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America’s Nomenklatura

May 4, 2010 by Government Integrity No Comments

Federal employees are paid outrageous salaries and benefits.  A recent analysis by USA Today shows that, on average, federal employees are paid 11% more to do the same job than a private employee is paid ($67,691 contrasted with $60,046 for the year 2008). 

In addition, they receive 300% higher benefits package on top of the salary – $40,785 for the average federal worker, $9,882 for the average private worker.  Together, the average federal worker costs us $108,476 a year, and the average private worker doing the same job costs us $69,928.  That is, a federal worker costs us 160% the cost of a private worker doing the same job.  To contrast federal vs. private pay for the exact same jobs, check here.

All this makes me wonder why our government overlords think attorneys working at the Securities and Exchange Commission are smart enough to be worth more than $250,000 a year to insure that publicaly traded companies are in compliance with the law, but when they aren’t smart enough to know that their employer is going to monitor their online activities.  Hmmmmmm.