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Healthcare: The Good Samaritan or Jeremy Bentham

December 26, 2011 by Health Care No Comments

I’m beginning to wonder what healthcare will be like in the U.S. when it is severed from its Christian roots.

Almost universally hospitals in the U.S. began as extensions of Christian Churches. The model for Christians was set when Jesus gave the example of the charitable man in the parable of the Good Samaritan whose only concern was the health of the person who hated him.

When our nation moves away from the Christian impetus to take care of people because all individuals are of infinite value, and regardless of their capacity to pay; to a system where providers of care are employees in a system that is designed for the expressed purpose of lowering the cost; what happens to patient care?

Think about it, would you rather be treated in a hospital devoted to your care because the caregivers consider you to have infinite worth and are deserving of their best care; or in a hospital operated by Leviathan who runs it for the purpose of saving money?

The one is the model of the Good Samaritan who considers it his highest duty to do all for you; the other is the utilitarian whose highest duty is to save money on your care.

Just wondering.