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About This Site

Freedom is in peril, and elements of our own culture are threatening it. Not only is freedom increasingly constricted; the foundations on which it rests are being dismantled from within with hardly a whimper. It remains to be seen how long freedom can last absent its foundations.

Freedom is delicate. It never appears by accident; and will disappear entirely unless fiercely protected. It has been won through centuries of religious and philosophical debate. The burnings at the stake, imprisonments, banishments, book burnings, and white crosses it has taken to produce freedom will be wasted if we omit careful analysis of the events of our time and their impact on our freedom. The worth of human liberty cannot be calculated; the human tragedy resulting from its loss cannot be overstated.

On this site, we examine current events in light of whether they contribute to the increase or decrease of human freedom.

The acts of legislators, executives, courts, schools, and other centers of coercive power are always presented by their proponents in the best possible light. We will look at these current events and dismantle their arguments to determine the impact on human freedom. Rhetorical tricks are intended to distract us from understanding; they are filters designed to keep us from seeing the truth. Here, we will not be distracted.

This site is designed to be a conversation, not a lecture.

About Me

I’m Lew Davies and I host this site.Lew Davies

I live in Sunriver, Oregon and before semi-retiring I hosted a radio talk show on KPDQ in Portland, Oregon for 23 years.  I interviewed thousands of people; Senators, authors, Heads of State, religious leaders, judges and others of varied backgrounds and accomplishments.  During this time I took hundreds of thousands of calls from the listening audience, and debated all the important issues of our time – issues of culture that affect human freedom.

My interest has always been the prior assumptions embedded in a proposal; an idea, candidate, or judicial decision; and the intended – or unintended – consequences of each.   Approving a proposal, idea, candidate,  or decision without consideration of  its ultimate impact on what Russel Kirk called “the permanent things” that must be conserved, is to trade our birthright for a bowl of pottage to relieve temporary hunger.

Critical thinking is in short supply.  It is largely replaced by affective, selfish, and shallow considerations.  My burden is to provide critical thought regarding the elements of culture many people don’t have the time to analyze.  Knowledge is power indeed, but knowing only what those in power want you to know means that we are denied sufficient information to make wise decisions; we become only the means for them to implement the future they desire.

I hope you will read and comment on my frequent Posts.  Come along with me and we will become more articulate and able to make a greater contribution toward retaining our freedoms; and gaining back those already lost.


Lew Davies