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Obama’s “Relentless” Budget Cutting

Like a magician, Barak the Magnificent distracts the audience with very obvious and public exaggerated movements about going through the budget line by line to get rid of the fat, while reaching into America’s pocket to steal our wallets, and now even our car keys.  His latest promise in April was to cut $100 million out of the budget and now with great fanfare he calls our attention to this amazing accomplishment. 

In a piece titled, “In a Savings Shocker, the Government Discovers That Paper Has Two sides,” the Wall Street Journal calls attention to some of the belt-tightening ways the Obama Administration has found to cut $102 million out of a $3.8 trillion budget: 

  • Emailing the daily press clips instead of printing them all out.  (Now let’s get rid of all the personnel who walk around distributing all these press clips to everyone’s office.)
  • A new fuel proposal by the Air Force will save $52 million 
  • The Army will increase the number of soldiers on chartered airplanes taking them to rest and relaxation leave – savings: $18 million in just a few months 
  • Justice thinks it can save $573,000 by printing on both sides of the paper; Homeland Security will save another $318,000.  (Can you imagine how much paper $900,000 will buy at Costco?  Think of all the trees this will save!  What do they spend for ink cartridges?) 
  • The Treasury Department will save $320,000 by getting rid of unused phone lines
  • The Coast Guard realized that the maintenance schedules for some 1,800 boats they operate were based on recreational use like water skiing, or fishing rather than what they are actually used for; savings: $2 million a year! 
  • FEMA has decided to refurbish the trailers purchased for Katrina and other disasters instead of junking them for a savings of $3 million

Presumably this is the line-by-line scrutiny that candidate Obama promised when he said he would slash waste, and get rid of programs that don’t work.  He is certainly concerned about healthcare – it doesn’t work either, so he wants the government to run it and spend even more money. 

During his announcement in April, the President said that during his first Cabinet meeting in January of this year he made it clear that “relentlessly cutting out waste was part and parcel of their mission to make the investments necessary for recovery and long-term stability.”  (The sheer incoherence of the statement is breathtaking: cutting waste is an investment?  What?) 

Behind all the exaggerated, distracting movement, the sleight of hand is in full operation.  The President demanded that the Congress authorize the spending of $780 billion for “shovel ready” projects that would “create or save 3 million jobs;” and it had to be done in two weeks, or unemployment could go to 8%.  The economy was in such bad shape we had to act immediately, the projects are ready to go, go, go!  But unemployment is at 9.5% even with his ‘stimulus’ program and we are told that it will go to 10% before the year is out.  They demanded the money so they could spend it to “create or save 3 million jobs,” but we are losing jobs at the rate of a half million a month, and only 6% of the ‘stimulus’ money will be spent this year.  But now Barak the Magnificent and his czars tell us that it was never their plan to spend the money now, they planned all along that most of it would be spent in the out years.  The only question is when were they lying about what they wanted to do – when they promised to create jobs overnight, or now when they are promising that they never planned to create jobs overnight? 

Well, now we know that the President’s “relentless” budget cutting amounts to a whopping 0.0025% of the President’s $3.8 trillion budget for this year.  Wow.  Relentless budget cutting indeed.  An editorial at the Investor’s Business Daily referred to this as “Fiscal Nanosurgery.”  If you spent $100,000 a year in your personal budget, this cut would be the equivalent of driving one-third of a mile less each year; or alternatively, you could spend 30 seconds less time in the shower once during the year. 

While the President is making this major announcement about budget cutting, he has proposed to take over 17% of the U.S. economy by running the entire healthcare/medical/hospital/pharmaceutical complex and raise governmental financial obligations by another $1.5 trillion; and control CO2 – the food all the world’s plants require to live – in order to control every act of human activity costing Americans more $trillions upon $trillions in higher energy costs. 

The sleight of hand is wearing thin and the President’s poll numbers are falling like a stone; people seem to like him, they just can’t stand how he wants to govern.  I submit that you can’t separate the two.  He is the President, for crying out loud – it’s great to like him, but he doesn’t have to be President for that.  Better to have a president we don’t like very much who looks out for the people’s interest by keeping fidelity with the Constitution, than a person we like who is ruining the country.  The promise of unparalleled “transparency” is broken; the promise of reading every piece of legislation is broken; the promise of giving the citizens the opportunity to read legislation before it is passed is broken.  We have to stop the mad rush to failure.

Throw the Jacobins out!