Is Western Civilization Still Considered Legitimate?

Current political leaders in America are no longer convinced of the legitimacy or the necessity of Western Civilization. If they were, they would act to protect it.

Western Civilization gave the world the concepts of the infinite value of every individual, government by consent of the governed, and the rule of law; we are losing them all.

The U.S. has been reluctant to follow the path of Europe into perdition – although the Democrat Party has tried its best for the past 98 years beginning with the election of Woodrow Wilson.

How We Got Here

Citizens in the U.S. who desire to preserve the government our Founders created with the Constitution have mostly resisted this tendency – and have lost most of their engagements with the resident enemies of the government we inherited.  With the exceptions of Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929) and Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) every president of the U.S. during those 98 years has been a liberal bent on changing America.  Every one of them, with these two exceptions, expanded and centralized government in times of peace as well as in times of war.

(Eisenhower, when he wasn’t busy sleeping, presided over the period in which we had “peaceful coexistence” with the Soviet Union.  During this time, the Soviets were rebuilding their military after the war, and we were dismantling our military and partying.  They were using scientists to develop rocketry and satellites, while Eisenhower golfed in the glow of post war popularity.  Richard Nixon took his own counsel and “ran right, and governed left.”  He gave us the onerous Clean Air Act, and the Endangered Species Act – both of which have cost millions of jobs and $trillions.  Nixon didn’t believe in free markets or capitalism:  he was the last president to impose wage and price controls, August 15, 1971.  Both George Bush the first and second increased the power and scope of the central government.  Neither was conservative.)

The American Faust is finally now considering whether to make our bargain with the socialist Mephistopheles.  The Democrat Party has denounced its past record on insisting that slavery is morally right, and has gone to negotiating with Mephistopheles to trade our Constitution for eternal, carnal delights.

Having played the role of mountebank stirring the passions of the quarter educated about not getting “their fair share,” our leaders have created a mob of tens of millions clamoring for the property earned by others.  Who are they?  from ‘occupy’ scum to minority companies which don’t have to compete for contracts; from race-baiting hustlers to Wall Street banks; from generations of welfare recipients to millions of government employees; from dynastic Senate seats and eternal federal judgeships to millions of America occupiers who have moved into our home as squatters without permission; the bed wetting ninnies we have in office have given the ankle-biters everything they want and yet they are not full.  The transfer of wealth from private citizens to favored political allies and lard-butt bureaucrats would cause a revolution if it had been done in the sunshine.

“We do not steal privately earned wealth from those who earned it to give it to favored constituents!” they thunder, ‘We believe in fairness; it’s a good thing to spread the wealth around.’”

Unfortunately, the number of takers is close to surpassing the makers.  When we reach that point, the Republic is terminal.  All that remains are the autopsy, embalming, and burial.  Our leaders have permitted the Republic to become colonized by life forms which exist only by drawing life from others who work to produce it.  And they have used this energy to multiply themselves.  I fear we are at last succumbing to the innumerable parasites we have permitted to inhabit our body politic.

The Religion of Liberalism

Not only have our leaders resorted to accommodating these life forms for political and personal gain, they have converted to a false religion of works.  Many, if they believe in God at all, don’t believe Him to be of much consequence; and have been genuflecting to another god in another temple.  But rather than an idol at this altar there is a mirror.  In this religion the rules are that one can never make judgments about what is right and wrong.  In fact, that is the only rule there is; all other rules are rescinded.

“Thou shalt not lust after women who dress like whores in public, instead thou shalt admire their mind only; thou shalt not make judgments about taking the name of the LORD in vain, or talking potty; thou shalt make no judgments about adultery;  thou shalt not consider anything holy, thou shalt trivialize everything.”

“Thou shalt not make judgments about stealing (my God we’d have to shut down the Senate!); or envy; or covetousness (we would make the ‘occupy’ people feel bad about themselves!); or murder (FREE MUMIA! and while we’re at it, let’s look for the evil elements of American culture that drove him to commit homicide and root them out!); or lasciviousness (that would destroy MTV); or human sacrifice (women must have the right to choose don’t you know).”

“Thou shalt not make judgments about those those who announce their plan to kill you (we must reach out to the Islamic world “with our hand unclenched;” after all, “Islam has always been a part of America’s story;” and we all know about, “Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings”).  Thou shalt make no judgments about the fat, the ugly, the smelly, the short, the indigent, the stupid, or the lazy.”

“Thou shalt finance, at public expense, the National Endowment for the Arts so everyone can see the Piss Christ not just the elite; the dung covered virgin Marys, the naked women on stage covered with chocolate and bean sprouts, or whores using a speculum to display their ‘inner self’” – you know, the art that truly needs public financing.  The government uses your money to pay for Christian blasphemy while our Secretary of State waxes strident, loud, and shrill demanding your free speech not include any statement that denigrates Islam.

“Thou shalt never call things by their real name, as this may cause someone somewhere to receive insufficient approval for their loser attitude, criminal activity, exhibitionistic behavior, or stupid choices.  All judgments are forbidden except the judgment against judgments.”

“Thou shalt refer to any group of sexual deviants using only the word ‘family;’ thou shalt approve all spending bills and all tax increases, all government employee salary increases, all perks for elected officials; subsidized home loans, free lunches, subsidized higher education, money for not growing crops, and free government cheese; world without end; blessed be the name of the Democrat Party!  Amen and amen.

We cry foul and accuse them of what they are publicly doing, and they quote their favorite philosopher Groucho Marx, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes…you heartless, lying, homophobic, misogynistic, Evangelical bigot.  The higher you climb the pole the more your butt shows!”

And the people intone, “Oh; huh, I’m terribly sorry; I must have misunderstood.  Sorry I made a judgment.”

