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Cash for Clunkers and Kooks

So here’s how it works when you’re a socialist running a capitalistic country; borrow money from fellow travelers in communist China, write in American citizens as the guarantors – co-signers if you like - who will pay back the loan they didn’t want, then use the money to bribe people to purchase cars they don’t want. By doing this, you take the usable assets these people already have worth at least $1billion, and turn them into Barack-the-Joker3junk. This is leverage at its best: take $1 billion in borrowed money with others as the guarantors, use it to encourage still other individuals to create $4.5 billion in new debt purchasing the products you want them to purchase; and take thousands of foreign-built unsold cars out of the retail show rooms and out of inventory!  This is a win, win, win: it’s a win for foreign auto manufacturers, it’s a win for banks loaning money for these purchases, and it’s a win for junkyards; who could ask for anything more?

Said another way, you borrow from your enemies; require your family members -without their knowledge – to pay the loan back; then encourage other family members to indebt themselves to purchase something they don’t want; then turn the borrowed money into junk.  We call this hope and change.