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AARP Sells Out Seniors

December 19, 2009 by Health Care No Comments

As usual, AARP looks out for itself, not its members.

As seniors we better remember that we have to look out for ourselves because neither politicians nor so-called ‘advocacy groups’ like AARP will.  They look out for themselves.

We see this with empty suit politicians selling their vote for the personal benefit of re-election money in the health care debate.

We see this with groups like AARP which supports the health care bill despite the fact that it will destroy Medicare by removing $500 billion from the program over 10 years, and will make Medicare payments to physicians even lower than now so even fewer of them will accept Medicare patients.

AARP is all about using their list of members to sell various kinds of insurance and other services keeping the machinery running, providing fat salaries and job security.  And they are using seniors to do it.

They have not lobbied on behalf of seniors at all during the health care debate.  For AARP, seniors are only a group to exploit for money.

My suggestion – get out of AARP as soon as you can.

At 55 when they sent me the invitation to join for free, I bit.  Then the second issue of their magazine I received focused on homosexual seniors.  I called them, ended my membership, and told them to remove my name from their computers.