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Government to Control the Future

April 1, 2010 by Education, Socialism No Comments

When Sen. Joe Biden’s wife introduced Mr. Obama at the signing of the reconciliation part of the health care and student loan takeover , she said regarding the student loan takeover, “The bill that President Obama will sign here today us a huge step forward toward meeting our goal.”

During his speech at the event, Mr. Obama said, “By cutting out the middle man, [banks formerly making these loans] we’ll save American taxpayers $68 billion in the coming years…real savings that we’ll reinvest to help improve the quality of higher education and make it more affordable.” (emphasis mine)  Before I get into the real agenda, I point out that its a good thing that our President has never run a company even the size of a lemonade stand.  Anyone who would state that they are saving the cost of higher education $68 billion dollars and then says he will spend those same $68 billion dollars on higher education would have to declare bankruptcy on his lemonade stand.  (“I’m going to save the people who purchase my lemonade $68 billion by using water from the hose instead of bottled water.  Then I am going to reinvest that $68 billion in my lemonade business by improving the quality of my lemonade business.”)  Must have gone to Harvard.

And so we know the takeover is only the start of the transformation.  Here, I give my list of things that the Obama administration plans on doing with higher education since they now control the future of  most everyone who will attend college in the future.  Here is the official White House transcript.

Give more money to community colleges

“First, we will reinvest a portion of those savings to upgrade our community colleges.”

These are the places where, among other things, taxpayers pay for overpaid educators to teach English to illegal aliens and public high school graduates.

Give more money away to students

“We’ll also help open the doors of higher education to more students, we’ll also reinvest part of that $68 billion in savings in Pell Grants…we are going to offer over 800,000 additional Pell awards over the next 10 years…raise the amount they’re worth to almost $6,000.”

This will help even more unqualified people gain entrance to college and university (after they have learned how to add and spell at Community College).  It will also have the added side benefit of keeping college tuitions high, and help them continue to increase the cost more than any other sector – except for drug companies – of our society.

Forgive loans for certain kinds of students

“Today, we’re making it easier for responsible students to pay off their loans..starting in 2014, you won’t have to pay more than 10% of your income in repaying your student loans…if you pay your loans on time, you’ll only have to pay them off [what?] for 20 years…and you’ll only have to pay them off [sic.] for 10 years if you repay them with service to your community, and to our country, as a teacher or a nurse of a member of our Armed Forces.”  (Does this mean that if I have a 3 year auto loan and only pay off two years of it we can consider it paid off?)

So let me understand. The federal government will make loans that require you to pay no more than a stated percentage of your income – no income, no payment.  (And if you stay at home, Dad can pay your health insurance!)  In addition, regardless of whether or not you have paid it off, you can stop paying in 20 years.  Unless you decide to go into a career path favored by Mr. Obama, in which case you only need to pay 10 years regardless of how much more you owe.  Thus the ‘loan’ becomes a gift.

Give handouts for specific racial groups

“Finally, we’ll reinvest some of the $68 billion in savings to strengthen our historically black colleges and universities and minority serving institutions.”  You can find a list of the various categories of ‘minority serving institutions’ and which institutions are listed here.   

So.  Now that the government controls who can afford to go to college, the possibilities of this “reinvestment” are endless. 

1.  Since about 50% of all college students receive some form of government assistance to pay for their education, the government will now be able to control who can afford to go to college. 

2. We know that Mr. Obama wants to spend $billions on so-called ‘historically black colleges’ and ‘minority serving institutions.’  His disposition is to increase the number of minorities who go to college whether they deserve it or not.  Think of it as “economic affirmative action.”  So his plan is  to discriminate who gets into college, and which colleges receive government money on the basis of race.  Think “reparations.”

3. The government plans to lose $billions on these student “loans.”  Is it really a loan if you don’t have to pay it back? 

4. Mr. Obama has no plans whatsoever to lower the cost of college education, he only plans on subsidizing the increasing cost so even more students need government assistance to attend.

5. Mr. Obama plans to transform America by herding college students into certain careers.  He will do this by determining that students who choose specific majors will not have to repay much their loan.  In this way, he can provide the family care physicians he wants; he can produce new government bureaucrats by supporting careers in public service-  qua ‘community organizers;’ or expand or contract the supply of any specialty he wants.

6. The takeover of student loans means that just one of the companies previous engaged in these loans – Sallie Mae – will cut 2,500 jobs.  So now we can look forward to tens of thousands of new government workers who can’t be fired, earn almost twice as much as the private workers, and who will earn even more of our substance as we pay them throughout their long retirements.

Controlling American industry, controlling our banks, controlling what medical services anyone can receive, and controlling who gets into college based on race, ethnic background or whatever test he wants to apply; what careers they choose, and whether or not they have to pay back their government loan – I’d call that “transformation.”  Get homeschooled, study the classics, learn to think critically, go to Hillsdale College in Michigan; have a nice future.