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Democrat Party Seeks to Overturn Constitution to Save Earth

April 24, 2010 by Culture No Comments

Many of the environmentalists of our time espouse the idea of anthropogenic global warming – AGW – as it is referred to in the press.

Throughout its history, the earth has warmed and cooled radically.  We see fossils of tropical plants in both the very northern parts of the planet, and in Antarctica.  We see evidence of deep glaciers throughout the United States.  Neither of these extremes were caused by humans, our cars, our coal-fired plants, or anything else humans do to enable our species to thrive and prosper. 

Radicals, who want to control the activities of all other humans, then, must come up with explanations as to why we should follow their advice.  First it was the communists who explained history in terms of economic destiny – kind of like astrology.  Our behavior must adapt to an unavoidable economic imperative, an unalterable destiny that Karl Marx announced he had discovered. 

 Marx was a bigoted racist; an anti-Semite - perpetually broke, filthy; a vagabond who said his understanding of history was scientific; but he wasn’t a scientist and did zero investigative work in the real world.  He never set foot in a factory – about which he had all the answers of course.  He never provided for his own children.  During one dark period when the money from wealthy industrialists he always lived on had dried up, his son Guido died because Marx refused to work.  He denied his daughters any education or career opportunities; and he had no friends who actually had jobs at all (except Helen Demuth – ‘Lenchen’ – who was a servant girl given to Marx by his mother-in-law).  Helen cooked for him, scrubbed, washed, and managed the family budget.  He never paid her a dime.  His ‘philosophy’ – Marxism- is not philosophy at all; it is only screwball nonsense, incoherent claptrap, and false prophecy.  It’s as incoherent as the screed of the Unabomber.

Hundreds of millions of people were forced to live in this squalor because of the “intellectual” and “scientific” ideas of Marx. The only place on earth where Marxism is still believed and followed is in American, land grant, government subsidized; and private well-financed Ivy League universities.

Of course this plan didn’t work out too well, so the radicals next turned to promoting the idea of scarcity – that we are running out of everything necessary to continue our way of life as a means of controlling us.  We are running out of all manner of commodities and so we must quit living like we do or there will be mass starvation (think John Holdren – Obama’s Science advisor, and Paul Erlich – perpetual false prophet and hero to the left) or the earth will freeze and life will end (again, John Holdren and Paul Erlich), or it will heat up (yet again, John Holdren and Paul Erlich), the polar caps will melt, whole cities and islands will disappear under water.  The only answer, according to them, is for us to give up our lifestyles, give away our freedoms, and let these idiots run the world. 

Their message now is much more seductive.  You are killing the earth by poison.  They show smokestacks billowing, (usually it’s steam in the pictures) iceburgs calving, a hapless Polar bear sitting atop a small ice flow, and other misleading images to make you believe a lie.  If you do you will be damned.

Carbon dioxide is causing all this they trumpet.  That CO2 is absolutely essential for life on earth and comprises only 0.01 percent of the atmosphere and we contribute less than 01.% of this tiny amount is never mentioned.  We cannot see, smell, or taste it so it’s the perfect enemy.  For them, our breath is poison to the earth. 

In this view, we are not “people;” we are only “carbon producers.”   We do not contribute anything of value to our environment, to animals, to humanity with our poetry, science, mathematics; our inventions, our books; our comtemplation of God.  No, we are only a “carbon footprint.”  We do not have any God given right to life, liberty, and happiness; our freedom is limited to what is consistent with preserving the earth.  The earth has all rights for these radicals. We do not have infinite, intrinsic value – only rocks, water, and dirt have intrinsic, infinite value.  Anything people do that impacts rocks, water, and dirt must be judged in light of whether that impact is positive or negative.   

To them, the answer to the question, “What is the chief end of man?” is “To glorify Earth, and to enjoy Him forever.”  (Apologies to the Westminster Shorter Catechism.)

Carbon is murdering the earth, they say; and those of us who contribute to carbon production are guilty of a capital crime.  Their pronouncement of judgment on us for this capital crime is, of course, capital punishment.  Like Nietzche, they believe when a human is born it is a capital crime to be rewarded by capital punishment.

In keeping with this radical view the healthcare legislation they have enacted reduces contributions to health care for the elderly – let them die, they’re too expensive to keep. They aren’t contributing anything useful anymore anyway; besides they continue to exhale carbon into the atmosphere!  Get a rope.

Likewise, they propose to raise the cost of energy to prohibitive levels ostensibly to save Earth Himself.  The fact that this coincides with the communist ideal of controlling all human activity and industry is not lost on those of us still capable of critical thinking.

Kill the babies (or used forced sterilization to reduce the number of births as Obama’s chosen one, John Holdren proposes).  Kill the people.  Save the earth.   Totally control those humans remaining so they don’t infringe on the Rights of Earth!

Get a grip, people.  If you want to retain any freedoms at all, you must throw out radicals of any party who are willing to use junk science to overturn the Constitution.  We must get rid of the liars.  We must get rid of those who are so weak they are willing, for short-term political gain, to throw out centuries of progress toward the liberation of man from despots who use their power to subjugate the people.  We must not remain silent when we hear people engaging in fatuous ignorance around the water cooler.  Speak up.

Remember, subjugation by wetlands legislation, health care, ‘smart grid’ energy; or court decision regarding peaceable assembly or the right to choose to kill babies is no less suffocating of  the human spirit than subjugation by totalitarian rule.  In fact, the only difference is whether or not the totalitarian is smiling when he steals your life.