acceptability to God – that Christians recognize that there is one obedience to Jesus, and a separate obedience to Caesar.  (Matthew 22:21; Mark 12:17; Luke 20:25; Romans 13:1-7)

Since Islam has no hermeneutics to use to interpret the Qur’an – the Qur’an being internally incoherent – Muslims are left to the vicissitudes of various Imams who at times may let Muslims live at peace with members of other religions, and at other times encourage their murder.

In addition, in Christianity every member of the church is encouraged to study what the preacher says to see if it is correct (Acts 17:11), and to research to discern those who would attempt to lead them (1 Thessalonians 5:12).  Islamic congregations have no such corrective capability so ordinary Muslims are powerless to modify, fire, or change their leaders.  To disregard them can result in very unpleasant things.

Unfolding Revelation

The God of Christianity unveiled Himself slowly over thousands of years, and each revelation brought about new understanding as to how we are to relate to Him and how we are to live.  God is dynamic.  Allah is static; there is no long, progressive unveiling, no slow revelation resulting in changing expectations for his followers.

There is no concept of an unfolding plan of redemption by Allah – what He said cannot be understood a different way in a different age.  Islam cannot be updated.  For example, where the Qur’an tells Muslims to kill unbelievers (Suras 9:5, 9:38-39, 9:73, 9:29, 8:12, etc.) it cannot be said by any Muslim teacher that those commands to behead non believers and kill them actually means that they are to be “persuaded,” or “defeated in the spiritual sense.” It cannot be said that “kill” actually means something other than “kill.”  It cannot be said, because Allah said, “kill.”   In further evidence that this is how Muslims understand the Qur’an because “Kill” those who are not Muslims is what Muslims have done throughout their history.

There is no concept of a “dispensation” of time during which Allah expects a certain kind of behavior which changes at a point in history.

There is no concept of an ongoing understanding of who Allah really is; a time when he shows his fury, and another time when he shows his grace as in the case of the Christian God.  In fact, there is no theology of Allah at all – certainly not in the Qur’an.  Allah is not known at all by Muslims; all that is known to Muslims about Allah is seen by what he demands of Muslims and Christians.  Islam is a religion whose god is never described; who does not identify with the human condition at all, who never comes to redeem; demands complete submission of the entire person to the principles of the religion body intellect, emotions, and actions; alloys the beliefs of the cult with all acts of humanity (there is no private space permitted in Islam); and is a religion without joy.

It is for these central reasons that Muslims cannot move beyond the strict instructions of Allah to perpetrate violence or special taxes against anyone who is not a Muslim (S. 2:191-193, 4:89, 5:33, 8:12, 8:39, 9:29, 48:29 etc.); and it is for these reasons Muslims are being obedient to the Qur’an when they cut off the hand of a thief (5:38).  That’s what the Qur’an says to do, and since Allah dictated it, it cannot be updated or interpreted in a new understanding for a new time.  There is no way to understand it the way Christians have always understood what Jesus meant when He said if our hand offends us to cut it off (Matthew 5:27-30).  It was clear from the beginning that He meant that we are to get rid of those things that cause us to offend – to sin; not that we should literally cut off hands.  There is no Christian that ever cut off his hand although there are plenty of examples where Muslims cut off Christian hands.

Interpreting Judaism and Christianity

While interpretation is not permitted in Islam; for both Judaism and Christianity the role of the interpreter is seen as central to the faith.  Judaism surrounds the Torah – the 5 Holy Books – Genesis through Deuteronomy.  Also in the Jewish Scriptures we see the History of the people, the Poetry books and the Prophets. Why would Israel need prophets throughout their history if they already had the Torah?  Because interpretation of what it says is critical to Jewish understanding.  In addition, the Talmud provides important commentary on just what the Torah means for the everyday life of an observant Jew.

Christians had the words of Jesus recorded in the Gospels; yet the Church also needed a history – Acts – and then writings from Paul, James, Peter, John, and the writer of Hebrews to explain what the teachings of Jesus meant, and how they are to practically affect the life of the Christian.

In addition, Christians understand from the teaching of the New Testament itself that the role of the interpreter is essential.  Consider the teaching, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?”  (Romans 10: 13, 14)  In Christianity, the process of redemption itself requires the role of interpretation; a preacher.

