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Barack Obama, Man of Faith

February 21, 2012 by Obama No Comments

Mr. Obama is without doubt a person of faith.

We know this because he went to a church in Chicago for 20 years.  Unfortunately his pastor – Jeremiah Wright – seems to believe that Muslims are also saved by Jesus without having to undergo repentance, baptism, regeneration, or confession.  Or the Bible, for that matter.  So we’re not sure exactly what kind of church it was.

We also know he is a man of faith because he says he is and that should count for something.

But the most practical reason we must understand Mr. Obama is a man of faith is because he keeps proposing a solution to a major problem, then when it turns out that his proposal makes the problem worse, he proposes the same solution to the same problem.  Then he does it again.

Like the budget he just proposed.  Only a man of incredible faith would show something like that public.

This can only be explained by sheer faith.  There is no reasoning involved, no logic, no mental faculty, and no intellectual formation; and apparently no capacity to learn from his own experience let alone the experience of others.  No, his insistence on following the same path that led him to perdition before, and then doing it again can only be explained by incredible faith.

Our only question is on what his faith rests.

Either he has faith that he really can walk on water; or he has faith in the terminal stupidity of the American people.