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Feminist Idiocy

November 8, 2011 by Culture No Comments

I give up!

No, not yet; but I’m tempted.

In what today passes for journalism www.thedailybeast.com (Publisher, Tina Brown; formerly of Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker) published a piece by Robin Givhan, Special Correspondent for Newsweek and The Daily Beast titled: “Herman Cain’s Power Suit.”

Givhan’s take on allegations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain – whether true or not – are his own fault.  The fool almost invited these allegations because he wears double breasted suits!

First she finds fault with Mr. Cain’s bodyguard for wearing a pin-striped suit, “looking more like a thug named Tiny than a professional security presence.”  Apparently Ms. Givhan’s fevered, feminist mind guides her into thinking that bodyguards should look more like Pee Wee Herman; or at least have the good taste to not wear a suit.  Amazon women are fine, but male bodyguards should be small and skinny, don’t you know.

Then there are those damnable suits Mr. Cain wears.  The man invites the scorn of women because he wears double breasted suits.  The Nerve!

This kind of suit is a “menswear silhouette with its wide, peak lapels…six-on-two button suits in solid charcoal as well as those with subtle chalk stripes… have now become ill-advised,” for Mr. Cain, she suggests.  “Why,” you ask?

Well, double breasted suits make him look powerful, they make him look haughty! “They are favored by high-end designers and aficionados of bespoke tailoring. But in this more casual age—when the “suits” are feeling the rage of Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party, and anyone who has helplessly watched the rapid decline of their 401(k)—Cain’s garb carries with it a sort of haughty swagger.”  He’s sending a message with his suit, you see.

Now, of course women like Robin Givhan can wear dresses revealing most of her breasts, or most of her upper thigh, and men are not supposed to draw the conclusion that she is sending a message with her clothes.  But that’s a feminist for you.

Women can dress like high class, very expensive escorts; but men who see them are supposed to be thinking about how smart such women are instead of…well, you know.  But I digress.

“Cain’s love of double-breasted suits also links him to religion. [Wow, who knew!] He is an ordained Baptist preacher and a man with a habit of breaking out in gospel song at the slightest provocation. Ministers of a certain persuasion often seem to have a predilection for double-breasted suits, as well as three-piece ones. Some of that must surely be because of tradition and formality, but there is also an element of the hierarchal (sic.) at work. Instead of choosing the most modest and humble of suits—a sack suit, perhaps—they opt for something more regal. The fancy suit distinguishes them from the mere congregants they lead. It gives them the appearance of clout, dignity, and righteous grandiosity.”

Well!  Now we know (according to a woman who flashes her flesh) that Mr. Cain should be wearing “sack suits.”  No doubt that would keep those innocent, giggling women from making allegations about him.  At least, it would show appropriate humility on Mr. Cain’s part in the face of unexamined allegations.

But those damnable suits are even worse, because they, “don’t come with a creative flourish. They come with a standard yellow four-in-hand and an American flag pin perched on his left lapel. Sometimes he dons a ranger hat, which is about as imaginative as cowboy boots for affecting a down-home cool.”

I have no judgment about Mr. Cain’s character or the truth or falsehood of these allegations, but a black man who stands up to defend himself from allegations of sexual impropriety wears a suit to a press conference means his words can be safely ignored – we know all we need to know just by looking at the suit he chose to wear.  “Far from defining him as an empty suit, it suggests he is one filled with both hubris and sanctimony.”

In the words of Jacques Barzun, we get “The Culture We Deserve: A Critique of Disenlightenment.”

Well, finally we’ve reached the stage where a woman can dress like she is ready to have sex with the nearest man, but guys who see her are supposed to be blind, making no judgments whatsoever about her by looking at her clothes.  Her right to look like a whore MUST NOT give any man a clue about what she actually intends.  He MUST NOT reach any conclusion about what he should do next.  He should be focusing solely on her words; be thinking only about what kind of graduate degree she probably has.  But a woman “journalist” who dresses just like that can – merely by looking at a man – tell you everything you need to know about him, his character, and his internal disposition, his intentions, his attitude. Why, she must be a genius.

So a voluptuous, bottle blond with flying hair extensions giggling about Mr. Cain’s advances MUST NOT be judged at all except by what she says!

The way a woman dresses should tell you absolutely nothing about her; the way a man dresses should tell you everything.

And we permit this kind of pap to stand without a whimper.  People with power think stuff like this is worth publishing. That’s why I’m tempted to give up.  I won’t, but I’m tempted.