In keeping with the tenets of this religion we only fight against “terror,” not Islamic radicals.  (During the war in the Pacific in the early 1940’s the U.S. Navy fought against boats, don’t you know)  The manner in which Antonio Gramsci taught Marxists to take over the world is being followed by Islam: don’t fight, just employ cultural hegemony: take over the arts, the music, the styles, the public places…

Helping the People Who Are Trying to Kill You

Our leftists – too stupid for words – drool all over the Islamic death cult the same way they drooled over rapes committed by Black Panthers in the 1960’s as a political statement (Norman Mailer, Elaine Brown, Angela Davis among them); they prove black manhood; soooo cool.  The idiotic left are falling for this tired tactic again as it is used by radical Muslims.  The fake world they live in is permitting Islam to make inroads into the Christianized world in a manner never thought possible by Saracens of the Middle Ages.  For these traitors, America is no “empire of liberty,” “shining city on a hill;” America is not “the last best hope of Earth,” in Lincoln’s words; is not the “leader of the free world,” the “indispensable nation” – not to the rats who presently run it.  No, Saudi Arabians think their country is the greatest too, we are told.  No doubt the North Koreans think the same thing when they’re not thinking about food.

This is the problem: these people refuse to make judgments about what is right and what is wrong about culture.  You know, they don’t actually want to live in Nigeria in a hut; or in a Chinese commune but they think the people who live like that think their culture is “exceptional” and are as proud of it as we are of what America has done for the world over 221 years.  Yeah, right.  They don’t want to live in Sudan where Arabs buy and sell black slaves in slave markets, but darn, those Sudanese think their country is exceptional just like us!  We know they think this because our psychotic, juvenile president said so.  Nobody should make judgments, you know.

Think of the culture of Japan  and Germany following their total industrial and economic destruction following WWII.  Now think about Iraq as the war ends.  Notice any difference?  Culture matters.

We have no Charles Martel; no Charlemagne.  There is no Alfonzo VIII of Castile to drive the Moors from our Andalusia; our nitwits greet them at the gate.  There is no Battle of Tours; there is only the multicultural approval of everything anti-American; anything that smells sort of primitive – gotta love that!  There is no Battle of Tours because our enemies don’t need to fight – we are letting them in through the front door.  Our leaders have misunderstood the poem; they think it says:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to [destroy our civilization]; the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempest tossed, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

They see our lamp, and here they come; through our airports, across our borders, flying jets into our offices and shooting our servicemen on military bases.

Who is looking out for them?  Well, nobody actually – they are tied up frisking 90 year old great grandmothers, hand checking retarded children, and checking out babes on the Whole Body Image Scanner.

Doing All to Help Us Fail

We have an administration that refuses to protect the capacity of the country to have sufficient energy to remain economically viable.  They desire to use “alternative” fuels instead.  Recently the Navy was required to purchase alternative fuel at $16 a gallon in place of regular fuel for military ships at $4 a gallon.  Drive your aircraft carrier right up and say, “Fill it with that premium stuff.”  I wonder how much it costs to fill up an aircraft carrier?  Maybe we should find out – we paid for it.

They take over most of the American automobile industry and then begin producing Chevy Volts.  Nobody wants them, of course, so they will give anyone who purchases one of the $41,000 dogs $7,500 as a gift for taking it off GM’s hands; GM loses money on every car they sell – probably make it up in volume since it’s now owned by the government.  Most of the cars are purchased as fleet cars by companies who feed at the government trough, and by various levels of government.  I guess they can afford the price.  Gee, I wonder if they get the rebate?

We are confronted by an Iran who has announced they plan to close the Straits of Hormuz cutting off 20% of the world’s oil supply while they build their nuclear bomb.  The duly elected bed wetters in Washington respond by castrating our military then wailing because we can’t produce.  Then they announce another round of “unclenched fist” negotiations with those who publicly vow to murder us all.  (And while we’re at it, let’s put Saudi Arabia, China, and Pakistan on the United Nations Human Rights Council of the United Nations just to show we have no judgment at all.)

We have the chance to import huge supplies of oil from friendly Canada, and the “leader” in the White House is so insecure can’t decide whether we should build a nation-saving oil pipeline from Canada, or spend more years in environmental impact studies.  Meanwhile the oil will be sold to China.  Great.  Remind me, who loves this country; who hates it?

We have leaders who arrange for citizens of other countries to vote in American elections while the Justice Department refuses to protect American citizens trying to vote from intimidation by New Black Panther Party members in black jumpsuits and berets carrying nightsticks.  So now Mexican nationals will find it easier to vote in our elections than white Americans.

We have leaders who engage in vote fraud here to get into office and then travel at public expense to Egypt and Iraq and Afghanistan making sure their elections are honest.  These leaders helped ensure that radicals in Egypt and Libya have the power to turn their countries into radical Islamic states at war with Western Civilization; with Syria, Tunis, Lebanon, and “Palestine” soon to follow.  What can we do for an encore?  I know, let’s insult and isolate Israel!

Alexander Pope first said, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”  The phrase was used by Burke as he considered the insanity of the French Revolution in Reflections on the Revolution in France.

The thing about fools is that they are absolutely convinced that the psychotic world they are seeing is the real world; their hallucination is so powerful to them they develop absolute conviction and any attempt to wake them up to the real world is dismissed as right-wing bigotry.

If “the best lack all conviction,” then fools rush in and occupy the space.  Americans are “the best,” and it is high time we re-occupy the space and move the fools aside.  Quit listening to those who rule now; who are “full of passionate intensity” about “fundamentally transforming America.”  We cannot permit them to do it.

We have an election in a year.  Let’s throw the traitors out, and reclaim America; the Beautiful.