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American Freedom in the Crosshairs – 6 Warnings

American and individual freedoms are dimming, and in danger of disappearing altogether.  I offer six broad points as a warning.Paul Revere

Direct government control of the financial sector 

When the government controls the banks – either directly or through onerous and nuanced regulation – there is no free enterprise.  Free enterprise has become government controlled enterprise.  The latest movement in this direction is the financial collapse brought about by government meddling in who should qualify for a mortgage.  Private individuals can no longer enter into contract with private lenders to borrow money without massive government oversight and interference.  Regulations requiring lending institutions to loan money to unworthy home buyers caused half the financial collapse.  The other half was caused by bureaucrats who had the regulatory power to oversee fraudulent hucksterism of these government-required bad loans and didn’t do their job.  We used to call them ‘civil servants’ but public servanthood was murdered by public unionism a long time ago. 

The Obama administration now alleges that it was people being paid too much who were the problem and that controlling income and more bureaucracy will solve the problem. Fat chance. The unionized government employees who didn’t do their job and can’t be fired are the ones overpaid.  For some decades the federal government has had the belief that they can ignore the marketplace to achieve the outcome they want.  Gee, it worked so well for the U.S.S.R., Cuba under Castro, Romania, East Germany, North Korea, Cambodia, and so many others.  Now we see how well it has worked here. 

Nationalization of private companies

Governmental takeovers of private corporations by means of illegally making them loans, then using the occasion to take out equity positions in those companies and control them for government ends surely have to make socialists happy.  Bypassing bankruptcy for the purpose of taking money from legal bondholders and giving it to a supportive constituency – the United Auto Workers – should shake us to our core.  Corruption is now mainstreamed, and done in the name of compassion for the workers.  Next time you talk to your Congressman, ask him or her under which of the “enumerated powers” of the federal government listed in the Constitution did they vote to use tax dollars to take over private companies and then give them away to a favored voting block.  The words “banana republic” come to mind.

The rule of experts 

This administration – as well as most previous administrations since Woodrow Wilson -thinks it is righteous to expand the rule of unelected experts at the federal level and begin the process of bureaucratic redistribution of the nation’s goods and services.  (This also has the real advantage of bypassing the Advise and Consent requirement for Cabinet and other public posts.)  This President said before the election, “When you spread the wealth around that’s a good thing.”  President Obama’s conviction is that it is good and moral when you use the coercive power of government to take the income and wealth of people who have sacrificed to earn it and give it to other people who have not earned it.  One of the most basic principles our country was founded on is the principle of the inviolability of private property.  Your income and your accumulated wealth IS your property.  Your property is no longer considered inviolable by government.  So one of the principle reasons for founding America is now rendered moot.  Can anyone say, “Czar?”

Government sponsorship of invented truth for purposes of implementing a vision the citizens don’t want

Controlling information is crucial for governments seeking to control people.  Leftists in America have long sought to control the information we can access.  To be fair, some on the right have sought the same control.  The difference is how successful the radical left is at openly and brazenly using the power of government and its institutions to control the minds of American citizens. 

Notice the success of the descendants of the “free speech movement” to control speech on college campuses.  Their success is seen in the takeover of many humanities departments, denying tenure to all who do not hold the prescribed view.  Thus, they deny freedom of inquiry, grading students down for espousing positions with which the professor disagrees, refusing to make reading assignments that give students a fair scope of the subject at hand; spelling out specifically and step by step how each person must proceed toward any sexual encounter, supporting only radical publications and ideas by means of required student fees, and on and on. 

Even at education prior to college: requiring students to do study about – in some cases, even performing – Muslim religious rituals.  Then they deny Valedictorians the opportunity to give thanks to God for their success!   What was that about the “free exercise of religion?”

Public education, always vulnerable to junk science is now ardently promoting the idea that we can control earth’s climate!  This from people unable to find their way in from the rain.  Note the infiltration of junk science called “global cooling.”  Yes, “global cooling.”  Newsweek magazine, April 28, 1975, published the article “The Cooling World,” by Peter Gwynne.  The Cooling World  (Just one example of many from the time.)  The article is complete with the usual dire warnings about how “global cooling” was dropping world wheat production, causing hurricanes, and causing all manner of havoc.  The NOAA was issuing warnings about a new “Ice Age,” that would result in starvation for hundreds of millions of people.  Paul Ehrlich wrote the book “The Population Bomb” in 1968.  By 1985, Ehrlich predicted, the world would enter a genuine era of scarcity and a billion people could die.  Ehrlich’s predicted famines never materialized. Indeed, the death toll from famines steadily declined over the following decades. Though world population has grown by more 50% since 1968, food production has grown at an even faster rate due to technological advances developed primarily in the United States because of what we used to call “free enterprise.”

