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Healthcare – Obama’s Plan to Save Money

Jeeze, how stupid can you get?  Because of governmental incompetence regarding TARP, Mr. Obama’s ‘stimulus,’ demonizing of private business, and promoting new taxes on those who create jobs; the government’s income is down almost 18%.  Yes, the government’s had a pay cut.  

When fewer people are working because Mr. Obama has declared war on the job-creating engine in order to “fundamentally change this country,” tax revenues go into decline; when tax rates on the job-creating engine go up, tax revenues decline; when fewer companies are able to hire workers because of confiscatory taxes, the number of employees goes down (the unemployed don’t pay income taxes) and revenues go down.  What’s so hard to understand?  When you kill and eat the chickens, you don’t get any more eggs.  Own that. 

So, the government got a pay cut.  I’d love to say, “It’s about time!” except a pay cut doesn’t mean they’re planning to trim the budget – no, no, no!  When your income takes a dive, what do you do?  Well, immediately propose to save money by spending even more money!  Use the crisis to create Leviathan; never waste the opportunity.  Yes, in the immortal words of the world-renowned economist Joe Biden:

“We have to spend money to save money.” 

They have to save money because they have spent us into oblivion creating a $1.667 trillion deficit this year alone (previous record was $459 billion; total federal government spending in any one year from our founding through 1999  was less than just this year’s deficit!) and an $11.6 trillion debt (each family share, $98,905).  If you add unfunded, mandated outlays for Social Security and some other government programs, the debt is $55 trillion  – $183,000 for every man, woman, and child in the U.S.!  So Mr. Obama announces that the way they want to save money is by taking over the remainder of the healthcare industry – that part they don’t already run through Medicare, Medicaid, Indian Healthcare, and Veteran’s healthcare.  These programs are shining examples of governmental efficiency and competence.  Hmmm, if they could only manage the medical/hospital/hospice/pharmaceutical industry from top to bottom, they could really find efficiencies.  

When Medicare was created in 1965 hospital coverage was estimated to reach $9 billion by 1990, but the real cost in 1990 was $66 billion.  Oh boy!  I can hardly wait so see how much money we are going to save when the government sets the rules for the whole thing! 

The Congress and the White House are operated mostly by lawyers drunk with Barack Obama arrogantpower and hubris staggering around putting a large number of people out of work because they don’t know what they’re doing.  (Which is why we’ll never see tort reform.)  When you make it harder for employers to hire people, why are you surprised when fewer people have jobs?  When you raise the minimum wage forcing employers to lay off entry level workers, why are you surprised when those jobs disappear? 

These fools think every worker should be paid a livable wage and there will be no change in the number of people who have a job.  If they think there is no consequence when you make employers pay more for an employee who does the same amount of work they did with a lower wage, why don’t they just set minimum wage higher; say  $100,000 a year - that would solve everything!  The fundamental question that Americans need to ask themselves is:

“Why would we elect people to be in charge of making rules for automobile companies, and doctors, and hospitals, and nurses, and pharmaceutical companies who have no experience in these fields?”

Why would you elect someone to be an Executive who has no executive experience?  Why would we trust the government to oversee healthcare when the people in the Congress with actual medical experience are against the plan?  

This same bunch of government lawyers has created thousands of rules pertaining to publically-traded companies so that if the Board of Directors hired people to make executive decisions about how that company was run when those people had no executive experience, they would be fined by the SEC!   But citizens can elect an arrogant novice and assume he is able to lead the country.  We should be fined for terminal stupidity.

They have created thousands of rules about how you can’t prescribe medicines unless you are trained and have passed difficult tests to prove you know what you’re doing; it’s against the law in this country to pretend to be a surgeon even if you think you can do it, and have watched it be done on TV countless times.  You would refuse to purchase a house that was built by people who didn’t hold licenses to do the work; a house that wasn’t inspected by people who know what they’re looking for to make sure the house was safe - but we let a bunch of arrogant, simple-minded, adolescent, dreamers take over your medical oversight, and plan the economy!  They make rules for running banks:  Why? How many have they run?  Rules for the automobiles we should be permitted to purchase – who do they think they are?  They blab about creating jobs – how many have they created?  How many businesses have they run?  They make rules about unions; when were they in a union, or when did they operate a business that had to deal with the union?  Why are we willing to let them do this stuff?  You can’t pretend to be a doctor or a cop; why is it legal for them to pretend to be business people, doctors, hospital administrators, nurses, or executives? 

Socialist progressives like the current Democrat party leadership and President Obama have a childlike view of the world:

They can persuade any of our enemies to like us, we just need to let them know our intentions are noble.  The world will be safe if we make nice

They can solve the problems of unemployment by making regulations about how businesses operate

They can create efficiencies in the marketplace by telling people what they have a right to purchase

They can create efficiencies in manufacturing by telling companies what they have a right to produce

They can create efficiencies in the delivery of healthcare by deciding which services will be performed, which drugs will be paid for, and by creating the Independent Medicare Advisory Committee to decide what constitutes appropriate healthcare

When the citizens express concern that what the government decides what is appropriate may mean that grandma’s surgery isn’t appropriate they are denounced as scaremongers

These people possess what Frederich Hayek called “The Fatal Conceit,” buy it here.  It is pure hubris; unalloyed arrogance and presumption to assume you can know what you cannot know.  No person, group or government can determine what millions of people want to purchase; what they are willing to pay for it; or even why they will make such a decision.  They can’t know this because we ourselves don’t know what we will want the next hour!   They can’t know what we are willing to pay for it because our willingness to pay a specific amount changes constantly.  This is why centralized economic planning always leads to unmarketable products, wrongly priced products, and black markets.  That’s why centralized healthcare planning will result in rationing by encouraging denial of service, delay of service, and dilution of services the way it’s done in every country where centralized healthcare planning is done.

Our socialist President and Congress want centralized planning for healthcare (and education, and a bunch of other sectors of the economy).  This will work about as well as the U.S.S.R. centralized planning for healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and other sectors did in the Soviet Union - and for exactly the same reasons. No one can know what 300 million individuals want at any given moment or what they are willing to pay for it.  Socialists, though, think they know- which is why they are so dangerous.  Trust them, they say.  Obama’s top advisor, David Axelrod said about the healthcare bill, “At the end of the day, we’ll have significant cost controls.”  Trust us. 

If you trust them, they will be making your health decisions just like they decide what should be minimum wage, what constitutes a “work day,” what has to be included in your healthcare plan, whether your car has to have fenders; what you have to pay for cotton, sugar, wheat, peanuts; how many windows you have to have in your house; and soon to come how warm and cool you can keep your home, whether you can sell your house with its present windows… ad nauseam

Profound distrust of government and eternal vigilance about what they are up to are what is required if we want to retain freedom.  If you don’t care much about freedom and you’re happy for others to make your decisions, move to Cuba; be sure to take a year’s supply of toilet paper with you; oh, and enjoy the socialized healthcare.