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Hey, Let’s Show Our Cards First, Then Bet!

May 7, 2011 by American Freedom No Comments

The stupidity is breathtaking.

Imagine that in January of 1942 one month after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that President Roosevelt – excited to make himself look good – announced with great fanfare that the U.S. had broken the Japanese naval encryption code JN-25.  Further, imagine him telling all the cool information about Japanese military strategy and naval movements in the pacific that would now enable us to really go after them.

Well, it just can’t be imagined – it’s too stupid to imagine.

Is there any difference between this imagined blunder, and the real life stupidity president Obama has shown by announcing the “treasure trove” of information on computers, hard drives, thumb drives, phone numbers and CD’s taken from Osama’s house in Abbottabad, Pakistan?

If you had been funding al Qaeda and Obama told you that your bank account information had been discovered, would you close your account before the U.S. froze your money? What? do bears sleep in the woods? If you were close to Osama bin Laden and your phone number was likely known to him would you cut it off and change it immediately to avoid discovery?  If you were a nation that had close ties to bin Laden and had provided arms and explosives to his organization, and Obama announced he had found a “treasure trove” in Osama residence, would you take steps to frustrate being found through that information?

Why on God’s green earth would these dolts make such an announcement?  No, wait, I know – they really did want to “spike the football.”  They wanted to brag about how important they are.  They wanted to burnish Obama’s national security bona fides. They considered it more important for Barack Obama to look good than to protect our Republic from terrorists.

“Fire! Ready! Aim!”