Note the catastrophic results of inaction as the Newsweek article continues;

“Climatologists are pessimistic that political leaders will take any positive action to compensate for the climatic change, or even to allay its effects. They concede that some of the more spectacular solutions proposed, such as melting the Arctic ice cap by covering it with black soot or diverting arctic rivers, might create problems far greater than those they solve. But the scientists see few signs that government leaders anywhere are even prepared to take the simple measures of stockpiling food or of introducing the variables of climatic uncertainty into economic projections of future food supplies. The longer the planners delay the more difficult will they find it to cope with climatic change once the results become grim reality.” 

Aren’t you glad that Al Gore, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the Democrat Party were unable to bring about onerous government policies to stop ‘global cooling?’ 

Does this sound familiar?  The environmentalists are pessimistic that we have the political will to stop ‘global cooling,’ some of what they propose may be dangerous but critical, we need to stockpile food, the longer we delay the more grim the reality, blah, blah, blah.  Same song, different key. 

Now, of course the same institutions and many of the same people are predicting identical catastrophic results as a consequence of the exact opposite – “global warming.”  It is governmental institutions as well as their lackeys in academia who are fanning these flames – pardon the pun.  Government sponsored lying is bad enough, but now we have the government schools requiring innocent schoolchildren to watch the propaganda film, “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore – noted climatologist and inventor of the internet.   Do these people ever apologize for propagating one lie, then later deciding to tell another to accomplish the same end?   Either these utopians can’t make up their mind on what constitutes truth, or they only use these issues for the purposes they dare not reveal. 

The education process is designed for the purpose of shaping adherence to government-approved truth and in the process real truth is lost.  Invented truth is manageable; real truth is not.  Therefore those who want to control other people engage in ‘created truth,’ or ‘manufactured truth.’  We have seen this in the use of textbooks to teach lies for example in Portland, Oregon.  Schoolchildren were taught that western civilization arose in Africa.  Much later the Greek and Roman civilizations stole it, and we wrongly approve of their advance of civilization rather than recognizing it all came from black tribes in Africa!  It was approved not on the basis of being true, but rather because it would help raise the self-esteem of blacks in the Portland School District.  Former black Superintendent of the Portland, Oregon Schools, Matthew Prophet imposed this dud.  If you don’t like truth, invent another ‘truth’ then force it on innocent schoolchildren.  Believe the lie and be damned.

We see the U.S. Supreme Court giving the Environmental Protection Agency control of CO2 so they can list the breath of all animal life on earth a dangerous pollutant contributing to ‘global warming.’  CO2 composes 0.03 % of earth’s atmosphere.  Did you know that?  Onerous, job-killing legislation, costing $trillions and driving up all energy costs for all of us is designed to lower the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere to 0.02 %!  Denying you this information makes you vulnerable to the lie.  Water vapor amounts – on average – to about 2% to 3% of the total molecules in earth’s atmosphere and is a much more potent ‘greenhouse’ gas.  In addition, water vapor constitutes 95% of all ‘greenhouse’ gasses in our atmosphere.  Human contribution to water vapor is 0.001% of the total amount.  But school children are constantly taught false information in the hope that they can be more easily be made cogs in the elitist’s wheel.  If you want to take over the distribution of all energy in the U.S. you have to focus on a human caused crisis not a naturally occurring one, hence the focus on CO2.  Control energy, and banking, and you control everything.

Time does not permit to cover the exclusion of scientific reports that are not politically correct, denial of legislation that would require scientific decisions be based on science, manipulation of scientific reports designed to bring about a political result rather than a scientific one, not permitting contrary testimony before legislative bodies, media propaganda promoting falsehoods; lying about immigration, lying about poverty, lying about wealth, lying about private capitalism, and lying about the marketplace – they can’t handle the truth.  (Why is it a crime for a person to lie when testifying before Congress, but not a crime for Congress to lie to the citizens?)