In addition, the New Testament itself reinterprets the Old Testament.  Old Testament passages are understood in a much different light following the arrival of the Messiah. Consider Hosea 11:1 referring to Israel coming out of Egypt through deliverance across the Red Sea; and its use by Matthew in 2:15 to prove that Jesus is the Christ because of his parent’s taking of him to Egypt to escape Herod’s murder of male babies in Bethlehem.  There is no hermeneutic in Islam that will permit another understanding of what the text says; Islam cannot be modernized without ceasing to be Islam.


In Islam, the word “Imam” means leader.  It is used for the person who makes the call for prayer in the minaret; but it also can mean a Muslim who makes larger decisions, or is a person revered in Islam.

There are various branches of Islam, and while they share a founder and a sacred scripture, they disagree with each other on some issues –sometimes violently.  This violence against others who agree with you in virtually everything shows that Islam is different than Christianity.  While Christians disagree about many things and have developed into denominations in Protestantism; and the Eastern Orthodox, and Western Catholicism are not now, nor have they ever been at war with each other.  The Thirty Years War and the violence in Ireland were political conflicts carried out by politicians using government to martial soldiers; or were politically motivated individuals who had no adherence to the principles of Christianity.  Christians may disagree; they do not aggregate armies, hire generals, and conduct war.

I may treat this subject in more detail in a future post, but consider that the conduct of war is an act of a political government, not a church.  To the degree Christians acted like non-Christians, we must understand that the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles contain no instructions whatsoever about dealing blows to another person for their beliefs or because of the God they worship.  Any such engagements must be seen as violations of Christian doctrines and the teaching of Jesus regardless of who engaged in them.

In Islam, there are no authorities who lead. the various groups of Islam who speak for the group; there is no one who can disfellowship or defrock a violator of the doctrines; so we see a guy like Osama bin Laden who announces he is an Imam, and there is no licensing board or fellowship or hierarchy  that can say to him, “No you aren’t.  You don’t speak for this group.  Comply with the doctrine or you will be tossed out.”  This looseness means that in practice, virtually anyone (like bin Laden) can announce he is an Imam and can teach Islam – no discipline can ever be done to correct what he says.  There is no one who can say, “No.”  This is so because of what the Qur’an is; and the nature of Islam.  This is why you never see the leader of a major faction of Islam denounce any other Muslim for suicide, or murder of a child, or the murder of innocents – even other Muslims.

You would think that since the Qur’an is not subject to interpretation having been dictated by Allah, there would be universal agreement among Muslims, but it is a matter of which Suras they decide to emphasize, and there is never any accountability because they cannot be falsified.  Those of us who are Christians would like to see the radical, murderous elements of Islam denounced as not speaking for the religion, but it never happens; it will not happen and cannot happen because there is no structure in Islam that permits or requires it.

In Christianity a heretic may be defrocked or disfellowshipped; in Islam he is simply beheaded.

History of Islamic Aggression against Christians

Public Muslims – those who speak in public – appear to be perpetually aggrieved.  They are always angry about something – yelling, shaking fists in the air, chanting; apparently not needing to go to work.  It makes me wonder why anyone would choose a religion that permits no joy, and no security of salvation.  Muslims claim the right to persecute other Muslims, chop off hands, stone an adulterous woman, claim up to four wives, murder anyone who isn’t a Muslim, kill any child that embarrasses them; but demand that no one speak negatively about Islam.  They claim the right to every square foot of land where a Muslim foot stood.

As mentioned above, Mohammed died in 632 AD.  Consider the Islamic religious/military expansion.  This conquest was done by military conquest in the name of religion.  It was not done in defense of territory, it was not done to oppose religious discrimination, it was not done because of invasion; it was not done because of suffering by denial of food or other commerce; it was (and still is) done simply because the Qur’an requires it.  The end it seeks is a worldwide caliphate where everyone is a Muslim; or is dead.  Think of it as evangelism by the sword – not persuasion, not reason, not by preaching; it is evangelism by intimidation.

By 633 they had conquered Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) for the first time.

By 637 Muslims had conquered Jerusalem solidifying their control over the land of Israel, and had conquered Syria as well.

By 641 Islamic radicals had conquered Egypt; and by 643, they had completed their conquest of all of North Africa.

By 644, Islam had invaded and conquered what are today Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

By 645, Islam had conquered Armenia.

Between 644 and 712 AD Muslims had invaded and conquered the Sindh (in present day Pakistan).

By 718, Islam had invaded and conquered most of Spain and Portugal.

By the mid 7th century they had conquered Persia (present day Iran).

