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A Democrat Leader Concerned About Voter Fraud

Pardon me, but I just can’t help it!

Mr. Obama sent Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, to the Russian Republic with the reset button that said “overcharged” instead of “reset.”  It was Mr. Obama’s belief that if he just reached out his hand in openness, the rest of the world would love us all again; evil Republicans having caused everyone to hate us.

As you know, the ‘reset’ isn’t going too well.  There are demonstrations in Moscow streets protesting the recent elections in which Mr. Putin’s alliance has won a parliamentary majority.  The protesters allege widespread voter fraud that led to Putin’s victory.

Pardon me, but I just think it’s hilarious that a Democrat, especially a Clinton would find fault with an underhanded illegal operation that engaged in voter fraud.  I guess it is good that they know fraud when they see it.  Too bad they have 20/20 vision in Russia, but are blind in America.