Punishing personally held thoughts 

This government supports the idea that a crime of violence against another person because you hate that person is deserving of punishment A, but if you hate that person because of that person’s gender, race, ethnic background, or sexual habits, you deserve a harsher punishment – B.  Motive is always relevant when it comes to crimes of violence, but hate crimes law doesn’t deal with motive even as it says it does.  It deals with the idea that a harsher punishment is deserved when one strikes out against a member of a group experiencing ‘historic discrimination’.  What this means is that you can be a lousy slob, a miserable criminal, an obnoxious pervert, but if someone kills you for any reason, but they also don’t like your race or ethnic background, they get punishment B, not A.  They don’t have to discriminate against you in any way – their thoughts along will bring about greater punishment.  Nobility attaches to certain ethnic backgrounds, specific skin colors, one gender, or a specific sexual proclivity – not to us all.  Thus it is more immoral to kill another perverted criminal who belongs – through accident of birth – to one specific group, than it is to murder an unselfish, forgiving law-abiding saint who belongs to another.  

It is already illegal to murder another person (unless they aren’t born yet) but the government wants to place a greater value on certain groups in society than on others.  Here’s the point: YOU aren’t of greater value; your life and your activities have nothing to do with increasing the penalty for your murder, it is only your membership in a chosen group that counts.  This slight of hand conflates motive with belief in order to change what other people think. It is the attempt to elevate certain people that is behind these enhanced punishments, not the desire to punish anyone; murderers are already punished.  The victim may have never experienced discrimination – it doesn’t matter.  Some people may hate white people, but white people are not a named group, so when a murder accompanied by white hate occurs, there is no enhanced punishment as a “hate crime.”  I add that my belief is that all persons have the same value, and their membership in a group cannot decrease their infinite, intrinsic their value.  

Redefining humanity 

Totalist governments are utopian by nature.  They are frustrated with the human condition itself.  So they need to redefine what it means to be human.  An example: U.S. Supreme Court was able to impose a utilitarian and utopian tenet of faith by declaring they know what a “person” is, and the unborn aren’t “persons.”  Now, the logic they used (if you read the case) would fit perfectly with a declaration that anyone with a terminal disease, or who is in a coma is also not a “person” and therefore not protected by laws against homicide.  The exact same logic was used by the Supreme Court to force the return of Dred Scott to his owner (Dred Scott v. Sandford 1857).  As a black man he wasn’t a “person,” he was property; and therefore not deserving of the Constitutional protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and having escaped his owner was required to be returned to him – Army Major John Emerson.  Déjà vu. 

Marx taught that everyone is motivated by economics and that unless all of us equally share all the money, there would be constant wars.  The Marxist project was determined to bring about the worldwide economic utopia – “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” – by creating the New Soviet Man, Homo Sovieticus.  Real humanity presents problems for utopians because they are so untidy; constantly changing their minds, unpredictable; so the government must make them into a new kind of person to bring about utopia.  (Warning: always flee those who love humanity, but don’t like real people.) 

We have many who are frustrated with the human condition and they have seriously set about using governmental power redirecting the culture to reflect the humanity they want – an invented humanity, Homo Americanus.  When these people express such phrases as “fairness” and “compassion,” they don’t mean they have any interest in what’s really fair, and they certainly have no interest in real compassion.  They purposely use language intended to make their crimes sound like acts of charity. 

“Fairness” means a plan to use the coercive power of government to advance the interests of people who fit into a specific group at the expense of those in another.  Like the firefighters in Maryland who were denied promotions because they were white.  Many took the same test but only one member of an approved race passed.  The aristocratic response is that the test had to be racially biased.  It had to be because it didn’t accomplish the result the government wanted.  So the people who passed the test and were promised promotions if they did so were denied advancement.  This is what passes for “fairness.”  The qualifications for advancement are known to all, and everyone has the same chance to gain it.  But since a predetermined racial makeup of the results didn’t occur, the test was declared biased. 

This means that white firefighters who have never been accused of discriminating against anyone at any time have their personal future diminished merely because they lived by the rules, studied hard, and achieved a positive result on a test.  The real desire on the part of elitist officials and judges has nothing to do with what’s right for the people in the courtroom.  They think that because discrimination was exercised under slavery, and later under Jim Crow that today it is their prerogative to bless people who are not discriminated against by punishing people who have not discriminated.  They think in the generational sense, and are perfectly willing to punish the innocent in order to correct mistakes made decades or centuries ago by people long dead.  Their desire is not justice in the courtroom; rather it is a desire for a predetermined outcome to adjust for mistakes made before anyone in the courtroom was born.  The states – before they were united – fought a civil war to end this kind of racial favoring, and now we have our governments (state and federal) and courts returning to the days when it was legal– not to say moral – to discriminate on the basis of race.  Now, they say, the Emancipation Proclamation and the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution must be violated in order to correct these long moldering mistakes.  “Fairness” indeed. 

