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Earth Day Is All About Human Arrogance

April 22, 2010 by Culture, Featured No Comments

Today is earth day.  Some capitalize the words, but I don’t.  I do capitalize the word Earth because it is a proper noun, but earth day is not a noun; it is a pagan holiday.

It occurred to me today as I was thinking about the so-called ‘green movement’ what an arrogant bunch they are.  Their hubris knows no bounds.  First, they presume that the rest of us are so ignorant that we actually think they are engaged in environmental causes.  We know this isn’t true because they have no interest in truth.

They make up the loss of species out of whole cloth; they never applaud the hundreds of new species discovered each year.   They lie about Polar Bear population; and Arctic and Antarctic Ice.  They lie about the so-called ozone hole, rising sea levels, glaciers around the world, and the contribution humanity has made to the preservation of species throughout the world.   They mislead by showing certain pictures with captions that are not true.  They lie about the loss of forest land.  They lied about DDT.  They are willing to see tens of millions of children die in order to preserve mosquitoes.  They are inconsistent: they don’t want anyone to kill any animal life, but (at least occasionally) they bathe and kill tens of millions of bacteria and other flora living on their body  They are willing for thousands of accidents to occur annually on our highways injuring thousands of people when there are too many deer; they are fine with cougars killing joggers and schoolchildren.

Their real interest is in using the goodwill of the people to create a socialist, command and control power structure throughout the world.  Little wonder many communists because instant environmental converts as soon as the Soviet Union fell.  Would any of them suggest that Gorbachev and the communists throughout eastern Europe were implementing good environmental policies before the people threw them out?

But what occurred to me today is their innate arrogance.  They are of the opinion that people are so powerful they can destroy the earth; that humanity has become so godlike that we hold the power in our hands to destroy or save nature.  They have postulated this in various incarnations over the decades: global winter, global warming, mass starvation, CO2 poisoning and on and on, but their predictions universally are proven to be wrong.  Environmentalists are the true apocalyptic false prophets.  Their basic assumption is that the universe as created by God is impotent in the face of almighty Man. Move over God, here comes Man.  The rest of us remain more humble about the power of man.

Please look at these pictures and tell me you really believe these goofballs.

Icelandic volcano pic 3 lightening


Icelandic volcano pic 3 small plane

Please note one of man’s highest achievements in the upper left quadrant – an airplane.

Who in hades do they think they are anyway?  They are sufficiently arrogant that they think Man can ruin or save the earth; they even more arrogant to think we will believe them.