By the 9th century Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan had been put to the sword and conquered by Islam.

In 820 Crete fell, and by 827 the conquest of southern Italy was complete.

The Umayyad Muslims were attempting to further expand across Europe, but in 732 were confronted by the Frankish king Charles Martel.  The victory of the King Charles “The Hammer” Martel at the Battle of Tours in north western France stopped further expansion of Islam throughout Europe and set the scene for the Carolingian Renaissance of the 8th century that flourished throughout Western Europe.  The eastern part of the Roman Empire was weaker; more dispersed, and so fell quickly to Islam.

Not one of these territories was persecuting Muslims.  None of these areas were territories previously occupied by Muslims. Most of these areas had freely converted to Christianity centuries before.  These were all wars of religious aggression.  The fact that Muslims continue today to justify these murderous invasions proves that the aggressive, murderous element of Islam is not a small minority or a few radicals.  These tactics have been part of Islam from the days of Mohammed, and have never ceased.  They are taught in the Qur’an and in the Hadiths as well.

If the West does not understand and acknowledge the truth about Islam, the West will die and Islam will kill it.  The politically correct of our time are willing to pretend that the history and doctrine of Islam is actually something other than what it is; but they never want anything called by its real name.

Slouching Toward the Crusades

Jews and Christians Both Have an Antecedent Claim to Jerusalem

To quell a Jewish uprising, the Romans sent General Titus to sack Jerusalem, and the task was complete in 70 AD.  Most of the inhabitants were killed or died of disease; many of them Christians.  Any people remaining were murdered on the spot or sold as slaves.

Jerusalem lay in ruins for another 70 years with few inhabitants.  In AD 130 Hadrian decided to rebuild the city.  He did, but it was built as an outpost for the Roma military, and it was renamed Aelia Capitolina.  No Jews were permitted to enter the city, and circumcision was forbidden.

This upset the Jews and resulted in what is known as the bar Kokhba Revolt.  It succeeded for a time and an independent state called “Israel,” was founded and lasted for 3 years.  Coins were minted by Bar Kokhba; archeologists have found them, and some of them are in museums today.

The Romans finally put down the rebellion and did all to extinguish the memory of the land of the Jews by renaming Palestine “Syria Palestinia.”

Eusibius (an Arian Bishop in Caesarea in Palestine in 314, chronicler of the proceedings at the Council of Nicaea in 325 during which his side in the Christological debate lost); wrote a history of the church in which he says that Christians were forced out of Jerusalem twice; in AD 70 and again in AD 133 – both times by Roman Emperors.  In his history he names the Bishops who returned to Jerusalem in 136 AD following the end of the war when Jerusalem was rebuilt as an outpost for Roma soldiers.  We know there were Christians there at the time.

St. Helena (250-330) was the mother of Constantine the Great.  She was commissioned to take a trip to the Holy Land under her son’s direction to find holy things connected with Jesus and the Apostles.  She was in the Holy Land 326-328.  We know this because it was recorded by Eusibius; there was a major Christian presence in Palestine during that time.

During her stay she either arranged construction or blessed the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, and the Church on the Mount of Olives.  So we know there were Christians there and churches there at the time.

The Bordeaux Pilgrim kept notes during his pilgrimage from France to Jerusalem in 333-334.  We know there were Christians in Jerusalem at the time. His record proves both a Jewish and Christian presence in the Holy Land and Jerusalem in particular.

Never before, and not during these years was there an Arab government in Palestine.  There were no Arab cities or Capitols.  The claim by Arabs for Palestine actually began when they invaded and conquered it and began to persecute the Jews and Christians who had lived there for centuries.

In 394 we know that John II the Bishop of Jerusalem consecrated the newly constructed Church of Holy Zion at the site of the Last Supper.  So we know there were Christians there at the time.

Judea is conquered by Muslims in 637 – Persecution of Christians Begins

What was the Muslim presence in Jerusalem, and how important was the city to Islam 50 years after the death of Mohammed in 632?  In 680 Bishop Arculf, a Pilgrim who traveled to Jerusalem described “an oblong house of prayer which [the Muslims] pieced together with upright plans and large beams over long ruined remains.”  Forty years following the Muslim conquest of Jerusalem; fifty years after Mohammed’s death there is no Mosque in Jerusalem. Apparently Jerusalem was not considered a holy place to Muslims at the beginning at all even though they make a very big deal out of it now.