When radicals say they want us to have compassion, they are saying, “I have so much compassion for this group of people that I am going to take even more of what YOU  have earned and give it to them.”  Thus, the bureaucrat is not engaged in a compassionate act because it costs him nothing to make the transfer – in fact he is paid to perpetrate the theft.  The person who is required to pay the taxes is not engaged in a compassionate act because he has no choice, and may prefer that his charity go to a different kind of person who has a different kind of need.  The person receiving the payment is told it is not compassion or charity; it’s an entitlement.  So no compassionate acts are done at all except those by people who choose to spend additional amounts of their substance and contribute it the way they want.  Government taxation has become so high that real compassion is difficult to practice.  The elitists have divided the country into the fresh cows which have teats; and calves which suck on them.  This is all part of the project to remake humanity.  “And the gods said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” 

We see it as well in indoctrination through the public schools, manipulation of economic data, and general government propaganda, with health insurance and new jobs as recent public examples. 

In the new America, Homo Americanus will be a person who is permitted to be religious, but isn’t supposed to take it seriously.  Homo Americanus will have his own personal thoughts, but will pretend that he doesn’t have them in order to receive government largess; that he or she is above personal gain, and is really more interested in ‘public service’ (one of my favorite oxymorons) but really isn’t.  He will pretend not to be offended by the lewd and vulgar culture that is everywhere displayed; and who willingly sends his children to government schools to be indoctrinated in how they should think and feel, and he will pretend that they are receiving a good education.  Most of them know none of this is true, of course; but they avoid lawsuits, and receive the benefits of living a life of pretension.  We pretend to approve this tripe; and they pretend to look out for our interests. 

Deciding that some humans are more worthy of the protections of the law; access to healthcare, educational benefits, transfer payments, and jobs is the project of radical reformers who hate America’s founding demand for individual freedoms and its severe restrictions on government power.  They want to distribute the goods and services of society on a different basis; and in order to accomplish this distribution they decide which humans are “persons,” which are not too old to be useful, which are not too costly to maintain; which have the approved ancestors, were born into the right family, have the approved sexual desires, have the approved skin color, and belong to the approved ethnic group.  We have aristocrats who pretend they have the wisdom to make these decisions and the power to make them real; and we have a populace who pretend that it’s okay for them to do it

These elitists mouth ardent support for the United States (“God bless America!”) while subverting the restraints placed on their exercise of governmental power.  They constrict our personal freedom of opportunity because they deem their project of equality of results is more important.  They sweep aside our long established culture, our 1000 years of jurisprudence by negative and common law; they sweep aside our liberties of speech and thought; religion, and press; our long adherence to the Christian religion – and they cast them away because they believe they have a more important task.  For them, there is nothing to learn from the past, nothing to conserve; we can all march forward straight into the future and make it what we want, it’s a brave new world – we acknowledge no limitations.  By redefining evil, they remove it altogether so everyone can feel good about themselves. So we deny ourselves nothing, because after all, we’ve been told that we are all born good therefore if we want something, it must be good.  They bring to us alien ideas, alien cultures, and false gods to venerate; and in the process alienate us from our own roots.  A necessary part of accomplishing the creation of Homo Americanus is the expression of contempt toward the majority of citizens who don’t want their culture stolen from them; they are rubes stuck on old ideas, mired in the outdated commitments of the past, unready for the 21st century.  Like her politics or not, to the elites who wish to create Homo Americanus, a person like Sarah Palin must be annihilated; not tolerated, not respected for her good nature and humanity; annihilated.  Any idea that anything from the past is worthy of conservation must be destroyed quickly and completely; no stone left on another; salt sown across the plain.  

Please be aware that others are happily choosing your future for you.  Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  Do nothing, and the end is already determined.  So find a way to get involved.  Blog, write to the editor, show up at a rally – something.  When an election is on, get really informed about what the candidates have done in the past, not what they promise to do.  Better yet, run for office yourself.  Start small, and remember that you would hold the office in trust, not so you can do lots of stuff and put your imprimatur on public life – it’s about preserving freedoms.  Let’s see if we can do something good together.