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Health Care as Reparations

August 31, 2009 by Health Care No Comments

We wonder why Mr. Obama would continue supporting a health care plan that is so obviously undesired by a vast majority of Americans. Why would he want to force something they don’t want on the people in a democratic country? Why not give them what they want?  Whatever happened to government by consent of the people?

The simple answer is that he really doesn’t care what the people want; he’s too busy implementing what he wants.   And there is another answer as well.  On a 2004 questionnaire he completed for the NAACP he said, “I fear that reparations would be an excuse for some to say, ‘we’ve paid our debt,’ and to avoid the much harder work.”  So taking money people who never had anything to do with slavery and giving it to people who never had anything to do with slavery would not be enough for Mr. Obama.  That would permit people to say they paid their debt.  The president doesn’t want just a pound of flesh; no, no, no; he wants to remake the entire county because he think sit was put together wrong.  Powerful white people created the America in which an African American man can run for and win the presidency, but that’s not nearly enough for him.  He seems to be on the opinion that America itself must be changed; every sin atoned for. 

Prior to his election in the fall of 2008, Obama was asked at a press conference for minority journalists about his position on reparations. He expressed his concern that most of the people who are just getting by are minorities and he wants to take action to help them because they are the same people who would benefit from reparations. He said, “If we have a program, for example, of universal health care, that will disproportionally [sic] affect people of color affect people of color because they are disproportionally [sic] uninsured.”

In the health care plan he was proposing during the campaign he wrote that he will, “challenge the medical system to eliminate inequities in health care by requiring hospitals and health plans to collect analyze and report health care quality for disparity populations and holding them accountable for any differences found.”

Affirmative action surgeon anyone?

The health care plan that Mr. Obama has said he supports does all this. Under the plan in the House, medical schools must operate under a racial quota system and prove it to the government’s satisfaction in order to receive any federal funding. If the bill passes, get ready for your doctor to have been granted entrance to medical school on the basis of his or her race rather than on the basis of their character and ability. “In awarding grants or contracts under this section, the (HHS) Secretary shall give preference to entities that have a demonstrated record of the following…training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups or disadvantaged backgrounds.”

The bill requires provider payment provisions to consider race as well. “The Secretary (HHS) shall design and implement the payment mechanisms and policies under this section (224) in a manner that (1) seeks to…reduce health disparities (including racial, ethnic and other disparities).”

Now you know.