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The Analogy of the Car

Everyone has to get somewhere sometime – it’s a basic human necessity.  Being able to get where you need to be when you need to be there is part of being human; it’s a right.  People who don’t own a car are required to ride on public transportation to get where they need to go since they have no other choice.  People shouldn’t run to public transportation every time they want to get somewhere, it drives up the costs for people who drive their own car.  This isn’t fair for auto owners, since they have to pay for public transportation making an unfair burden on them.   

We know that the car manufacturers; along with the service and repair shops have been ripping people off, making immoral profits.  We have been trying to deal with this for decades, and they always complain and offer false information to prevent us from fixing the problem. 

In order to create competition, we are going to begin manufacturing and repairing cars.  Every auto manufacturing company along with every service and repair company will see an increase in their taxes in order to fund our operation because we plan to subsidize our cars; along with all service and repair functions in order to create competition. government cars

Additionally we will set the charges that can be made for all diagnostic services, regular maintenance, and other services and repairs – whether or not the work is done in our shops.  We think it is a moral imperative that everyone has access to transportation; our only motive is to ensure that no one is cheated or pays too much.  The cost of automobile ownership, service and repair is entirely too high, and will wreck the economy if increased costs are permitted to continue. 

Once their costs go up to subsidize our operation, and we begin controlling what they can pay their personnel along with what they can charge for their services we think they will be compelled to bring down their charges since they will have to compete with us.  

We will then monitor the best approaches to all these services providing for the best outcomes for your automobile needs. All sales, service, and repair shops will have to report their diagnosis of the problem, what approach they used to solve it, and the outcomes experienced.  Our panels will use this data to determine the best approaches to solving your motoring problems, and then require that all service and repair personnel follow our recommendations or not get paid.   

As another cost saving move, we will have a panel determine when we will no longer permit your car to be repaired.  Some of you have been driving your vehicles for a long time, and we no longer have the luxury of permitting you to continue servicing and repairing your vehicle.  Somebody may have to tell you that you will just have to get used to the idea that it’s time to let your car go. 

Eventually, of course, our plan is for everyone to ride public transportation.  Then no one will need cars at all; we’ll do the driving for you.