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Freedom: Can We See Where We’re Going?

I am profoundly troubled not so much that we can no longer see, but that having refused to see for so long, that we are going blind. 

If you have ever driven your car in a snowstorm, you know that when the snowfall Driving in driving snowgets heavy, your eyes are inexorably attracted to the flakes rather than to the road.  They become so numerous you can no longer see where you are going.  The same thing is happening in our culture today.  A blizzard of pieces of information, legislation, proposals, legal decisions, ‘breaking news,’ town meetings, news conferences, publications, and interviews is blinding us as to the direction we really want to go.  I add that I don’t think this is by accident.  This is why your legislator doesn’t take the time to read the laws he is enacting, and why material is added to U.S. law in the dead of night: they don’t want you to have the time to understand what they are doing, because if you did, you would try to stop them.  Transparency it isn’t.

The only option in the snowstorm is to find a safe place to pull over, park, and wait until you can see where you’re going.  That’s good counsel for our country right now as well. 

Last fall the Bush administration rushed through a $150 billion “economic stimulus” bill that did not stimulate.  This concept was a tax rebate based on the taxes you had already paid the IRS.  He followed this with another massive bill related to bailing out our banks called Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) for another $700 billion.  Then his administration committed impeachable acts by using the financial bailout bill to bail out a manufacturing company – GM.  Check the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 9, paragraph 7: “No money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law…”  No law was passed permitting Mr. Bush to spend any money on any manufacturing company therefore the act was unconstitutional.  (Bush, “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market.”) Good luck with that. 

The new Obama administration unconstitutionally spent another $68 billion on car companies, then rushed through another “economic stimulus” bill for another $787 billion promising that unemployment could rise to 8.5% without it.  The legislation was no more than a giant grab bag of “projects” that the members of Congress could hand out to various voting constituencies in order to get re-elected.  This “stimulus” also resulted in no stimulation, and after its passing unemployment is now 9.4 with Mr. Obama promising that it will rise to more then 10% by the end of the year.  (All of these things are in addition to the already bloated federal budget.)  What happened to all the promised “shovel ready” projects that would produce all the great jobs?  Not surprisingly having done all to defame and kill business, federal tax receipts from employed people and businesses are way tens of $billions  from 2008 levels, meaning unemployment payments are up.  So the government is sending various diplomats around the world trying to get other governments and wealthy foreigners to purchase Treasury Bonds; borrowing from communists to prop up capitalism – what a country! 

Having already lowered the interest rats to essentially zero, the only other option to keep up the show is to print money which is happening at dizzying rates. 

Having refused to let decaying companies go into bankruptcy, and permitting federal employees to miserably fail in their regulatory responsibilities without consequence, the government has increased the national debt by $2 trillion in less than a year – twice what it took from 1791 until the early 1982 to do – now they want to run another 17% of the nation’s economy by taking over healthcare.  The Supreme Court has given the Environmental Protection Agency power to regulate the CO2 you exhale with every breath, and the House has passed the most massive tax in world history driving up the cost of everything that requires energy to make or move or store.  Now government bureaucrats will have the power to decide which companies win and which lose by controlling their access to energy.  Besides, the government now owns many banks and manufacturing companies and will dictate all their operations, loans, products for sale, profits, and prices. 

This is a snowstorm; a whiteout; a bewildering array of proposals, fear mongering, overreaching, stealing, concealing, and other unconstitutional acts all being done on purpose.  Remember who controls the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives so you will remember who to hold responsible for the catastrophe coming soon. 

To mix metaphors, this is like trying to return tennis balls when there are a dozen or more serving machines firing all at once at high speed into your court.  It is being done on purpose.  It is political Judo – using your loss of balance to slam you.  The desire of the present administration in the White House and in Congress is to keep you off balance, confused, and in the dark with this dizzying array of acts.  Leftists have been wanting to take over culture and deny us the personal freedoms we are guaranteed by the Constitution for many decades.  Now those infected with these ideas are in possession of all the power are ignoring the limitations placed on government by the Constitution, and are forcing massive changes on our culture, our traditional religion, our economics, every nuance of our private life, and our relationship to other countries.  

My prayer is that more will see through this snowstorm and remember the road we want to take before we no longer have any role to play in where we end up.