Obama Foreign Policy Assumptions

First, begin with the assumption that all cultures are legitimate and are of equal value. The people of America have no greater intrinsic worth than the Muslim slaveholders in Sudan, but he takes this even farther by suggesting that Sudanese Islamic culture is equal to that of the United States! So this is the first principle – all cultures are of equal value.

Obama’s “light touch”

During a recent White House interview, President Obama said, 
“I think the irony…is that I actually would like to see a relatively light touch when it comes to the government.  And so it’s puzzling to me sometimes to hear the standard conservative critique of what we’re doing, when essentially every step we’re taking involves cleaning up the mess that we found when we arrived [...]

The Return of the Czars

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Regulation without representation, the loss of freedom

Unblinding Lady Justice

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President Obama’s plan to end equality under the law

Your Income – Under Control

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Where in the Constitution is this “enumerated power?”