Democrats Cry “Wolf!” Again

April 7, 2011 by Freedom No Comments

The federal government will probably shut down because Democrat elected officials are absolutely stunned by the harsh! draconian! cutbacks proposed by Republicans in the House.

All we hear from Democrats is that this is a terrible imposition on government employees who have kids to feed.  No mention of the 15 – 20 million unemployed who don’t have gravy to sop.

We hear about the “horrible situation” where boy scout groups won’t be able to climb to the top of the Washington Monument because of the shutdown!  Well, let’s just  put a few more million people out of work so we can open the national parks.



Democrats controlled both houses of Congress in 2008.  The housing collapse occurs because of government regulatory malfiescance resulting in President Bush promoting and the Congress passing TARP – Troubled Asset Relief Program.  The $700 billion it promised had to be borrowed, of course.  The fiscal deficit for the 2008 budget ballooned to $454.8 billion.

As soon as Obama took office in 2009 he and the Democrats in charge in Congress passed the Stimulus plan for another $800+ billion in borrowed money.  The federal deficit for fiscal 2009 skyrocketed to $1,400 billion – $1.4 trillion.

The deficit for 2010 was $1,290 billion – $1.29 trillion.  And it continues forever.  Hat tip, Heritage Foundation.

As of now, 40% of what the federal government spends it has to borrow. Well, I know that’s how you solve your budget problems.  If you spend $100,000 a year, but your income has dropped to $60,000, you don’t cut back so you can live within your means.  Of course not!  You borrow the $40,000 and propose to raise your spending to $150,000 next year. Then when someone points out that you can’t do that, you agree to live on only $130,000 next year and complain that you were forced into a $20,000 cut!  Right?

The Democrats in charge in late 2010 (when the 2011 budget is required to be adopted) refused to pass a budget for fiscal 2011.  We have no budget, so it’s hard to state what the deficit is – there is nothing to measure the spending against.  But we do have what Mr. Obama proposed as a 2011 budget.

In response to our fiscal train wreck, Mr. Obama took the radical step of proposing a FREEZE ON FEDERAL EMPLOYEE WAGES!  This was after he raised discretionary spending 24% in two years while the rest of the economy was going through the worst recession since the 1930′s, of course.  This was after he:

Had made huge increases in the number of federal employees.

Raised the salaries of federal workers beyond all comprehension.   

He had agreed to raises in federal employee benefits.  Since 2000, federal pay and benefits have increased 3% annually above inflation compared with 0.8% for private workers, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

After this, Mr. Obama proposed a pay freeze for federal employees which did not include any pay freeze for 2 years; and after that 60% of federal employees could get raises anyway.  Besides, it had nothing to do with any benefits other than salary.  He touted this as an austerity move designed to control federal spending.

With the Democrats in control of the House, the Senate, and the White House, they go on a two-year spending bacchanal of spending, regulatory, and executive order-driven political tyranny.  Bush, Obama, and the Democrat Congress have increased the total federal debt 100% since 2004.  Today we owe $14.2 trillion in accumulated debt.  Under Mr. Obama’s 2011 budget plan - that Republicans want to cut by as much as 1.6% - that will turn our current $14.2 trillion debt into $24 trillion just 9 years from now.  This projection from the Congressional Budget Office does not consider any future expenditures for more non-productive wind farms and other “green” power; nor does it include the hidden expenses in the Democrat socialized health care plan.  It does not include funding for Mr. Obama’s third war in the Middle East.  It does not include EPA regulation of CO2, or any of the other hairbrained ideas he proposes.

Republicans are demanding somewhere between $32 billion and $61 billion dollars in spending cuts for the current year (0.8 to 1.6 percent of Obama’s proposed but never adopted 2011 budget), the Democrats are are so concerned about the little people that they are prepared to shut down the government in order to stop it.  This after the Democrat Party has spent $trillions in money the country does not have, and can only create by establishing extremely hyperinflation for the foreseeable future.

Mr. Obama and the Democrats increase spending and borrowing by $trillions in two years, and then cannot agree to a cut of 1.6% of that increased spending much less actually cut back!  What are they thinking?

The Democrats are demanding that they keep 92% to 96% of the $800 billion in annual spending hikes since 2007 and are unwilling at all to consider cutting it by 1.6% in order to save the U.S. economy.

Neither you nor your descendants will retain either your culture or your freedom if we permit irresponsible elected leaders to make stupid decisions like this.


We still have subsidies for mohair to insure we have wool for military uniforms for soldiers who have used synthetics for decades. 

We are still spending U.S. taxpayer money to support the Iranian, Syrian, Cuban, and Sudanese nuclear programs. 

We spend $24 billion on the Department of Energy – which only began under President Carter, and which has done absolutely nothing to increase energy production in the U.S.  Speaking of energy, we are all suffering because the price of gasoline has doubled since Mr. Obama took office.  His suggestion: trace in your truck and get an electric car.  Mr. Obama is apparently under the impression that nobody actually needs a puckup truck, or a larger powerful vehicle for work.  Btw, he says he used to pump gas.  Of course now that he’s important he doesn’t have to anymore, but all of us do.  Can he remember the price per gallon?

We send money for Brazil to drill for offshore oil and refuse to do it ourselves.  But we promise to buy it from Brazil!

The federal government wastes between $67 billion and $230 billion a year in Medicare fraud alone every year.

We spend $140 billion a year on the Department of Education which didn’t exist until Jimmy Carter was president.  Despite about a $trillion in federal aid to education, we continue to fall behind other countries in educational rank.  It’s so bad, we had to renorm the SAT because the “average” test taker can’t keep up with the average test taker in the early 1960′s.

But the Democrats will shut down the government in order to keep this all going; because they care!


I could go on, but we are told that 800,000 federal government employees are “non-essential employees” and will be laid off during the shutdown.  My suggestion is that since they are non-essential, we just don’t bring them back.  Keep the “essential workers,” cut the budget and let us rebuild the country.