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Do You Have Confidence That Our Elections Are Honest?

January 1, 2012 by Government Integrity No Comments

I’m watching 60 Minutes dealing with cheating on the SAT.

Apparently some smart students are willing to take the test in place of students who are dumb…provided the dumb students are willing to pay for the service.

One guy who has taken the SAT in place of 16 different students said he did it because he was short on cash.  All that is needed is a photo ID with the name of the student you are cheating for, and the paperwork sent to the student which would match the name.

The proctor doesn’t know the student by sight, and so must accept the photo ID along with the official paperwork indicating that this particular student is supposed to take the text at this place at this time.

I’m thinking about this right now as Attorney General Holder is preparing to prevent states from requiring even less ID to vote.

I think that no one should cheat on a test, and if they do they should not be permitted to retake the test, enter the college; or be thrown out of school if they are already enrolled.  Call me crazy, but I think it’s an even greater crime for a person to illegally vote in any election in the U.S.  I think if a person cheats in an election, they should not be permitted to vote in the future.

I’ll tell you what else I think: I think any person who attempts to prevent fair, and truthful elections should prosecuted whether they are so-called Black Panthers with nightsticks; white Democrat Party hacks trying to prevent blacks from voting; or the Attorney General of the U.S.

If people find it easy to cheat using a photo ID, how much easier is it for people to cheat when the Democrat Party, the Democrat President, and the Democrat Attorney General file suit against states who want to at least use ID?  What do you think: are the people holding office duly elected, or did they cheat?