The Dome of the rock Mosque was not begun until 688, and completed in 691; the al Aqsa Mosque (frequently referred to by Muslims as the “Farthest Mosque”) was built in 715 AD.  The fiction about Mohammed being transported overnight from Mecca to “The Farthest Mosque” which is supposed to be the al Aqsa Mosque according to Muslims is historically impossible.  We know for a fact that this Mosque wasn’t constructed until 85 years after Mohammed was dead.

Once Muslims had established themselves in Jerusalem, they immediately began to harass Christians who lived there as well as Christians who made Pilgrimages to visit the holy Christian sites.

Early in the 8th century, 60 pilgrims from Portugal were crucified by Muslims near Jerusalem

Many pilgrims were kidnapped and ransomed.  In the 8th century, crosses were forbidden in Jerusalem.  In 722, Califa al Mansur had the hands of all Jews and Christians branded.  In 789, a Christian monk was beheaded in Bethlehem, and the monastery was looted.

In 937, on Palm Sunday, Muslims destroyed the Church of Calvary, and the Church of the Resurrection.

In 1004 Calipha Abu al-Mansur al-Haki8m burned the Christian churches and set out on a murderous rampage of both Jews and Christians.  In ten years, in the region, some 30,000 churches were destroyed and thousands murdered.

In 1009 he ordered the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Church of the Resurrection destroyed.  Jews and Christians were forced to convert to Islam of die.

In 1077 the Seljuk Turkish Muslims overran Jerusalem and murdered more than 3,000 Christians and Jews.

The West Responds

The Christian Emperor Alexius I of the Eastern Roman Empire in Byzantium reached out to the Western Church and ask for help to stop the slaughter of Christians in the Holy Land and Christian pilgrims to the holy sites there.

In 1095 Pope Urban II challenged Christian knights during the Council of Clermont:

The Turks and Arabia have attacked our brothers in the East and have conquered the territory of Romania (the Greek Empire) as far as the shore of the Mediterranean and the Hellespont…have occupied more and more of the lands of those Christians and have overcome them in seven battles.  They have killed and captured many and have destroyed the churches and devastated the Empire.  If you continue to permit them to continue thus for a while with impunity, the faithful of God will be much more widely attacked by them.  On this account I persuade all people of whatever rank, foot soldiers and knights, poor and rich, to carry aid promptly to these Christians…  (see here).

Note that this call was not for the conversion of Muslims or for conquering them – it was about relieving the suffering of Christians during their persecution at the hands of Muslims.

The Crusades were begun to relieve Christians from Islamic persecution, and to retake land from which Christians had been ousted by Islam’s armies.


Christians and the culture that Christianity built – Western Civilization – has never competed well with Islam.  Christians are told to be at peace with our neighbors, we are to lay down our lives in behalf of others; Muslims are instructed to force us to convert, or slaughter us.

Raping Christian women captured in war is fine with Allah – he said so in the Qur’an (Suras 23:5, 6; 4:24; 24:32).  There is something seriously wrong with a “religion of peace” that entices murderous rage against all other religions as the price of endless bliss with an eternal harem of virgins who never grow old.  It’s easy to persuade men who are the product of 600 generations of marrying first cousins that god wants them to commit these murders, in exchange for the absolute guarantee of eternal sexual pleasure.

Western leaders who persist in pretending that Islam can be tamed are fools.  Perhaps some of them know it cannot be tamed, but feel like they can’t say it publicly; but none of them act as though they really believe it.

Islam has made greater inroads into Western Civilization through a combination of stealth and emigration and fecundity than the Saracens attempting the conquest of the West by the sword could possibly have imagined.  Had they but tried it, they might have found leaders welcoming them at the gates.

Our idiotic leaders stand at the door and welcome the murderers in, and then condemn the rest of us for pointing out what the murderers have done and how they plan to destroy our culture.  It isn’t radical Islamists who are a danger to us; it is Islam itself.

I do not suggest that all or even most Muslims plan to destroy the West.  What I do suggest is that most Muslims would willingly participate in wholesale murder of you and your neighbor if they were told to do so.  They could not appeal to the Qur’an and show that any Imam demanding such slaughter is wrong.  If an Imam said that the Qur’an required it, how could they not do it – they are not free to interpret Allah.  Islam means “surrender.”

Yet again, perhaps the greatest danger to us is our naïve leaders who don’t have the historical or theological knowledge to understand and won’t take the time to learn that the West is being undermined by the policies they themselves promote.