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“Don’t Mess With Joe”

August 27, 2009 by Government Integrity No Comments

Joe Biden 1When President Obama was forcing the Stimulus package through the Congress in order to save the world, he announced that he had placed Vice President Joe Biden in charge of seeing to it that the money is well spent, because in the past there has been so much waste and corruption.  While making the announcement he warned everyone, “Don’t mess with Joe!” 

Now that we know that “Stimulus” money is being spent in San Francisco to subsidize a violent homosexual bestiality “art” movie, a half $million to about 4,000 men currently in prison for a variety of crimes including murder, $3 billion cash to help sell Japanese and Korean cars, $24 billion for health care technology so everyone in the government will know all about your medical history and treatments, and $120 billion for public schools. 

Typical Democrat fiscal responsibility.  These are your dollars.  I guess messing with Joe is okay after all.  Go Joe.